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  • Stephen's speech at the end of his Shadow of the Colossus LP.
  • In episode 68 of "Grand Theft Auto V", Stephen reveals that he was informed of the A, B, or C choice near the end all throughout the run (given how people kept begging him to pick C). What then follows is the inverse of what happened when S So HPKC revealed that he was told this: instead of choosing one of the other options out of spite, he asks why people thought he'd pick anything other than C. That's something right there...
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  • During the final episode of his Skyrim LP, he considers killing Faendal, and aims a bow at his throat to kill him like he killed Sven earlier on in the LP. However, he has a flashback to some of the good, and weird, times that he and Faendal have had on their journey through Skyrim, and this is enough for Stephen to spare his life.
  • Despite saying he doesn't really want to take credit for it, Stephennote  was very honored to be thanked by Ari Zonia for indirectly bringing her and her boyfriend together in a long distance relationship, as said in the August 2015 StephenMail. This was AFTER Stephen explained that she sends quite a few letters and he always looks forward to seeing what she comes up with art wise on Twitter as she's become memorable with her group pictures. Somehow this is made all the more heartwarming as her letter was the "featured letter" of the month.
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  • Stephen, alongside Jeff, manages to get a bunch of tech sponsors to surprise Dan, his good friend and video editor, with a new and much needed high-end computer. This is a very sweet way to give back to his friend for all the hard work he's done.

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