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Fridge Brilliance

  • Some of the backdrop choices in YouTubers React (before episode 22) do make sense if you think about it:
  • Why is Lia missing in "Teens React to Jacksfilms"? She's already met the man on the set of MyMusic, so it would not be much of a reaction you could get there.
    • Similarly, Lia's absence in the one for "Royals" by Lorde, which might seem redundant as she's covered it herself.
  • Mahrly was among the ones reacting negatively during "Kids React to One Direction". As a musician (drummer for Pretty Little Demons), it makes sense.
  • Supposedly all the kids, teens and elders are actors appearing here as themselves, but during Gaming with Five Nights at Freddy's you start seeing all the horror movie stereotypes oozing out of them - Tom is a straight up Action Survivor, while Sam is just screaming for Death By Genre Savvy. Basically you get an idea how Five Nights at Freddys as a movie would pan out.

Fridge Horror

  • Fans of Yehuda Fine ("Elders React to the Scary Elevator Prank") point out that his unusually stable disposition while discussing how he'd react and retaliate if he was in such a position was actually quite horrifying. Did any of them stop to realize that Benny and Rafi grew up with this guy?
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  • A fortunate aversion - notice the absence of regulars Royel, Emma R. and Cooper in "Kids React to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"? It was to spare them.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
    Benny Fine: "What do you think would happen if kids were to watch this?"
    Hank Green: "I dunno... you though, are in a unique position to answer that question..."
    • Indeed, they went on and showed it to the kids.

Fridge Logic

  • A case of this would probably be Athena Stamakinley's departure from Kids React. Fans know her as the girl with the stuffed koala. After she made an appearance at the Daytime Emmy Awards at age 14 with the Fine Brothers and the other Kids React regulars, rather than graduating to Teens React upon entering high school like Lia, she just disappeared from the series altogether. Why? Probably because that, as a high school freshman now, she would have to stop taking her precious koala with her to React recordings or else that her peers, after seeing any possible Teens React episodes with her on the panel, would mock her for being too childish for her age. Aw, poor girl.
    • It was totally absent during her arc in MyMusic, but the difference there is that she acted in that series, so of course she wouldn't have her koala there. It's likely that she brought it for only Kids React recordings, where she could be more like herself.
  • During "Teens React to Slender", Lia notes that "it's thundering!" which (IIRC) only happens after a page is collected; however, she gets caught without finding any pages at all.
    • It MIGHT be that it's just noisy outside. We'd probably have heard it though.
  • In "Teens React to Royals by Lorde", Tom waxes over Lorde for a bit, then laughs awkwardly at his own words as he mentions that his girlfriend is in the waiting room. Oh, like the fact that this is going on the Internet would be any less damaging?
    • There's probably a lot of footage that doesn't make it onto each episode. Maybe he was vainly hoping that he'd be lucky in that regard.

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