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Kids React

  • In Kids React to Pon Pon Pon Morgan says that the singer in the music video is adorable which leads to this:
    Benny: Not as adorable as you.
    Morgan: Aww, Benny!
  • Morgan saying that she feels sorry for Honey Boo Boo, and she'd like to teach her how to play baseball and other fun things.
    • Morgan in general is unbelievably adorable. Just see her reactions in the bonus to "Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever".
  • Emma R. saying that all fish should be returned to the ocean. Fish are friends, not food.
  • The video of the kids at Vidcon, meeting all the people that they'd not had a chance to before. Lia meets iJustine, and Morgan meets Shane Dawson who is genuinely happy to meet her and wants kids of his own because of how nice it feels to meet them. They all look so overwhelmed to see people interested in the show too, in a good way.
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  • All of the Kids' Reactions to the Cheerios commercial: they didn't even understand what would upset anyone about the ad; and when told people were upset about it showing a mixed-race family, all of their reactions could be summed up as "... why?"
  • Their reactions to Where The Hell Is Matt. They picked up the message faster than most adults could.
  • "Kids React To Gay Marriage". Out of all of the kids only one was against gay marriage, and he couldn't give a valid reason for why.
    • The same kid claimed you shouldn't hate them for it, and that some gay people are simply born that way.
    • Towards the end, the kids are asked what they would say to any gay young people who might be struggling or losing friends because of their sexuality. Jayka's response?
    "I'm your friend!"
  • The bonus material for "Kids React to Old Computers". When asked if they'd want to be around at the time of the dawn of PCs:
    Brooke-Monae: I would want to replace my life with theirs, so they would have a chance to see the new computers in their lives!
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  • The Fines thanking the kids for giving them an excuse to finally buy a Teddy Ruxpin after they never got one as kids.
  • "Kids React to Gay Marriage Ruling". Lucas, the only kid who disapproved of gay marriage, has since changed his opinion on the topic, citing his young age and having read up on the subject in the two years since the original "Kids React to Gay Marriage" video.
    • He mentions, too, that his parents told him about the ruling, and told him there was nothing wrong with being gay. His original reaction was clearly just a case of not being familiar with the idea.
  • "Kids React to Pokémon". Jaxon, Caden, and Emma R. gushing over the original series (Jaxon sang the entire theme song word for word) made the day of anyone who grew up with the old series.
  • "Kids React to In a Heartbeat". All of the kids react positively, but Lucas's character developement is really impressive and understanding toward homosexuality and love.
  • In "PARENTS/KIDS REACT TO MR. ROGERS (Won't You Be My Neighbor? Trailer)", several of the parents were moved by Mr. Rogers and spoke highly about him to their kids, showing how much he meant to them when they were young.

Teens React

  • When asked what they'd say to little girls who are being forced into beauty pageants, one of the teenage boys said, "Pretty little girl! Wipe off that makeup—you are beautiful just the way you are."
  • During "Teens React To Smackcam", Tom immediately proposes a hug cam- which he then does with Benny straight away.
  • John Green takes Ethan's staunch refusal to read his (or any) book remarkably well. They both just laugh and John says, "you're my favorite."
    • The sheer amount of Squee! when the Fine Bros reveal that they have John Green on webcam from a good portion of the teens is pretty heartwarming too.
  • Almost all the teens found the notorious "I'm so excited" scene from Saved by the Bell to be genuinely moving, and chastised people for making light of its subject matter.
  • All the teens' adoration of Malala Yousafzai, saying how humbled they feel that someone their age could do so much good in the world, along with several declining to say much about Islam since they don't know much about it.
  • Jade's goodbye message upon turning 20, saying she doesn't know what her life would be like without this experience.
  • Ethan James' goodbye prior to turning 20. He is so choked up, he has a lot of trouble getting the words out and has to use tissue to wipe his eyes before thanking the fans for his two years on the show and "for everything".
  • Pretty much any time a Teen graduating to Adults React thanks the fans during their farewell message.
  • Several of the teens get excited when they see Tom and Madison from Adults React and Rock from Elders React in the 2017 YouTube Rewind.

