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Kids React

  • Elle pulling off the first three lines of "Super Bass".
  • At long last, Morgan's Words of Wisdom!
    "I feel sorry for her, [Honey Boo Boo] 'cause I would teach her to do like, baseball, and I would teach her to do fun things [...] I would not want her to be one of those childs that sits around, watch TV, eats a lot, and doesn't do anything really but beauty pageants, that's not healthy!"
  • There's just something golden about the normally unintelligible Royel delivering this gem in "Kids React To PonPonPon":
    Benny: What do you think this song is called?
    Royel: The "I Don't Know" song, 'cause I don't know.
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  • Just the thumbnail for "Kids React to Dragon Baby". Dylan's sweater really sells the 'kung fu moves' thing.
  • Dylan of all people:
    "What is this country for, it starts with an 'E'... Equality, that's right, okay, so why do you do that, just cause you see a gay couple, it doesn't mean you have to go (derp voice) "Ohh it's soo disguusting, you're kissing your own gender" (normal) It's their path, so, it really doesn't matter."
    • This might also have been the beginning of his later Hidden Depths.
    • Really, the entire video is all the kids calling out the online racists and proposing some genuinely good ideas as to how to deal with racism. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Emma R.'s rather thoughtful words at the end of "Kids React to Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty", as well as the return of the very words "Emma's Words of Wisdom"!
  • The Fines put their own twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: putting up $100 for every kid that agrees to go through with it. The resulting amount? $1200.
  • "Kids React to the Skip-It". After a montage of messed-up attempts to use it (one kid even kicks it around in frustration), we cut to the good attempts, and Lucas is happily chanting along and rocking that thing. Honorable mention goes to Jayka for doing well enough to stop on her own terms rather than messing up.
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  • "Kids React to Slap Her" has Lucas responding to people who abuse their spouses/significant others
    Lucas: "I know that a lot. And they're dumb. Those people that do that are really dumb!"
  • Two years after Lucas was the only kid to speak against gay marriage, he responds to the country-wide legalization of gay marriage by saying he's now gotten a lot more information about it and has completely changed his mind.


Teens React

  • "Teens React to Happy Wheels". Adam accomplishes the impossible by finishing a map that claimed everyone else in just one move. He goes with the pogostick and reaches the seemingly out of reach finish line overhead.
    • There are also several good moments from other people. Lia and Labib manage to complete at least one course everyone struggled with, in their first try.
  • The very fact that they got Maisie Williams as a guest star, five times and counting!
  • On Teens, Madison played Flappy Bird... and got 43 points. And when she later stated her high score, 160, it was near-triple those of everyone else(the next highest was Ethan's, at 56).
  • During the Teens episode on Attack on Titan, the Animation Age Ghetto is discussed... and immediately shredded.
    Benny: "Why is there a stigma, like when some people say 'anime' and a lot of people are like 'Aww, I hate it...'"
    Labib: "'Aww, you're so immature, you should grow up, blahblahblah...' Calm down."
    Josh: "In anime you could make things like, more intense than you could in things like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones."
    Eric: "People are always like "oh, it's cartoons, you can't watch it, it's for children", and then they go and see Frozen twelve times, and The LEGO Movie ten times, so you can freaking watch anime people!"
    Overlay: TRUTH
  • In the video on Malala Yousafzai, Labib rebuts the Taliban as a perversion of everything Islam stands for, and says to the people now equating the religion with ISIS that he might as well say the Ku Klux Klan represents all white people.
  • In "Teens React to Power Glove (Nintendo)", Ethan James was the only reactor to score a victory over Glass Joe with the Power Glove and doing so by knockout. And in his final Teens React appearance, to boot. Just one last CMOA in his React gaming collection.
  • All the teens providing thoughtful commentary on the '50s cigarette commercials, and how underhanded they were. And bonus points to Morgan having the courage to admit she did smoke a cigarette just once, which she notes her parents are finally going to learn about now.
  • When asked to comment on Caitlyn Jenner, many of the teens give their full support to transgender people, and for the few who don't, the Fines ask why they'd be okay with this kind of discrimination if they aren't okay with racial segregation, clearly blowing their minds and giving them a lot to think about.
  • Teens React to Jimmy Fallon & Kevin Hart Ride a Roller Coaster, which was recorded on location at Universal Orlando...and it ends with the Teens (and Rafi) getting to ride the actual roller coaster featured in the video.
  • Teens React to Man's Not Hot/The Ting Goes Memes: Jeremiah perfectly reciting the whole Da Ting Goes Skrra" part.

