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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 
  • In episode #153 when he finally gets the completed Bend Will shout, he repeatedly fails to try to control the dragon in more embarrassing ways and 'dies' multiple times.
    *after already attempting three times* Stephen: The dragon is stuck in the air...
  • When doing the Dark Brotherhood quest to kill Grelod the Kind, he doesn't like how there doesn't seem a way to solve the situation without straight up killing her. How he solves this has to be seen. Also a Moment of Awesome for Lil' Brekflek.
    • And when Constance Michel is panicking, he just closes the door as she's running out. And eeven though he hasn't laid a finger on her, she's making noises of pain.
  • His usual way of assassinating comes back to bite him in a couple parts later when Lil' Brekflek gets a little too excited and as well as killing the target, kills a guard and a quest giver forcing Stephen to send him away.
  • When confronting a wounded Cicero, Stephen is not sure if he should kill him or not...Untill his kleptomania decides for him. Also an amusing glitch afterwards.
    *While Cicero is attacking him* Stephen: Cicero, you're healed! *Beheads Cicero, leaving behind his hat floating above his body*
  • During the final episode, when he goes on a massive rampage to kill everyone in Skyrim, it's funny on multiple occasions. It truly has to be seen in order to get the full experience of it.

    Little Big Planet 2 
  • Stephen's reaction when they earn some new costumes in episode 2:
    Stephen: Now we can be a chef astronaut! I've always wanted to be a chef astronaut!
  • In episode 4, Stephen thinks the preview image of the boss they're going to fight looks like "a mechanical Texas".
  • In episode 9, Stephen's moment of Laser-Guided Karma when he and Mal are working together in a minigame to bounce Sackbots over a Pit of Despondency. Mal misses one which burns up in the pit and she apologises, Stephen offhandedly says he doesn't care because it's one that doesn't count towards Mal's score, putting him ahead - only to immediately miss one himself, putting them equal again.
    • Later in the same episode, Stephen is worried they might be bypassing new stickers and miss one "of...President Taft's moustache".
  • In episode 10, Mal mistakes the cyborg animal they're riding for a goat rather than a camel, and even after she realises she was wrong, she keeps accidentally calling it a goat.
  • "Watch out for the seashell!" in episode 17.
  • The whole cavalcade of questionable-looking fan made fighting game mods with QWOP-like physics in episode 21.
  • In episode 22, Mal and Stephen play a Shadow of the Colossus-based level, and at one point Mal manages to break the game when she and Stephen accidentally grapple each other rather than onto a bird that takes them to the boss, but the cutscene keeps playing.

    Pokemon: Leaf Green 
  • At the beginning of the LP there is a warning pretty much saying that this LP isn't to be taken seriously, which also counts as self advertising for a certain other Let's Player.
  • All of the different fake Pokedex entries and the hilariously bad made pictures that are with them.
  • Many of the nicknames Stephen gets from a randomised list of fan suggestions can qualify as well.
  • His habit of applying massive amounts of Fridge Logic to all the dialogue.
  • In episode 1, Stephen notes that there is a seven character limit when you put in your name...
    Stephen: Luckily, my parents gave me a seven-letter name, as opposed to those idiot parents who gave their kids eight-letter names, because they'll never be able to play Pokemon. Sucks for them.
  • In episode 6, his reaction when his randomised list of names unexpectedly produces an appropriate one - calling a Zubat he just caught "Batman".
  • While fighting Misty, he casually comments that he always found her to be the most attractive anime character, then adds that Mal (not in the video, but evidently present) "just gave me a weird look".
  • The Running Gag of saying "I'm Jitters!" in a quavering high-pitched voice whenever Jitters the Pikachu emerges from his Pokeball.
  • Stephen consistently referring to the Picnicker trainer type as "Luigi" because of their green clothes.
  • In episode 12, he captures a Meowth and the randomised list names it "Geodude".
  • In episode 16, "This is the first time we are seeing Raichu, unfortunately for this Raichu, it will be the last time we see...this...Raichu...dangit."
  • In episode 20, "Technically you're drilling into their skull and inserting a CD into their head...Pokemon's weird."
  • In episode 23, Stephen plays the slot machines and acts like a stereotypical gambling addict as a joke, saying he could spend an hour doing this. He then messes up by evolving Jitters the Pikachu before it learns the move Thunderbolt, and actually has to spend an hour in the next episode playing the slot machines until he has enough money to buy the TM.
  • The Running Gag that Stephen thinks the protagonist is illiterate (or just an idiot) because every time he looks at a computer screen it says "It's all complicated words and numbers that make no sense".
  • In episode 26, Stephen comments that the Channeller trainer type looks like they're using a giant toothbrush...
    Stephen: Actually, I also have a giant toothbrush. Thank you so much, Emile.
  • In episode 31, "SausageGuy's a powerhouse, and he's got a backbone of spines...coming out his...back."
  • The sleeping Snorlax ends up being named "Chugga" by Stephen's random list.
  • Stephen's increasing confusion in episode 35 over the fact that Koga's gym supposedly being about poison types turning out to be an Informed Attribute.
  • ALL of episode 40, in which Stephen denies being drunk before rambling about unrelated things in a manner (he says) is reminiscent of NintendoCapriSun, and finally goes on a Disorganised Outline Speech where he wonders why Pokemon can't be gym leaders.
  • The failure montage in episode 43 of Stephen repeatedly accidentally killing Articuno. As well as the idiosyncratic way he pronounces its name.
  • In episode 53, the screen scrolls in a way after Bill walks off that suggests he's vanished into the ocean to a puzzled reaction from Stephen.
  • The Tangela in episode 54 that Stephen has more trouble catching than the legendaries.
  • In episode 55, he's fighting Giovanni's Rhyhorn with his Lapras as rain still falls from a Rain Dance he used earlier...
  • In the finale, "Stephen and Chugga Catch Mewtwo", Chugga's self-pointed-out Verbal Tic of "Honestly..."

