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Hello! Whoever’s in there, hello! It’s Helena, Helena Van Garret!
Helena Van Garret, no! It wasn't all my fault!! I didn't mean to do it! It wasn't supposed to happen, it really wasn' wasn't, it wasn't. I didn't mean to drop the flashbang...the pin wasn't even out. But, then he...Eugene shot it. The flash went off! And then everyone started to shoot, okay? Jess had the blade...some kind of knife, or something. She cut me bad. I grabbed her, okay, I used her as a shield! I didn't want to die, all I wanted to do was stop it all, stop her from killing me. And when it was over, everyone was dead but me! I killed my friends, I killed them... Ralphie, Eugene, Jess, and Harvey. All dead. And I had used Jess as a shield! I used her to live!
Sydney Morvran

Well, well, well...
Niniko Kishinawa

Accident... it was... it was an accident...
Tayli E. Vreeland

You either live or die, that's down to fate, so I couldn't care less if you have guns. I'm ready to take my chances and try my luck at blowing every one of you away.
Gabrielle Minase

How flattering.
Morgana "Anya" Vendvmagli

I wonder how many of our classmates have already snapped… I wonder if I'm going to end up being a victim to a person I shared a class with, or ate with at lunch? I always used to tell my mum when I was little, I never wanted to grow old. Though I never wanted to die young either...
August Masbeth

If someone with a gun finds us we're in deep shit, Bat Girl.
Terry Woodard

I'm going to have to decline for now, as dying just isn't on my list of things to do today.
Cole Quentin Hudson

Venka Rapler

Yeah. I think He's up there, but he really works in f'ed up ways, you know? I bet this is His way of weeding out the ones that don't deserve life.
Alan Shinwrath

How lucky am I?
Selene Acton

They all want to kill me. Everyone. Kill or be killed is the rule. The only one that doesn't hate me is me. They all want me dead!
Andrew Klock

Surviving is first and foremost on our list, until we can find some group we can join with real firepower and a way to hit back at this game.
Kichiro Taka

Man, if you got to do one thing for me. Get off this fucking island alive... and continue making your music, hell make a song in my name, that would be nice.
Edward Rommel

Jon Tognetti

How badly do you want it, Cillian?
Mason "Mace" Lucien

Well hell, I guess that's tomorrow, huh? Fuck, looks like I will live to see 18. Barely. Heh.
Andrew Lipson

Yo, Adam! Over Here! C'mon, don't leave me with the crazies!
River Garraty

No need for prayers here, I'm afraid this guy sold his soul a long time ago...
Uriel Hunter

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it's queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there's some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
James Coombs

Rais Sekth

Fuck this game! Fuck all of you, you sick motherfuckers! You'll never get away with this!
Dahlia Riviera

W-what kind of game?
Jimmy Moreland

I told you, stay won't hurt...I promise you...just stay down...
Arturo Villamor

Shut up! If you don't be quiet I'll rip off your mouth!
Devi Satome

Don't worry. This beach will remain blood free. Wouldn't want to ruin the view for the others. And if you want your gun, you can bloody well come and get it!
Elise Aversano

Of course I’m fucking scared. I’m scared shitless. I’m so confused right now I don’t know what to do. I’ve got terrorists telling me I need to take this dagger and shove it in your throat if I ever want to see my home again. Scared is an understatement.
James Kelecks

NO! No, no, no. God that’s just the problem with your kind, you always think everyone’s in love with you or something, when the fact is everyone thinks you’re a backstabbing jerk. I was trying to cheer you up jackass, not get in your pants.
Naoji Hideyoshi

Katherine, wh-what are you doing?
Aaron Redfield

Aaron...I'm sorry, but I plan on having a family one day. Kids, grandchildren, everything. And to do that, I think I'll have to kill everyone else on the island. Don't take it were actually kind of cute.
Katherine Marks

People don't understand how fragile a human body is... not untill it's broken
Blaine Eno

