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Heartwarming / Survival of the Fittest

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Even when you're doomed to a young and tragic death, there's still room to feel good after all.

  • Hawley Faust starts the game as a player set on hunting the people who tormented him through school, but starts changing his ways after meeting up with Dodd and forming a group with him and a few other students. He meets his end at the injuries he aquired over the days because he spent his time making sure the rest of the group was okay, neglecting himself in the process.
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  • Jeremy Torres spends his time in the game giving promises to fellow students and doing his best to keep to them and never loses his ways even when several of his friends starts dying. He even lends a hand to a known killer in Clemence de Rosseau in trying to take out the three terrorists that were dropped on the island, and even after she tries to kill him, he refuses to shoot back and is content that he at least tried.


  • The relationship between Tori Johnson and Bryan Calvert.
  • Huy Tran trying his best to be a decent person, even when confronted with the horrors of Sam Sorenson and Damien Carter-Madison.


  • Guy Rapide and Alice Jones developing feeling for each other after Guy spends most of his time in the game trying to protect her. Eventually the two confess to each other and share a kiss on a hill.
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  • The rapport and gradual respect Adam Dodd gets towards Bill Ritch, especially towards the end when Bill makes his Last Stand against the terrorists.
  • Edward Sullivan and Nicole Husher dragging Lyn Burbanks out of a burning building in an attempt to save her despite her reputation as a killer.


  • In the opening hours of the game, four of the game's Activism Club members come across each other on the beach. After the four of them slowly get their bearings, they express joy upon meeting up. Brendan Wallace in particular already had an encounter with Clio Gabriella, while Sarah Xu, Dutchy Ayers, and Roland Hayes are devastated. So, it's nice to see them genuinely happy to see each other. Unfortunately, it doesn't last; an encounter with Kris Hartmann shortly after causes the group to split apart.
    Brendan Wallace:"SARAH! DUTCHY!" * throws his arms around Sarah after finally finding her* "'re okay! You're both okay!" Brendan was in agony, his voice cracking, almost unable to cope with not knowing if any of his friends were alive or dead. He still had so many people to find, but he was glad, oh GOD he was glad, that he knew at least some of them were safe.''
    • And Sarah's reaction:
      All she could do was throw her arms around his neck, somehow find a way to inhale, and tell him how glad she was to see him. "Augh mate, you have n-NO idea how good it is to s-see you!" It was the first time since she'd woken up over an hour ago that she'd been genuinely happy.
  • Ethan Kent during his time in the game has been established as not a particularly good guy, being rather selfish and thinking of playing, but when the chance of escape becomes possible at the Ranger's Sation, he gets the parts needed, writes the plan down, shoo's his ally Feo away and breaks every camera in the room he's in while ranting at how he deserves to die at Danya's hand before getting his collar detonated. This act helped make the V4 escape possible.
    • In return of his sacrifice, Feo Smith gets a group together at the station and communicating through notes to bypass the communications in the collars, after several hours of work the group gets a generator to work from the parts Ethan provided and manages to contact STAR, but then the area turns into a danger zone and as the rest of the group runs away, Feo stayed behind to destroy the evidence of what they had done, ending in her unable to getting out of the danger zone and ultimately dies next to Ethan.

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