Elders React

  • "Teens/Elders React to the Election": Rock, after spending the video touting the ideals of Mitt Romney, finally adds a last thought which anybody of any political persuasion can appreciate, which brings him close to tears:
    "I lost a brother in Vietnam, Toby. And he was a hero. It feels like he died last week. I've got other brothers who are alive; not all of 'em share my opinion. Make a choice: You stand for something or you'll fall for everything. And God Bless America."
  • Barbara, of all people, giving practical and wise advice during ''Elders React to #Selfie". The following actually earns her the "Listen To Your Elders" overlay:
    "Kids aren't thinking about protecting themselves at all. Then, when they go to get a job when they're in their 20s, and they're real proud with their college degree, and they walk in, the interviewer says, 'by the way, I was looking for you, and look what I found! Your little nude selfie! How clever! Do we want you for us?' No, no, no, no, no."

YouTubers React

  • In "YouTubers React to Try Not to Laugh", Jordan Maron manages to force himself through twice, and Harley manages to recover for the second time. Particularly impressive in the latter's case as he's The Hyena on React. In the first attempt, Shane Dawson and Justine Ezarik also manage to get through the challenge without laughing once.
    • Jordan manages to defend his title in the second episode featuring these kinds of videos.
  • Amidst trolling accusations from the hatedom and YouTube comments, Benny and Rafi put their money where their mouth is for "YouTubers React to The Slap", by filming their own version with the guests. And volunteering to be slapped first.