It's not fair!
Sophie Maraschino

Kill or be killed. Kill for the sake of others. Kill for the sake of yourself. Only one person walks away. That's what they told us....makes it pretty hard to trust a stranger like me doesn't it?
Ash Holmes

This, is hell on earth. An island, the board of a twisted game where we are supposed to kill each other. And, guessing as you weren't on the plane, they brought you here later,(...) This gun,(..) Is a weapon. You probably have some sort of weapon too, in that bag of yours. But we're not playing, not the group I'm in. We want to take these bastards down.
Umi Martin

I think everyone's lost here. And, well, we all kinda need help too. But if you're wondering if I'm injured or anything, no, I'm fine.
Cassandra Roivas

Piss me off, you die!
Kiyoko Asakawa

I was working on a song before I left, It was called The Martyr. I think that seems appropriate.(...) And I will get off this island. One way or another.
Garrett Albert Langston

Guess I either find someone, or hide like a little wuss. Damn, I wish I was more of a coward by nature....
Marie Zaid

Well, hello people of America, and hello evil terrorist organization. I guess I must really thank you for this opportunity to... express myself and become famous. So thank you. Now I just want to make sure you all know my name, I am Max Mc Neal. I have no bag, and right now am somewhat of an underdog. I will fight my way to fame, and I'll make sure you are all here for the ride. So for now...goodbye.
Max McNeal

We're gonna die, aren't we? Someone's gonna come and kill us....What'll we do...? What'll happen to us now?
Nanami Nishida

Slowly... slowly... empty your bag. Drop it on the floor. i want to see what weapons you have.
Jayne Brow

Hawley Faust

Sweet, this is cool. It's like Lord of the Flies, only better 'cause we get weapons to kill stuff with.
Thom Chuck

You ain't gonna believe this, man!(..) I think it's a katana! Cool, huh?
Waldo Woodrow

It would be great if you knew how do do that. I am glad I found you guys, and not someone who would attack me on sight, because that would probobly have been quite unpleasant for them.
Marcus Roddy

If you die... then I'm sorry, and it's been nice knowing you, even for such a short length of time.
Duncan Wright

You guys have names, or do I need to label you Girl 1, Girl 2, and Boy 2? I'm Boy 1, you see.
Eddie "The Sarge" Serjeantson

It's alright, I know you're scared. You don't have to be scared any more baby, I'm 104 lbs. of pure fighting machine and I won't let anyone harm a hair on your head. You can cut the faux macho protector act.
Miranda Grey

After going through so much, you've decided to put an end to all of this, by killing someone. Even if you don't like it, there's just no other solution for you, is there? Everything's a living nightmare and you want it all to end, yet you want to survive. You're driven to the point where all you can do is take someone else's life to save yourself.
Daphne Rudko

He left me no choice...You guys understand that...right?
David Jackson

To think all I wanted was a nice vacation, some fun with my new entourage and all I get is a stupid contest! I did not want this! The bastards, they'll get theirs. I'll kill them, tear them to shreds.
Cleo Barston

Giving up your gun might be the most retarded thing I have ever seen! I mean that is your edge! That is your strength! You're just like Julius Caesar… putting too much trust in the Senate will just get you stabbed by Brutus.
Andrew Mutaeneau

There's still hope for us. And it'll be together this time.
Madelaine Shirohara

It's just that we're all uptight as it is, and that while I think we do need to stay on our guard, I just...I don't know, I think we'd all get along better if we kind of lightened the air a little, you follow?
Amanda Jones

What the fu-
Ken Mendel

Look. You can stay here and be trigger happy all you want, but NOT with me, NOT with her, and NOT now. I got places to be. If you don't move, then my fist will find itself coming out the back of your head. Capeesh?
Callum Hadley

Were you dropped on your head as a child?
—'''Cydni Pullman

Cody didn't kill David, I did, so if you want revenge you should start with me.
Jacob Starr

Madison Satomi

So this is how it ends? Drowning by the hands of someone after surivivng so much.
Aaron Bourdon