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 
  • In the first episode, Stephen mishears Mal saying "Ocarina of Time" as "Macarena of Time".
  • Stephen's reaction to Malo's shocked face.
  • In episode 5, Stephen (as Wolf Link) talks to a chicken, and randomly decides to give the chicken a Dashing Hispanic voice.
  • In episode 6, when text initially comes up at the very slow default speed, Stephen reads it in a slow slurring voice, then suddenly speeds up into Motor Mouth when Mal pushes the button to make the text go faster.
  • In episode 8, Mal's convinced that Everything's Better with Monkeys, while Stephen thinks anything but, getting increasingly annoyed with the monkeys as the video goes on.
    Stephen: What do you get for freeing all the monkeys?
    Mal (completely deadpan): Monkey jelly.
  • In episode 13, Mal trolls Stephen by making him panic when he's doing the goat-herding challenge and one refuses to cooperate, then casually adds at the end that it doesn't matter how much time you take to complete the challenge.
  • Stephen's song about walking on the ceiling, sung to the tune of "I've Been Working On The Railroad", in episode 15.
    • Similarly, in episode 19 he has an enemy sing variant lyrics to the Garth Brooks song "Friends in Low Places" as a Badass Boast.
  • Every time you load a save, the game starts over telling you again how much different rupee colours are worth as soon as you pick one up, which many players find annoying; Stephen decides to read out every such dialogue box in a Mickey Mouse-like voice. "YOU GOT A BLUUUUE RUPEEE!"
  • In episode 28, Mal deliberately avoids moving along several text boxes to add awkward pauses.
  • Stephen constantly comparing everything in the game to Ocarina of Time. One commenter suggests they should make a Drinking Game out of it.
  • Mal trying to pick up a bug with the Clawshot in episode 32.
  • Stephen deciding to ruin the dramatic cutscene of Midna reacting to the smashed Mirror of Twilight at the start of episode 36 by singing "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?" over it.
  • Stephen's increasing rage in episode 39 after he repeatedly fails at jumping between swinging platforms.
  • The voice Stephen does for Yeta.
  • In episode 44, Mal fights a Beamos (which has a single glowing red eye) and has it talking like HAL.
  • At the end of episode 47, Mal casually mentions that there are three more dungeons left in the game, and Stephen (who hasn't played very far into the game before) reacts with "THREE MORE?!"
  • 51 episodes in, Stephen finally notices Ooccoo's nipples...
  • At the end of episode 53, Stephen jumps down out of a room without hitting a switch that requires you to backtrack a long way around to get back to. The video ends on Mal's Stunned Silence.
  • In episode 54, Stephen fights the boss Argorok while being constantly distracted by the fact that he can't remember the name of the horse in Shadow of the Colossus.
  • In episode 63, Mal's trolling of Stephen as well as (sings) "Frodo and Friends! Come to save the day with their RPG! It's Frodo and Friends!"

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl 

Subspace Emissary

  • Stephen tunelessly singing/humming the entire theme song at the beginning of the first episode.
  • Stephen's fascination with making Squirtle constantly bounce up and down shouting his name in episode 4.
  • In episode 5:
    Stephen: If I met a Yoshi in the wild, I would ride him so hard...Don't quote me on that.
    • Mal's fascination with making Zero Suit Samus crawl everywhere.
  • Stephen's rendition of Diddy Kong as Rhymes on a Dime.
  • Mal's obsession with collecting stickers.
  • In episode 11, both Mal and Stephen play as Lucario against Meta Knight. Stephen tries repeatedly to hit him with a charged attack and fails, then Mal does it without trying and one-hit-kills him.
  • The entirety of the fight with Meta Ridley in episode 14. Especially how Mal gets the killing blow, but all she cares about is that the screen might transition before she can pick up the resulting stickers.


  • In the third co-op events video, in the penultimate battle Stephen defeats Bowser, the last enemy, by repeatedly throwing a spring jump platform up at him.
    • In the same video, Stephen talks about how the last battle is nigh impossible because you have only one life and you have to fight every other character in the game. Mal declares "I'm gonna be Tabuu!"