Elders React

  • "Elders React to CTFxC Brain Surgery Vlog". Aside from one guy getting Squicked out, the overall response can best be described as overwhelmingly positive.
  • The entirety of "Elders React to Old Woman Dancing- Paddy and Nico". The moral most elders take from it is that it's never too late to pursue your dreams.
  • Any time the Elders get to react to current technology (Oculus Rift, Google Glass, etc.). It's always pleasant to see them get excited about the latest advancements, and it's a good reminder of how much progress we've made.
  • The tribute to Pamela at the end of "Elders React to Fifty Shades of Grey".
    • And the Fines' tribute to Richard at the start of their update video after his death, saying he lived an amazing life and was always a joy to work with, and they are honored to have been part of his life at its end.
  • In the bonus material for "Elders React to Fifty Shades of Grey", Yehuda mentions that while he feels the world has changed rapidly and there are things about the web he dislikes, he's proud of Benny and Rafi for what they've accomplished.
  • Seeing Elders react to Elvis himself and seeing them return back to when they were younger. This was one of the rare moments where they actually react to something that was during their time.
    • Ditto I Love Lucy, as they reminisce about how huge the show was in the days when not everyone had a television, and the show's stars would do their own ads for their sponsors.
  • While reacting to David Bowie shortly after his death, despite some of them not being fans of his, they all gush over what a talent he was.
  • ELDERS PLAY WITH VR LIGHTSABERS | May the Fourth Be With You! (REACT VR: Gaming). They got to play a VR game with lightsabers, as if they were jedi. Their general reaction was like achieving a life long dream.
    Don: Mom! I finally made it!
  • "Elders React to Old Pictures of Themselves". While it's great seeing Rock and Catherine reacting to their childhood photos and talking about themselves growing up, it's Don who hits the hardest, especially at the end when the Fine Bros ask them three of them what it means for them to be on the show. He genuinely starts choking up and several people in the comments admit to doing so with him.
    Don: I am extremely appreciative and emotional about it, and I do not... I do not take it for granted. I... mean something... perhaps... as a senior. That opportunity... may not come back for a lot of us.

YouTubers React

  • Hank Green commenting that laughter is one of the things that just makes people great, in spite of all the horrible things in the world.
  • The entirety of "YouTubers React to First Kiss" definitely counts.
  • The Viral Gifts video.
    • Special mention to Markiplier squeeing with delight whenever the gift-getter is so shocked they deny it's really happening.
  • "YouTubers react to Rebecca Black-Saturday" shows how Rebecca has matured immensely as a singer. The YouTubers get points for making very heartwarming comments about her too.
  • While many of the YouTubers are disgusted by "ME!ME!ME!", a few make the argument that It's Not Porn, It's Art in all earnestness. Mark even calls it the most beautiful thing he's seen.
  • In "YouTubers react to Shoes", many Youtubers gave their thanks to Liam Kyle Sullivan, the creator of "Shoes", as he was not only one of the first stars of Youtube when the site began but was an inspiration to them to become Youtube stars as well. And all of them wish to do a collaboration with him. The special guest star of this episode, Liam Kyle Sullivan himself, who has since retired from comedy to raise a family, is left speechless when he learns the new Youtubers consider him their hero and wants work with him.
  • "YouTubers React to Carly Fleischmann (Speechless YouTube Channel)": For some background, Carly has an autistic condition known as oral-motor apraxia, where her thoughts in her brain are clear but are jumbled when she tries to talk. To compensate, she uses a computer to speak. As a result, she has started her own YouTube talk show where her first guest was Channing Tatum. The Fines, impressed with her genuinely funny content, felt Carly deserved more than the (at the time of the episode's filming) 25,000 subscribers that she had. All the YouTubers unanimously agreed and urged the viewers to subscribe to Carly's channel. Within 24 hours of the episode's release, Carly's subscriber count had increased 336 percent to 109,000 subscribers, giving her a Silver Play Button. It shows how amazing the community really can be.

