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Kids React to...

  • Fred:
    William: "I mean it's bad enough to hear that kid squeal for five minutes, not for an hour an a half - that's torture!"
  • Tobuscus:
    Benny Fine: In your opinion, is it better to do just one show or a bunch of shows?"
    Megan: "Like an array of ten shows, then they see which ones are popular, then they stick to that show."
    Shannon: "If they love the ones that aren't the most popular, and you stop doing them, then people are gonna kinda get sad..."
    Megan: "Yeah, but then you do what more people like. It's a math problem. If I had two cookies, and I..."
    Shannon: "I'm not doing math on a Saturday."
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  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    Benny Fine: "What did you think of that little girl Alana?"
    Darius: "You ever seen Harry Potter, you know Dudley? I was always getting mad looking at Dudley, 'cause he was so spoilt and all that, and then I saw Honey Boo Boo."
    Morgan: "She's nice, but I feel sorry for her, 'cause I would teach her to do like, baseball, and I would teach her to do fun things [...] I would not want her to be one of those childs [sic] that sits around, watch TV, eats a lot, and doesn't do anything really but beauty pageants, that's not healthy!"
    Benny Fine: This has become one of the most watched shows on cable television. Millions are watching it. Why do you think people are loving it?"
    Morgan: "I have no idea! No offense but I just think you're crazy! You're just crazy crazy CRAZY CRAZY!"
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  • "One Pound Fish"
    Emma R.: "Don't eat fish. Save fish. Fish are meant to help people most times. So bring them back to the water if people are selling them."
  • "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid"
    Maksim: "I like nature, no matter what thing that nature does. People ruin nature, so that means nature can ruin people."
  • Ariana Grande
    Benny Fine: A lot of people are saying that they are happy with what Ariana Grande has decided to do with her music as she's becoming an adult, moreso than what Miley Cyrus has chosen to do...
    Krischelle: Ohh no. I've seen pictures on magazines, I can't even talk about that...
    Elle: (makes induced-vomiting gesture)
    Darius: I don't even want to get started on her, I only just started - like, bagging on her - from this sweet little girl, to this maniac!...
    Benny: Why do you think they think Ariana is more appropriate than Miley Cyrus?
    Emma R: Well because Miley Cyrus, she's keeping a secret...
    Benny: ...she is?
    Emma: Yeah, she's Hannah Montana.
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  • Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty"
    Benny Fine: So finally you've heard all this; do you think people should be mad at this music video or do people need to calm down?
    Lucas: Calm down... take a deep breath (inhales and exhales and moves arms up and down Zen-style)
    Samira: It's just a music video. A music video! It's like getting hurt with a pillow!
    Emma R: If I accidentally hear a video and don't like it, of course I'm gonna end up... not giving a thumbsdown, I like to just... dismissing that, or I give a thumbsup, just because I think they tried the hardest. [...] You need to treat others the same way as well.

Teens React to...

Elders React to...

  • Jersey Shore
    Benny Fine: "Did you hear that Snooki is having a baby?"
    Marty: "Not by me..."
  • Election 2012
    Don: "Politics, religion and music; those are the three things no two people will ever completely agree on."
  • Skrillex
    Benny Fine: Would you want your son or grandson/grandkid to have a Skrillex haircut?
    Diane: I would say 'you know what? It's your life. If this is what you want to do I'm all for it'. But deep down inside I would want *snipsnipsnipsnipsnip*
    Catherine: Oh, absolutely. I'm from the '60s, I'd be very disappointed if my son didn't want to look like this, or my grandkid...
  • Happy Tree Friends
    Owen: "You gotta get involved with your kids' life, really pay attention to them... If you don't get involved now, they're not get involved with you later."
  • The Lonely Island
    Benny Fine: "Did these songs offend you?"
    Marty: "What's there to be offended about? [...] He was sucking his own d—k - that's not offensive. That's a goal!"

YouTubers React to...


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