Get back! Don't force me to shoot. I mean it.
Shinya Motomura

Hell yes! Now the jocks can't kill me!
Jake Driggers

I wanna go home.
Ian Hargrave

You're weak, you pussy, and they all know it! The first person that comes along is going to kill you, just like that, and then everyone will be shitting on your memory! You'll put your parents to shame, and why? Because you're a pussy! It's just like prison! If you get to someone and you kill them, nobody will touch you!
Shoar Wilson

I really don’t know… I figured the government might have done something by now. But I think these collars are what’s keeping them away, the terrorist are probably using the whole “You come near, and we kill them all.” Doesn’t help, that if this goes through only one will alive in the end, ya know?
Fredrik Hughes

Okay well we should... hey! That's—that's a gun!
Adib Harabbi

I'm into escaping! I'm really good at that! I've already escaped from prison once!
Sven Kekule

Mother, speak to me? Please come here... Please help me.
Vince Samsa

I’m glad to hear that, personally I thought it was a rather horrid job, being in the rush and all. But really, we’ll most likely have to re bandage it as well sooner or later.
Glenn Hughes

Damn, man playing Mr. Dark and Cool, ain't cutting it.
Kousaka Takeda

Amber Philips

Luca Donovan

Wednesday. Have you...seen Wednesday? Please...
Chi Masumi

Grr women, so weird and I want that food.
Kouji Ginsenshi

Ai Kurosawa

Pretty little kittens...all waiting for Shingami to show them to the afterlife.
Johnny "Mordread" Lamika

Can we not start playing mind games? If we start thinking like that we'll end up stabbing each other in the back, I don't know about you two, but i'm not ready to give in to that sadistic bastards little game,
Daisuke Andou

Dolly shouldn't run away!
Cillian Crowe

Nev' Eden. Are thi two toghether? I just got dropped; an' I ain't keen on shootin' owt. 'Less I have to.
Neville Eden

Yeah. I know it stings, if I'm making it any worse I'm sorry... I've never really done this before. Kinda makes me wish I'd paid attention in Health class,
Mallory De Luca

This is my weapon? FUCKING USELESS!
Antonio Franchini

I'm glad she's dead? What kind of human being does that make me?
Gillaume "Gilbert" Archambault

What a waste of time.
Jason Andrews

Wouldn't it be great if we could leave all this behind and start a whole new life on one of those stars?
Wednesday Garci

Monkey stole my face, took me down to another place, now im the leader of their race, im the monkey king.
Vince Noir

Every Sunday in church, they preached about how you'd help us through our tough times, carry us through when the going got tough. Well, where the fuck are you now, huh? If you're really up there, if you're this omnipotent being that they always preached about, then what the hell are you doing letting something like this happen?! These people are DYING and nobody is doing anything to stop it! We're supposed to be your CHILDREN! You're letting them slaughter us like animals!
Ryan Ashmore

Jamie Amy Robins

Don't worry, I won't hit ya!
Arsenio Thanodeus

Where... where's Carly? Carly's scared... I woked up and, and, and... why isn't anyone here?! Why is Carly alone? Where's Mr. Bodyguard?
Kaleigh Jones

Shannon McKlocke

She's dead....and I wasn't there for her... Then again, I was never around to begin with.
Chance Burton

I'd feel a lot easier...fending off a stranger than a former friend.
Cassie Webber

I'm going to come home and everything will be okay.
Xian Chun

I can help you with the whole death thing if you want. If not, you'd better stay right where you are. Think I'm exaggerating? Be my guest and call my bluff.
Angharad Davies

Am I all broken out?! Oh hurry it's in the side pouch of my bag.
Aiden Ambrose

None of us want to play this demented little game, okay?
Lyndi Thibodeaux

Oh please... I don't trust you, you might as well be speaking Latin.
Heather Pendergast

Jack...I... I don't know if you're out there, or if you're even still alive, but if you are... you've got to go on, and you've got to get out of this fucked up game. And when you do, you've got to hunt that motherfucker down, and he's got to pay for all of this. For... for me. For everyone.
Jill Gatling