The React Channel

Lyrics Breakdown
  • Lyrics Breakdown featuring "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Adam and Alix identify it from the first couple of lines while most of the others have to be told at the end.
  • Trials Fusion has the teens playing FMX Mode - Ethan James manages to pull a trick off at the end that resulted in Stunned Silence before an incredulous "How did you do that!?" is heard from off-camera. .
  • The first ever Gaming with Elders goes over remarkably well. Even the resident Straw Character Barbara gets into the gameplay easily enough. Bill caps it off by going on about how this sort of game could be beneficial to old folks.
  • Everhet's utterly blase reaction to Five Nights at Freddy's, a game that has reduced just about anyone else who's played it to a weeping mess.
    • Honorable mention goes to Tom for getting far enough to trigger Foxy.
    • Rachel also gets points for her Nightmare Fetishist reaction ("I LOVE BEING FRIGHTENED!")
    • Jeannie, who was the most scared of the game, successfully getting through the first night!
    • One more: Sam having the guts to taunt Chica ("Okay! I get it! You're not gonna win, loser!")
  • The second Happy Wheels session (third if you count the Teens React episode). Ethan James does it again, being the only one who got through Jetpack Pro in one piece - a couple of others got dismembered before contacting the finish line stage. Special mention to Tori who managed to trigger Victory as a spray of organs!
  • Ethan James puts his money where his mouth is (metaphorically, as the Fines wouldn't let him gamble) in the first ever React: Gaming head-to-head session. That's right, the teens battle each other... on Super Smash Bros.. Ignoring the flukes and accidents, Ethan does pretty well in the Mêlée à Trois.
    • And Everhet has one when he manages to win the Wii U Smash Bros. tournament, beating even Ethan James as he was brought back to the final.
  • The Elders play frustrating Flash fan game Unfair Mario. Of all the eight elder reactors who played the game, Barbara is the only elder to not only reach the checkpoint in Level 1, but to beat it. Better yet, Mario died only twenty-five times in her session. By comparison, Rock (who was otherwise laughing his butt off, as per usual for the man) had Mario die twenty-three times before he quit close to the checkpoint.
  • Ethan James and Darius both beat the first zone of Sonic Unfair, whereas the other four had quit before then.
    • Consolation prize for Rumor for reaching the ends of acts 1 and 2 with less deaths than Ethan James.
  • Everhet beating Ethan James and becoming the new Smash Bros. king.
  • Megan and Shannon were the only team who successfully managed to defuse a bomb in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.
  • In "Mega Man (NES) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)", Jasser managed to reach the boss and even wounding him before succumbing, and he only had one health point left.
  • From Happy Wheels 3, Ethan manages to complete the 3-D Obstacle Course, despite having his arms and kid blown up by the floating mines.
    • Jeannie's is even better. The aforementioned floating mines blow her up, but they launch her intact torso clear across the stage all the way to the finish line...AND IT COUNTS AS A VICTORY!! Also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Kids with Super Meat Boy. A pretty rare case of less messing around and straight-up gameplay, with the kids going through all the same trials that gaming veterans that grew up on Super Mario Bros. went through. It's like watching the birth of gaming all over again.
  • The elders take a collective spit on public opinion with a Five Nights at Freddy's session, not only not getting a heart attack but freaking out less than the teens did!
  • Teens with Mario Kart 8: Madison becomes the undisputed React Mario Kart champion by beating both Mario Kart 64 champion Troy AND Elders React Mario Kart 8 champion Holgie in the finals.
  • Teens playing Duck Hunt. Ethan manages to outlast everyone, though Seth ends up scoring 1,000 more points than him despite going out one level before him.
  • Tori being the only Reactor to clear the second level of I Am Bread, managing to beat out returning Reactors Tom and Daniel...and she even got a "C" ranking (For comparison, both Daniel and Tom got an "E" ranking when they cleared the first level).
  • Daniel asking the Fine Bros if he was able to die in Game of the Year: 420BlazeIt, since he was the only teen to still be on his first life.
  • Teens playing Aladdin for the Sega Genesis: Josh was the only one to clear the first level...and he still had two lives left!
  • Teens playing Unfair Mario: Ethan, Jonathan, and Morgan all manage to clear the first three levels. This is especially a CMOA for Morgan, as she is usually bad at gaming challenges, plus she's inspired to play the actual Mario games.
  • Teens (and two Young Adults) playing Dark Souls III: Jasser, Seth, Ethan James, and Jennifer (the latter two being Young Adults) all managing to defeat the Heir of Fire bossnote ... with Jasser doing it on HIS FIRST ATTEMPT!!
  • Teens Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: All of the teens lose their first life on Level 2... except for Mikaela, who doesn't lose a life until Level 6 and finishes advancing to Level 7.
  • College Kids Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament: Labib FINALLY wins a REACT Gaming Challenge by beating Ethan James and Michelle in the N64 Rainbow Road finals. In fact, he finished just a split-second ahead of Michelle.
  • DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME). The fact that Geneva, one of the girls, knew the level they played inside-out.
  • Life Is Strange: Seth, Mikaela, and Rae managed to save Kate before she commit suicide.
  • Elders Play L.A. Noire: Catherine proves to be an amazing marksman in the firefight.
    NPC Cop: Backup will be here soon.
    Catherine: We haven't got time for damn backup. They might have hostages.


  • Teenage Morgan closes an episode of Advice by offering this answer to the question, "How do I tell my girlfriend how annoying her laugh is?":
    "Coming from somebody who has an annoying laugh, you say nothing. You tell her it's cute, and you laugh with her, and you get over it!"

Guess That Challenge

  • Any time the winner has a clean sweep.

React to That TV series

  • When the kids are challenged to balance eggs on their faces after watching the world record of four being set, Adam ends up breaking it with six.

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