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  • Annoying Video Game Helper: Stephen sometimes thinks this towards Faendal during his more stupider moments and towards Lil' Brekflek when the later went a little too kill happy, killing one of the Dark Brotherhood targets and killed a guard and a quest giver.
  • Archive Panic: Stephen's Skyrim series is over 270 videos long and the videos are generally between 20 and 30 minutes each.
    • With over 3000 videos spread over two channels and more added each day, you're going to be here a while.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Fargothix, the protagonist of Endless Ocean, at least Stephen and Mal's version, and he only appears in two, rather long, First 20s, but for the short amount of time he has spent time in this world, people still love him so much.
    • Barry, their bastardized version of Mario in Super Mario 3D World is said constantly and is mentioned a LOT in the comment section of the videos, with character development and all, but has only appeared in a single Lp to date, at least in his true Barry form.
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    • Fargothix's name gets reused a number of times in Extra Life (as well as his daughter, Fargothia) at fan demand; meanwhile Alex defies the trope by refusing to play as Mario when he and Hayley play Mario Party 1 with Stephen and Mal (and Stephen notes the fans won't be happy).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Stephen never let Mal drive when they participated in The Runaway Guys' Mario Kart: Double Dash!! tournament as a team. When they do a series of duel matches on Stephen's own channel, the reason for this becomes clear: Stephen says he thought he was better than Mal at Double Dash. As the videos go on, he learns he was mistaken.
  • Uncanny Valley: Mal's Peach voice that is so spot on it's almost creepy as one isn't used to that voice say anything else than "Mario".


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