Beat the game – b-beat the terrorists? That’s right… go home – that – that would be nice.
Martyn "Murdoc" Ferdinand

You know what? You can’t trust anyone, it’s all a matter of believing in them. But in this horrible game, believing doesn’t exist.
Hannah Juett

Buckshot! Booyah!
Clare Shepard

Too late....I'm already red.
Eh-Sun Choi

No, that would take too much time. In this game, you have to move fast or someone you can't beat will eventually find you. Trust me on that one, I've been here a while....
Dorian Greywood

He didn't do the truffle I cut his head off.
Peri Barclay

You call this a fucking game?! I'm not gonna play unless I'm forced into it! And if I'm forced into it, I'm gonna shove that fucking cigar Danya had into his fucking nose!
Takara Asano

I got this rope thing? At least I think that's my weapon... although it's not likely to cause much harm against someone dangerous...
Elsie Darroch

Fucks sake, wouldn't it be best if we just all calmed down and worked this out together? I dont know about any of you at all but I'dd rather have you all live than murder each other in front of me.
Scott Jameson

The name's Mike... Michael... Mikey, whatever you want. It's a real stroke of luck I bumped into you two. I just woke up and here you are!
Micheal Suarez

This game isn't about survival or killing everyone until you're the last. It's more than that, I can feel it, and that feeling we're all feeling is what's going to remind us of that. Everytime. So, feeling hopeless ain't all that bad, you just have to do it right.
Ryan Torres

Heh, yeah...they may be fucking idiots, but they're prepared if they want to pull off something like this.(...) Hate it when that happens. And, yeah...shit, you're right, we're hostages! That's all we are!
Toby Valerik

You are an idiot. Well, so we got off to a bad start, my name's Nevera Aero, but you can call me Nev.
Nevera Aero

Elijah Rice

So you're the terrorist? Not much really, thought you'd all have M16's and whatnot, you've let me down.
Stevan Hyde

I don’t now – I can let you bleed to death slowly, or I could shoot you and put your out of your misery.
Lucinda Garrnet

Well if you are reading this now, either I made it off of this island, or I am dead. I am guessing I am going to be dead, because I don't plan on winning. Not that I doubt my ability, but because if I win this game, I will lose. Sorry if this doesn't make too much sense, I am trying to write it as soon as possible, as I am in the middle of a car chase right now, and I am currently parked in front of a cliff.

I am not going to talk about my current car chase situation though, I just want to let everyone know, that I tried not to let any of my friends or family down. I am not playing the game, and I never will. If I go out, I plan on going out with a bang. I doubt this will ever get into the hands of my family, but I want you all to know I love you very much. Don't cry over me, and don't worry, for I am happy.

I have met some amazing people on this island, each one showed me a different part of myself. This experience will really show you who you are, and without the help of the friends I made on this island, I don't think I could have made it as far as I did. So I have to finish this note now, but I just want everyone to know, I did not play this game. Also, Danya, if you read this, See you in hell.
Jeremy Torres

You aren't finished? (..) And you think that that puts your life over mine? You are sadly mistaken, my dear boy. What makes you think that your goals outweigh mine? At least my aspirations continue on outside of this game. The way you talk, you've no intention of living past the end anyway.
Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau

I've been through some things with my friend. I don't know anyone in the final ten and I don't plan on returning any favours to anyone.(...) To tell you the truth I haven't really paid attention to the announcments....People are going to do anything to win now.....
Drew Lynn

Angelina Kaige

And hey, you know...give the girl a break, I'm sure that you probably point a gun at the majority of the people that you run into on this island too, otherwise, well, you'd be dead. We're all fighting for our lives here, none of us gets to leave unless everyone else is dead, so yeah, we're all going to try and avoid getting ourselves dead. You may have had enough of people pointing a gun at you, but damnit, it's going to happen again, stop pretending it isn't.
Sidney Crosby