    Mario Kart 
  • Wario being Stephen's Arch-Enemy in the Mario Kart 64 Mushroom Cup.
  • The Running Gag of Stephen managing to drive between the item blocks and miss picking one up what seems like almost every time.
    • And also Stephen never getting the boost at the start, and reacting every time in a Dull Surprise fashion.
  • In episode 5, "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Toad!"
  • In episode 14, Stephen falls off of Rainbow Road towards the planet below...
    Stephen: I landed in Canada!
  • Stephen's constant Yank the Dog's Chain moments where he talks about how well he did in practice, only for Mal to beat him when the camera's running.
    • Especially prevalent in their Mario Kart Wii race on Toad's Factory in the Mushroom Cup. In the past games, Mal and Stephen always tie perfectly in the Mushroom Cup, and Stephen wants to change that, thinking that it could make the difference for him to win. He gets a commanding lead as Mal struggles with an item onslaught. The entire time he makes insanely cocky statements... only to be slaughtered by a blue shell and knocked to 9th as Mal swoops in to 2nd place. The final score: Mal with 51, Stephen with 45.
      Stephen: ...shut up.
  • Six months after the original series ended, Stephen and Mal continue due to the release of Mario Kart 8, which they play completely blind for the first time. Despite this, they somehow end up tying in the Mushroom Cup, exactly as they did in nearly every other game!
  • Stephen suffers from Aesop Amnesia when they play the Flower Cup of Mario Kart 8. He builds up a decent lead over Mal in points after the first race and starts making cocky trash-talking statements. Needless to say, he loses.
    • After Stephen and Mal set the difficulty to 150cc (mistakenly thinking that's what they used for the previous games) they both keep getting beaten by the AI and wonder if they'll even be able to unlock the next cup.
    • Stephen's moment of total Mind Screw in the Leaf Cup.
  • Stephen's reaction to continuously getting bananas in the fourth round of Mario Kart 8's battle mode.

    Battle Block Theater 
  • In the first episode, Mal gets a jetpack and tries and fails repeatedly to use it to get a hard-to-reach gem. Stephen claims he could do better, Mal demands he try, Stephen admits he's just kidding with her and he wouldn't do any better. Then he finally tries and does it on his first attempt.
  • Mal's "BOAT!...BOAT!...BOAT!..." Madness Mantra in episode 2.
  • In episode 5, Stephen gets grenades and promptly turns into a Mad Bomber, usually blowing up both himself and Mal every time he tries to use them.
    Mal (not pleased): Stephen, you are not allowed to have grenades.
  • All the They Fight Crime!-style unlikely pairings between character head types that Mal and Stephen come up with for each episodes.
    • "Squirtle & Satan, the team no one believed in." (episode 4)
    • "Cold Kitty and Plasma Chef!" (episode 9)
    • Coffee Addict With Golf Balls and Elephant With Vacuum Cleaner (episode 10)
    • Soviet Soldier and Viking (episode 22)
  • Stephen's random scatting to the background music of a World of Chaos bonus level near the start of episode 8.
  • Stephen going faux-cutesy in Episode 9 in a way of mocking Mal because she can't reach the platform he is on.
  • In episode 11, "I don't know why you expect me to help you if you continually throw frogs at me!"
  • Episode 12 gives us "PK FAN!!"
  • In episode 22 Mal plays as a Soviet soldier, which leads Stephen to attempt a Russian Reversal joke:
    Stephen: In Soviet Russia, saw cuts you! ...Even though that's the way it is everywhere else.


    Resident Evil 5 
  • In the first episode, Stephen attacks a cardboard box with his knife 'because Solid Snake might be hiding in it'.
    • Also in the first episode, Stephen explains the inventory system to Mal and notes that they can request healing or other items from each other's inventory. Mal promptly decides to request Stephen's gun so she can Dual Wield.
  • The Running Gag of Stephen always kicking every door open in an unnecessarily dramatic way.
  • In the second episode, Stephen claims the mob of enemies is actually one side of a Coke vs. Pepsi gang war.
  • In episode 6 the two of them run out of space in their inventories and Stephen in particular gets more stressed out from trying to manage the inventories than he does from fighting the enemies.
  • Mal's consistent This Is Gonna Suck reaction whenever they encounter a Let's Split Up, Gang section (which because of the game's mechanics inevitably means that she, as Sheva, has to go on ahead without Stephen's Chris Redfield).
  • In the flashback in episode 10, Chris and Jill are getting beaten up by Wesker with his Super Speed and Super Strength...
    Stephen: And this, kids, is why you always eat your vegetables. He's had so much broccoli!
    Mal: Broccoli makes you teleport?
    Stephen: Uh, if you eat enough of it.