Adults React (including Parents React and College Kids React)

Generations React

  • "Generations React To Dan Howell & Eugene Lee Yang Coming Out On YouTube" has queer reactors from teens to elders watch the videos and discuss how much they resonate with them and how important their messages are. As a bonus, when asked about their coming out stories, Christina announces that she's using the video as her own coming out (and a note added in post states that it went very well!)

The React Channel

  • Looking to restore your faith in humanity? Look no further than Kids vs Food with Brussels Sprouts. Unlike Vegemite, this one's pretty widely-known for its notoriety, yet we get the regulars like Elle, Royel and even Lucas enthusiastic about it, and a landslide vote in favor of it (Thomas was the only naysayer). Special mention goes to Cooper for eating it all and plonking down the bare fork like a BOSS.
  • When the teens have their final three race for Mario Kart 8, the Elders champion of the game, Holgie, is brought out to play with them. The teens are both surprised and happy to see her, they're super patient helping her out, and it's sweet to see her and Madison high-five after Madison wins.
    Holgie: "Great job, babe. Girl power!"
  • In the first part of the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC, Rachel and Kaelyn, who both played the original game, sent video messages to Jasser and Mikaela, respectively, as they were unable to participate in the new series.

React to That

  • It's implied that the Fines may be regretting moving Lia up to YouTubers React, as they reassign her among the kids and teens for this show, which reunites her with a lot of the guys she was with back then! Including Dylan and Elle, who have been there from the beginning!


  • Nick Cannon can be a bit of a Butt-Monkey even on his own show Wild 'n' Out, but then stuff like this makes it all right in the end.
    Benny: Which celebrity crush would you have asked to the prom?
    Nick: Mariah Carey. [...] I actually technically did a wedding proposal video - every time I did an interview I told people 'I love Mariah Carey', she saw it, she heard it... I'm the luckiest man on Earth.
    Overlay: Awwwwwwww... CUTE.
  • After Lady Gaga tweeted that she loved the kids reacting to her, a bonus video shows all the kids freaking out that she knows about them.
  • Britney Spears took to her Facebook and praised the React channel's "Do Teens Know 90s Music?" video, saying, "These teens are too funny... They had me laughing and singing along the whole time!" The Fines' went on Twitter and were clearly ecstatic, saying, "Teenage us can't believe this."
  • After Web Video/h3h3productions were sued by a fellow YouTuber because of their reaction video to his video, Philip Defranco set up a Go Fund Me page in order to help fund their legal defense, a day after posting the page and sharing it on his YouTube channel he was quick to note that out of the $>100,000 raised, $10,000 were added by Benny and Rafi, the highest amount of the donors.
  • Metallica responding to "Kids React to Metallica", even quoting Alex's insult of, "I don't think this classifies as music," in their tweet. Benny and Rafi have been Metallica fans since 1989, so you can probably imagine how excited they were to be seen by their idols.
  • Beyoncé saw the Elders React video about her album Lemonade and invited the Fine Brothers and the Elders that appeared in the video to one of her concerts. The Elders are super excited to go already, but then they find out they have been invited backstage to meet Beyoncé after the show. Holgie in particular jumps around like an excited teenager.
  • "Teens React to Gabbie Hanna reacts to Teens React to Gabbie Hanna", where Gabbie herself actually surprises the Teens by showing up in the studio.
  • Lucas' character development. This fan vid showed how far Lucas have gone from being ignorant of and being against LGBTQ+ equality to being pro-LGBTQ+. The reason it's on the Misc. section? The video also includes his appearance in "Generations React To Disney's 1st Gay TV Character - Andi Mack Coming Out Story" and "Disney's Andi Mack Cast Reacts To Generations React To Disney's 1st Gay TV Character - Cyrus", where in the latter, even Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Joshua Rush (Andi and Cyrus respectively) approve of Lucas' thoughts about the subject matter, and even say stuff like "I like this kid", "This kid is woke" and Peyton even offering to sign Lucas' petition- provided he does one in the future- if the show strays away from its intended path.


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