You... you compared me to Aki Berg...
Cody Jenson

You should know that it'd be a relieving sight to see you on the ground with your chest riddled in bullets. I can't let you kill me knowing that you killed my teammate Jason Andrews. And I'll be damned if I let you off this island alive knowing of all the people you've killed in cold blood. You're, twelve times a murderer, Adam, and you know it. You don't deserve to go home. Maybe Amanda. Maybe the one you wanted to avenge. But not you.
Jack O'Connor

That's the thing, though, Jacob. You and I took very different paths to where we are now. I made a promise to six people that I'd help protect them and I'd find a way off of the island. Now they're all dead. That tells me that in order to get off of this island, I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

No matter how much it fucking eats me up inside.
Adam Dodd


     V 2 

That’s urine and I believe the term you’re looking for is masochist.
Chad Munteanu

Anna… where are you?
Jaime Dibenidetti

Brittany Ashworth

How about we sit down, I give you some water and we talk about what happened Michaels, having you as an enemy is not something I would enjoy.
Brad Wilson

Bet there's someone you want to save eh, Bryan?
Dan Birch

Today is the first day of the end of your life, Damien! Enjoy it!
Marvin Hendrick

I didn't... do...
Jameson Doeert

W-Who are you? Please, don't hurt me! I've got a way off the island!
Gregory Moyer

Go ahead and shoot then!
Preston Grey

Can't I at least try?[..]Don't I deserve to at least attempt to fight?
Joshua Moore

Catilin Evans

Not that I know of. I've only seen you and some girl I didn't learn the name of earlier
Jin Li-Jen

I'll make you ugly, too. Then you'll see... you'll see what it's like.
Tanesha Lexx

Kasumi White

I won.
Laura Diesen

Randy Blailocke

And a master of none,(...) Who am I kidding? There's no such word as 'friend' here. Even if I found someone to team up with, they'd just end up stabbing me in the back to save themselves. When the chips are down, everyone's just in it for thems—
Jordan Mc Kiernan

And you aren't crazy and troubled?
Lester Treskington

Eat shit and die!
Mary-Anne Robinson

To whom it may concern:

My name is Wanda Lovett, and I'm a transfer student to Bathurst High School... or at least, I used to be. If you're reading this, that means that I've actually gone through with the actions I have sworn to take, and that I, like so many others, will have conquered this program in death. I won't give in to the demands of common terrorists, and I won't play this game. I won't sully my hands with the blood of others, and I'll not defile myself by making myself into a murderer.

However, unlike others out there, I know that there is no way out of this game. It's foolish to think that common teenagers could defeat a foe much more powerful than we are. This is simply a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, and it's one of which I refuse to partake. So, to those who knew me, and even those who didn't, know that I left this game as pure and untainted as the moment in which I entered it.

After much pondering on my part, I have decided to detonate my own collar. I won't sit here and rot, nor will I be gunned down by the hand of one of my fellow students, nor will I be murdered in cold blood by a faceless person a thousand miles away. I'll die by my own hand, in the only act of independence I'm capable of executing on this island. If you're reading this, then congratulations on living this long. Simply know that I could not play this game, and so instead have taken the liberty of eliminating myself from it. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor, perhaps it will be more successful than mine.

Fondest Wishes, Wanda Lovett
Wanda Lovett

Who cares? Why the fuck don't you feel bad for doing that? I'm fucking horrible, already losing my mind to this shit...
Darren Oaklan

This totally kills any love for camping I may have had in the past,
Matthew Lafferty

You don't understand, Callahan. We have to play. We have to run the game. There's no way out. There's nobody that's coming to save us. This is our fate, whether we like it or not. Foe against foe, friend against friend, brother against brother... this is what it comes down to. Sympathy and compassion... they don't exist here. This is a life or death situation, and when push comes to shove, my life is far more important than yours... so get out of the way and let me finish what I started, or you'll be the one meeting the point of this thing.
Eric Silvstedt

Thank you.
Nessy Guthrie

Jeux sans frontieres.
Johnathan Micheals

Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy. But, I cannot go through this game…I cannot face Diana if I killed someone in a fight. So, let’s just be fair about this…we lay the shotgun down and if I lose you shoot me in the back of the head and if you lose I’ll do the same.
Christian Cohen