     Super Smash Bros for Wii U 
  • Stephen and Mal fail on Master Core with Marth... twice.
  • Stephen once stated, they would get to a point they would fail all the time... and they've gotten there.
  • Stephen's ROB impression when fighting Master Core, followed by Mal accidentally saying he runs on "eight double D's."
  • The complete gong show that is "Keep 'Em off the Ship!". 57 failures!
  • They died as Lucas (who is a character they play frequently) once on Master Hand, but they didn't when they played as Roy (to whom they admit they're unfamiliar with).
  • In the first Classic Mode battle with Corrin, Stephen is trying to explain their moves and point out how their neutral B shot can stun enemies. He tries to show this on Jigglypuff... who is wearing a Franklin Badge, and thus sends the shot right back at Stephen.
    Stephen: (clearly unamused) She's wearing a Franklin Badge. Kill her.
    • The entirety of the final battle of Classic Mode with Corrin. Stephen... slightly exaggerates what happens during the first episode of Pokémon, and then finishes (the second attempt) by whacking Master Core's butthole.

     Super Smash Bros Ultimate 
From the World of Light playthrough:
  • Mal's love of the Lip's Stick item (which slowly drains health from the enemy once hit). In particular, when they get stuck on a fight and Stephen tries various combinations of spirits and fighters to try to overcome it in a bespoke nuanced way, Mal has a tendency to just use Lip's Stick and beat it easily.
  • Stephen's goldfish-like memory (as he himself notes) to forget everything he's just read about an upcoming fight immediately after he switches to the fighter-selection screen - especially whether it was a stamina battle or not.
  • The Running Gag of Stephen losing an easy fight, followed inevitably by Mal quickly defeating the enemy on her turn.
  • In episode #53, Mal struggles to remember King K. Rool's name, unable to keep from calling him some variation on King Dedede. Stephen just sits back and allows her to fumble around trying to remember his name just cause it's hilarious to him.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
  • All the completely inappropriate voices Stephen and Mal do for the characters, such as Saria with a constant nervous Annoying Laugh, Zelda sounding like a chain smoker, or Impa with a high-pitched Minnie Mouse-like voice.
  • Inevitably Mal starts saying things "remind her of Twilight Princess".
  • Stephen gets alarmed at Mal's overly aggressive play style such as immediately picking a fight with a Peahat and firing her slingshot at everything she can find.
  • Inserting 'but' many times into Zelda's dialogue in episode 4.
  • In Episode 12, Stephen insists that Mal voice the Bean Seller because "He looks", and promptly cracks up. For those unaware, the Bean Seller is a bald, stocky, overweight man whose face roughly resembles that of a pig.
    Mal: (unamused) For that, I'm not.
  • Throughout the Fire Temple Stephen assumes the Goron's "special crop" is the Megaton Hammer while Dan leaves increasingly bewildered and sarcastic editors notes correcting him.

    Super Mario 3D World (Stephen, Mal, Alex & Hayley) 
  • Everyone, especially Alex and Hayley, gives their own names to enemies and items, including referring to Chargin' Chuck as "Football Jones" and to a Piranha Plant in a plant pot as "Potmans". At the end of episode 2 it's suggested they're actually playing a bootleg version where the main character is called "Barry".
    • In later episodes this is extended to the four characters being called Barry, Larry, Peche and Frog.
  • Hayley also pretends to confuse Bowser with Link and always calls him by the latter name.
  • Stephen discovering in episode 2 that Mal didn't know there was a run button.
  • Everyone, especially Hayley, being unimpressed with the Wii U gamepad based gimmick mechanics and that you have to collect stamps.
  • Alex's Third-Person Person play style, constantly announcing that Barry is the best.
  • On loading screens Alex keeps disconnecting and reconnecting his controller, driving Stephen to frustration as he's not sure if "Barry" will appear when the level loads or not.
    • Later, Mal also starts doing the same and they start playing chicken with each other over who's going to reconnect last.
  • Alex attempts to name everything in the game after his character ("the Barry coins", "the Barry crown", etc.) and the others constantly scream "BARRY!!" at him when he screws up, leading to Stephen and Hayley lampshading the fact that 'half the LP is just the word 'Barry'.'
  • The Running Gag of Alex constantly complaining whenever an in-game mechanic does not work like Super Mario 64 "because that's what 3D Mario is."
  • Every time a non-Toad House type bonus house appears, Hayley (and eventually the others) refer to it as "a pleasure palace".
  • In episode 12 they finally realise that you can use the Wii U gamepad to interact with the enemies and environment and it blows their minds.
  • After a break of well over a year, the series returns with episode 15 for the bonus levels. As soon as they unlock Rosalina, they conclude that this is Barry's ex-wife Brenda (and Hayley switches to her as her player character).
  • Episode 20 sees them play a level where blocks rapidly vanish and reappear in time with the music. Alex and Stephen decide to keep track of this by rapping to the music as Barry and Larry. And it is glorious.

