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    Why are the Fine Brothers accused of pushing an agenda with this show (or type of show)? 

From glancing over their Very Special Episodes, they mostly address stuff such as gay rights, teen suicide, bullying and stuff that generally is considered important for discussion. Aside from that, it's mostly other videos or memes. I can see why some people accuse them of being lazy, but what agenda are they supposed to be pushing?

  • I would assume that this usually concerns the kids, since people think they're probably too young to understand heavy subjects (i.e. Same-Sex marriage) and that Benny and Rafi might be "manipulating" them. Don't take my word for it, even I think my answer is pretty fucking stupid.
  • A lot of these issues are highly politically polarized especially in the Trump era, and many of those videos tend to advocate for the left-wing viewpoint and dismiss the right-wing side as "wrong" and "hateful". It doesn't help that they're based in ultra-liberal Los Angeles and tend to talk about these issues the most with teens (arguably their most liberal age bloc), which means there will be fewer conservative voices to dissent.

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