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  • In Why I do this..., Mutahar explains that he started making videos to overcome his depression, and then proceeds to open up more and more from there. The majority of the comments are extremely positive.
  • "Jessica" ends on a sweet note, for a Tear Jerker story.
    • Veers back into tearjerkering territory due to the creator of the story tragically passing away from pneumonia.
  • Another Pokemon creepypasta "I Won't Leave You" has a Bittersweet Ending. At the end of the story, Lonliness dies horribly, but he didn't die alone. Tyrin stuck with him until the very end, and disagrees with the eevee's persistence on calling himself a curse.
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  • So If You're Wondering About My Safety is all of this. Basically Mutahar explains to his fans who were concern after the sheer Despair Event Horizon he hit after playing Sad Satan that he's okay and that he knows what he's doing when Deep web searching and is assures his audiences he's fine and even states he loves doing those deep web searching for the fans, even calling them "His Family".
  • His laugh is considered a Most Wonderful Sound to some viewers
    Youtube Comment: Mutahar's laughter could cure cancer.

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