    Stephen & Friends 
  • In the second Halo 3 video, JoshJepson coming out of nowhere and knocking Pcull44444 off the top of a tower (which Stephen had previously jumped off of when he was invisible).
  • Just about anything from Broken Picturephone (essentially Telestrations online, a hybrid of Telephone and Pictionary) can put your sides in orbit. Running gags include:
    • Thomas' colour blindness resulting in him using or describing the wrong colours, sending the game off in unexpected directions
    • Lindsey's overly simplistic images (due to her being limited to a laptop touchpad) in which she usually doesn't bother giving characters limbs
    • Alex 'creatively' interpreting images to send the game off the rails
    • Dan's love of scatological starting lines
    • The use of the terrifying staring-eye stamp stock image
    • Chaz is always indicated when drawn in-game by having the colours of Magic the Gathering cards floating around his head like a halo
    • Both Chaz and Dan have (different) weird trademark ways of drawing dogs, Chaz drawing them as snoutless and wearing shoes, Dan drawing them as boxy and with googly eyes
    • Several players (especially Alex) have a habit of spending ages creating one really detailed and artistic image, and then just doing hasty scribbles for all the others when they run out of time
  • 1000 Blank White Cards has also become a source of constant hilarity. Just from the 1st episode we have Dan's attempts to talk like a British person (a card he inexplicably played to himself), Chaz having multiple cards applied to him such that at one point his proper address was 'My Liege Earthbound the Giant' which actually saved him from losing points at one point. Accent cards became so popular that in the 3rd episode Chaz had to beg card creators to stop making them.

