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Heartwarming / TheStrawhatNO!

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  • During the Majestar level of Bomberman Generations, Thorn is having yet another minor rant when he enters a Charabom battle with Pommy Dragon. Said Charabom's soft, cute-sounding cry immediately calms him down.
  • Thorn gushing over the silliness of Majora's Incarnation at the end of Majora's Mask. Possibly the happiest he's sounded in the entire let's play.
  • During the first part of the Undertale streams, Thorn is amused with Napstablook's flavor narration and remarks that the game is winning him over. Almost rare to hear him say.
    • Which carries over into the next few sections of the game; Thorn's just having a good time, enjoying the game's quirky humor. Until Part 15 when the game finally breaks him and all he can do is laugh.
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  • In Breath of the Wild, Skippy and Yami have Cuteness Proximity reactions to the kid Gorons.

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