     GTA Online 
  • Right off the bat with the first episode, which is the first, and only episode to contain POV's from Stephen, Jeremy, and Josh. And they are all equally as hilarious.
    • To clarify: Stephen and Josh are starting out with playing GTA Online for the first time, meaning they have very low stats, and limited abilities. Unfortunately, this creates problems very quickly, as Stephen and Josh realize that they don't even have the ability to enter apartments.
    • It gets better. Stephen and Josh witness the police coming to Jeremy's apartment, thanks to Dan's 4 stars. Then, Stephen steals a car right in front of them.
    • Even better is that Stephen and Josh try again in the beginning of the next episode to get into Jeremy's apartment and once again fail.
    • Stephen's "Welcome to GTA Online" song at the start of the episode which mostly consists of reading the in-game descriptions to an upbeat tune.
  • Later in the video, Stephen and Josh both end up jumping out of Jeremy's jet, with Josh slamming into the propellers immediately after he jumps, and Stephen failing to "land on the grass". Then there's Jeremy's Oh, Crap!! when he realizes he landed in the military base.
  • In the second episode, Stephen attempts to fly a plane for the first time, getting airsick in the process, and ends up colliding with a telephone pole that rips one of his wings off and leaves his plane sitting on the ground.
    (plane immediately explodes)
  • Jeremy being the Token Evil Teammate who repeatedly randomly kills Stephen in the middle of a plan and keeps accidentally foiling their attempts to go to ammo stores by pulling out a gun in them and making the owner shut up shop.
    • Jeremy kills Stephen so much that by Episode 3 the game calls him Stephen's archenemy.
  • In the third episode, Stephen, Nick, and Jeremy spend a good chunk of time trying to recover their bikes from the impound, and consistently get murdered by the police as they do so. It gets especially difficult since Jeremy keeps respawning with stars, since he does so right next to the impound.
    • At one point during their failed escapades, Stephen and Nick come across a dying police officer who has been lying on the ground in agony as no one comes to help him, and somehow hasn't died yet. Thankfully Jeremy comes along to end his misery a few moments later.
    • After giving up and buying a new roadbike, Stephen starts having issues regarding pedaling. Namely, moving at ridiculously slow speeds despite Button Mashing as had as he can. Cue Jeremy smashing Stephen into a canal, and Stephen starting a one-on-one deathmatch with him, despite only having a single pistol with four bullets.
  • Episode 5:
    • At the very beginning of the episode, Stephen gets the opportunity to change his character's appearance. He proceeds to remove the 10 hours spent doing illegal work, which had caused his avatar to retain horrible scarring on his face. While putting the 20 hours into doing legal work, his character inexplicably starts to bald and grow a goatee, much to Stephen's bemusement.
    • Minutes later, Stephen decides to go to Ammu-Nation to buy some more ammo and weapons for himself. Unfortunately, this takes much longer than it probably should, as Stephen's friends keep brandishing weapons each time they enter the store, resulting in Stephen having to find another Ammu-Nation store to go to.
    • Near the end of the episode, Jeremy manages to get his hands on a large dump truck, with Stephen and Nick doing their best to push it up a steep hill, and later driving off a cliff with everyone on it. We don't get to see much of it though, as Stephen and Taylor end up falling off while still on a motorcycle and riding all the cliff.
  • Episode 6:
    Stephen: Dahdah dahdah dah dah dahdah dahhhh! Washing all my dirty parts, doo doo! Get the blood off my body, and wash all the warts, and the death, and the stink, and the corpses...
    Thomas: What the hell are you-
    Stephen: Hold on, I'm almost to the end! Did I get it? Yes, 20 pee-pee RP is mine now! Gonna wash my face even though my hands aren't touching my body...Rubbing my nipples, got 20 R-oh wait, it never ends. Oh. Okay, I'm not doing this anymore...
  • Two words: Air Stephen.
  • In Episode 7, Stephen, Josh and Jeremy are flying jets in Top Fun. Josh, never having flown a jet before, asks what button fires his cannon. Jeremy of course, tell Josh that it's the Y button. You can guess what happens next.
  • Episode 10:
    • At the episode's beginning, Stephen and Alex are arguing whether Alex was swearing or not in the previous video. It leads to this exchange:
    Alex: [Shooting the shit's] not swearing! It's an expression!
    Dan: Okay, well then fuck my ass! That's an expression!
    • Shortly afterwards, the group expresses confusion/bemusement at "Box of Gay Mice", one of the usernames in the public server Stephen's in.
    • During the scene where Stephen and Alex are arguing whether the bus they have is orange or not, Stephen ends the conversation with this:
    • Stephen and Alex arguing about the color of a bus, in a way that's quite reminiscent of the Carpet Debate from the Vlog. Eventually, Stephen gets fed up with this debate and ends it with this non sequitur statement:
    Stephen: Suck a giraffe and die!
  • Josh surfing on Hayley's semi truck in episode 11, much to Stephen's confusion.
  • In GTA Online #12, Thomas made a Capture game called "King of the Hill" where you steal lawn mowers... except you only need to take one to win and, due to a glitch, people manage to respawn in them. That's Epic Fail stuff right there.
    • Two episodes later, Thomas reveals he fixed it by increasing the capture number to three... and he also added tanks. What follows is chaos incarnate...
      • At one point, cops enter the game. This drives Stephen into laughter-induced hysterics (that, and his difficulty moving).
  • Also from episode 12, Stephen and Thomas deciding they will travel around via Le Parkour...which consists of them flinging their characters randomly around while constantly yelling "Parkour! Parkour!"
  • Episode 14 takes the cake. The hysterics start on a rooftop when Stephen and his friends decides to do a race on the edge of the roof, which causes everyone to fall down and die quickly. Then Thomas sets up a deathmatch on the golf course that has every single gun you can think of on the course. This goes to the point where shooting each other is banned, due to the fact that no one can stay alive for five seconds before getting shot. Unfortunately, this rule quickly becomes useless once Stephen and Hayley discover that Patrick and Josh both have tanks, who sing Mr. Sandman while stuff blows up.
  • The start of the Golf Course Deathmatch in GTA Online #16. Stephen and Thomas kill each other at the same time. This makes Stephen go into the same laughter-induced hysterics that Thomas' improved King of the Hill capture game gave him.
    • This is then later followed up by Stephen and Thomas repeatedly failing to hit each other, and it winds up lasting so long that Dan strolls up to them and one-shots them with a golf club. Cue Stephen almost dying from laughter.
    • Later in the Deathmatch Stephen and Hayley try to swing at each other and keep missing.
      Stephen: We're doing a very terrible interpretive dance.
    • Earlier in episode 16 there's everyone (including Stephen himself) mocking the way Stephen says "sure-fire".
  • In episode 17, the group try melee fighting atop a cable car armature to knock each other off and fall to the rocks below, but often end up just accidentally walking off anyway. Stephen somehow wins a technical victory, only for his character's hair to mysteriously vanish, leading him to joke he scraped it off sliding down the mountainside.
  • Alex's Buick from the Humane Labs mission. Especially when he casually drives it into the crossfire of some armoured fighting vehicles the crew are trying to steal, and somehow gets away with it.
    • Alex spends most of Part 2 making jingles and slogans for Brawny Paper Towels after the rest of the team ride to the heist in a van with a similar picture on the side.
    • Alex and Stephen's impressions of kids on Xbox Live when Stephen talks about how the heists would be less fun if they weren't with friends via Skype.
    Stephen (high pitched voice): I just learned the word 'shit' and now I'm going to say it 50 more times!
    • After several attempts, the crew are about to finally beat a difficult setup, only for Dan to then lose his connection and them to automatically fail.
  • Dan's irritation with repeatedly always being given the bronze rank in episodes 26, 27 and 28. Also, Alex's new look (as Stephen insisted he get a haircut so his character stands out more from Stephen's); in episode 28 he decides to add a purple top hat and go shirtless.
  • In episode 28, Stephen tells Alex to put a helmet on while riding his bike, while Alex refuses and retorts with a parody of anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists' Insane Troll Logic arguments but about helmets instead - forcing Dan to put up a massive paragraph of disclaimer text about Stephenplays not being liable for anyone following Alex's "advice".
  • The final heist episode has Dan (as the editor) recap Stephen Tempting Fate about how the setup for this job has been easier than the others and he expected the final mission to be harder. Needless to say, the mission itself takes them dozens of attempts and ends up with over six hours of recording.
    • When everything is said and done, with the mission finally being completed, what is the first thing Alex does after regaining control of his character? Beat Stephen to death.
  • With episode 32, the heists are over and they migrate to the higher-resolution PC version of the game, which Stephen attempts to explain while Hayley blows him up in the hot tub on Dan's yacht, which is of course called the I AM DAN.
    • Soon afterwards Stephen gets lit on fire, which seems to have little effect.
    Stephen: This is fine.
    • Now they can use first-person view, everyone is obsessed with going into it for inappropriate and awkward actions.
    • During several deathmatches, Stephen becomes obsessed with throwing bombs and grenades around, again being the Mad Bomber he became in Battleblock Theatre and Four Swords Adventures.
  • In episode 33, Mal joins the game and constantly punches Stephen in the face whenever she meets him.
    • In the strip club, after Mal starts a fight with the bouncer, the bouncer starts attacking Stephen, who tries to hit him back but ends up hitting Chaz instead, and then as Stephen does manage to start hitting the bouncer, an enraged Chaz comes up behind him and punches him dead at the exact same moment.
    • The game gives them a challenge to cause the most damage (in dollar terms) in a short time limit. Alex wins with over a million dollars and most of the others manage to clock several hundred thousand. Stephen gets about fifty thousand, and most of that was clocked in the last few seconds - for most of the challenge he was stuck on around two thousand.
  • In episode 34, they have 10 players in a race possibly not designed for 10 players. This leads to Chaz spawning underwater. After Stephen and most of the players all picked buggies for the race, Hayley also decided to play with a monster truck that disrupts the whole race, some players getting stuck under it.
  • Episode 36:
    • Hayley dresses as an anime girl complete with Uncanny Valley mask, then at one point gives Thomas a lift on the back of her motorcycle. When he comments that he feels like a ten-year-old riding behind his mom, everyone starts calling Hayley "Anime Mom" for the rest of the video.
    • Stephen suggests they steal motorcycles from a biker bar where they did the same in one of the heist missions. After proposing they go in stealthily, Dan agrees and fires off his bright pink rocket launcher at the bikers. Then it turns out that everyone is still set up to auto-target their friends not the bikers from having played competitive matches and Mal kills Chaz and Hayley. And then, after they've finally beaten the bikers, turns out that there aren't any bikes there in the regular game, only for the heist mission, so it was all for nothing. And then the cops turn up but Dan decides to solve the situation with his rocket launcher.
    • At the airport they use a ramp to jump first one, then two, then three planes on their motorcycles, one of the planes catching fire and eventually exploding. None of this draws attention from the authorities.
    • Stephen designs a match based on riding around on motorcycles throwing molotovs at each other, with no other weapons. As usual, it turns out that the intended way of playing the game is no match for breaking it, in this case by stealing passing cars and running each other over.
    • During this, at one point Stephen is run over by a polite and apologetic British driver.
  • And then we get Episode 37, which has the greatest amount of insanity in a GTA Online episode. Yes, more insanity than Thomas adding tanks to the King of the Hill map. Want to know why? The episode contains 13 players inside of ROCKET CARS.
  • Episode 43:
    • Hayley drinks so much she dies from alcohol poisoning. Stephen invites others to do the same.
    • Stephen suggests everyone jump from one bus to another (referencing this video). While on top of one of the buses, Josh accidentally hits Mal and she points a gun at him and a helicopter comes out of nowhere and kills everyone. And the game thinks Chaz did it for some reason.
    Chaz: Wait, why does it say I killed everyone?
  • Episode 44:
    • Dan creates a Parkour course where everyone is on foot, which leads to hilarity such as Thomas faceplanting and everyone being unable to climb ladders consistently.
    • Stephen creates a 'Kamikazombies' scenario where everyone's in a car except for one plane, and as soon as the plane kills someone in a car, they have to become a plane, with the last remaining car winning. What seems like a reasonable idea in theory rapidly turns to farce when it turns out that the planes don't have any weapons, so all the plane players can do is ram the people in cars, and almost every time they do it doesn't actually kill the people in cars. Even after Stephen changes it so the car players are on mopeds instead, it still takes over twenty minutes to actually get everyone. In particular, several moped players end up on what they dub "Safety Beach" where Stephen and Alex ram them fruitlessly multiple times and kill themselves but almost never the other players.
    • Alex does eventually manage to kill some other players, but ends up being a little too...enthusiastic about it.
    Alex (gleefully): I KILLED MY WIFE!
    Alex: I KILLED FIVE PEOPLE TODAY! I am very good at killing people with planes...and my body.
    Dan: ..."Join the Air Force"?
  • Episode 45:
    • The Book-Ends that the episode both begins and ends with the cops attacking a beach party on what (in reference to the previous episode) gets dubbed "Unsafety Beach".
  • Episode 46:
    • Chaz gets off a sick burn against Stephen:
    Stephen: I know what we should do! I know exactly what we should do! It's something I've been talking about for a while.
    Chaz: Catch up on vlogs?
    • Stephen's actual plan is to go and confront a nudist cult that they've never sought out in the game before; to do so, the gang create their own rival cult, which consists of them all wearing white bathrobes and top hats while constantly doing the chicken-dance taunt.
  • When Stephen realises that episode 60 will come out on May 4th, he and the gang decide to do a clickbait "Star Wars special", despite Stephen infamously knowing almost nothing about Star Wars and many of his friends being only slightly better off. This leads to halfhearted attempts to dress up their characters as Star Wars characters, having Dan dub over bad copyright-friendly midi versions of the soundtrack as they race, etc. About the only person whose 'cosplay' is taken serious is Alex, who dresses up his character as Grand Moff Tarkin, but always refers to him only as "Peter Cushing", which later also becomes his battle cry.
Episode 61:
  • After Dan murders Stephen with a helicopter, Chaz reveals that he somehow became a soldier by trying to promote his nightclub via dropping pamphlets at other nightclubs. Needless to say, everyone was confused.
    Stephen: That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard in my life…
    Hayley: The government has accepted you now!
    • At the same time that this exchange is happening, Tom Fawkes is attempting to kill himself through alcohol poisoning, claiming that he’ll become a soldier himself by doing so. He eventually does drink enough to pass out and wake up throwing up in the toilet, much to his and Hayley’s amusement.
  • While hanging around the club, Hayley and Stephen insist that the incredibly phallic object on her shirt is merely a rocket ship. Dan however is not convinced, and rightfully declares it a penis with semen on it.
  • The main event of this episode is attempting to make the world’s tallest (not widest) car pile. The first attempt starts off pretty well until Paul shoots a flaming car into the pile, blowing everything up. 

  • Dan tries to repeat what Thomas did in a previous episode and carry Stephen’s bus with a cargo bob. He doesn’t get too far before Stephen points out how bad of an idea that is. Sadly, picking up a box truck works out just as well.
  • As the second car pile reaches it's limit, Stephen and co are suddenly confused by the complete lack of non-pile cars on the highway (due to there being too many for the game to spawn).

  • Anything from the "Memorable Moments" playlists.
    • The thumbnail images for the Memorable Moments are often hilarious in their own right.
  • Stephen's reaction to Chuggaaconroy's ridiculous luck when they (and Mal) play Mario Party.
    Stephen (to the viewers at the end of a video): We will see you guys in the future for probably more Mario Party boards from various Mario Party games, all of which Emile will win.
    • Both Chugga and Stephen find Mal's impression of Princess Peach to be scarily accurate, to the point that Stephen says that sometimes he genuinely can't tell if the voice is coming from the TV or Mal.
    • In episode 2 of Mario's Rainbow Castle, they decide that Peach is a Third-Person Person who always announces "Yeah! Peach is X!" whenever she does anything.
  • Stephen, Mal and Chugga play "You're in the Movies", a game which involves inserting yourself into movie clips and playing minigames. They choose a level that needs 4 players, so Stephen tries to use his cat Sagan as the fourth player, and when that doesn't work ends up pulling his shirt over his head and standing in for the cat.
  • In "Sister Segadventure: Aladdin", Stephen constantly being bitter about how in the SNES version of the game he grew up with you don't get a sword. As well as Karley (and occasionally Mal) singing along to the level songs.
  • In "Sister Segadventure: Sonic 2", Stephen voicing Tails in a similar voice to Jitters and voicing Sonic as a Surfer Dude, as well as presenting Tails as a Hypercompetent Sidekick who does all the work.
    • In the 2-player Versus mode, Stephen asks about how the unknown item boxes can be a teleport that switches the two players, just as Mal gets one and says "Like this?"
    • Also in 2-player mode, Stephen's bafflement that Mal and Karley deliberately try to draw with each other because they like playing the tie-breaker stages.
  • Throughout the Sister Segadventure series, the fact that Stephen tries to interview Mal and Karley as they play with questions about the games, but ninety percent of the time they just ignore him (as he lampshades towards the end).
  • Stephen and Mal guested on JoshJepson's channel to play Mario Kart 7, but the game audio was Stephen decided to re-record all the audio effects with his voice.
  • Steven and Mal took April Fool's day Up to Eleven, by doing a puzzle for six hours.
  • "The Oilventure", a game Stephen made with RPG Maker. It needs to be seen in order to be believed.
  • Both of the First20 episodes of Endless Ocean games, starring protagonist Fargothix.
  • Stephen does a First20 of Minesweeper. The First 20 seconds of Minesweeper.
  • In Tecmo Bowl during their Month of NES Classic, Stephen brags about leading the game against Mal 14-7, saying "That's twice as many points as you have." Mal then proceeds to return the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown, leading to a Stephen freak-out, and ultimately shut out Stephen the rest of the way to win the game, 26-14.
  • A conversation with a talking house. That is all.
  • In SNES Classics: Castlevania, Stephen reads out the opening narration with ridiculously unsuited voices every time he comes to the words "Dracula", "Transylvania", or "the Belmont Family".

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