I-I can’t… I can’t anymore. I don’t want to die here. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.
Melanie DeSilva

L-l-l-look, I need to f-find Kasumi as s-soon as I can. You both know who she is, right? What she looks like? So l-let's just get this search thing over with. I could really use your help. What do you say?
Lance Adams

Listen, I know they'll for sure look here if you keep babbling on like a fuckin' mental patient. Now chill. The fuck. Out.
Nich Finlayson

Whitney... Look...I'm not playing. I promise. Just say it now if you don't trust me but... I'm not going to kill anybody.
Matthias Kovalenko

I know that this is 'survival of the fittest', and I am quite aware of what that means, but still... He should know better than to attack people if he wants friendly contact.
Sylvea Hill

Eugh...I can't believe I did that...
Zachary Foreman

Thanks, though. I’m good...done it before. I admit though, last time I just poured a bit of whiskey on the cut. This is all...sterile or something. I don’t think I heard your name on the announcement earlier, but have you seen anything to be worried about? I mean, like, anything to say one of the terrifying and fear-inducing villains of the fairytale are headed this way?
Okalani Shimane

Kayla. Run.
Jackie Kovacs

Lets put the hockey stick away and think on more IMPORTANT matters.
Stacy Holorson

You thought you would kill me, didn’t you?(..) You thought you be able to survive that much longer if you took on someone without much of a weapon, am I right?(..) You were wrong.
Adrian Gray

What does it look like I'm doing?(..) I'm hiding. What are YOU doing?
Alexander Bee

Cause you can't stop the beat!
—'''Gigi Sinclaire

Cold... wet... dark... dying is cold and salty... I won't die, it's too cold..
Satoru Kamui

G-get thee-(...) Be-hind me…Satan!
Anthony Ainsworth

A shotgun would be a beautiful thing to have. So much power in such a portable form. Better than these fucking binoculars.
Kyle Rizea

Fuck who the hell am I, Queeris?
Jack Russel

You never could get up before noon,(..) Did you need some help with this?
Mai Oshinari

Damn it! Hey, Lady Luck, how about being a good girl and tossing some of that magical stuff my way?!
Lavender Heart

I'm going to get my things and leave this house. I don't want to fight you. Honestly, I just can't stay with you. Not to offend, but you're just so tacky and obnoxious, and you get under my skin. I'm afraid that if I stay with you that we shall realy hurt each other.
Annabelle Buchannon

We cannot lose, look at our weopans. We are going to bring a bang to this competition!
Russel "Russ" Gofis

Everybody stay right where you are. What the hell are you thinking? This is a church, you can't defile SHIT in here! Any of you want to think about killing, get the fuck out, now!
Adam Amato

Excuse the use of profanity, but fuck if there was ever a time to romanticize something it would be after you’ve eviscerated two individuals.
Brandon Cuthbert

Over a hundred kids have died because of this… this game, what's going to make us so special that we're going to get a burning bush or something to that nature that leads us to our freedom from this island?
Edgar Judah

Attack you? With what? The best I can do is to throw harsh language at you, and frankly, I don't think it'd be worth the effort, because you don't look much like someone who'd attack anyone, yourself.
Andrew Ponikarovsky

Hello! May I come in? It darkens, I do not want be alone with the ...(...) ...monkeys? No...sorry, my English is not good. With the...other team!
Alex Ovechkin all seriousness, this ACTUALLY Survival of the Fittest, or is Ashton Kutcher going to jump out of a bush and tell us we've been Punk'd? I really don't know what the fuck is going on.
Rupert Stockton

Umm... h-hi. I'm A-Alice. Alice Nichols. I won't hurt you. A-After all, I don't have anything that could do any damage, anyway.
Alice Nichols

...I've heard that...the heart is really nutritious...
Shae Arnav

Pardon me? This "bullshit" as you just so affectionatley called it happens to be why I am the person I am. If you don't like my choice in life, or religion itself, by all means that is your choice. However, I will not tolerate you badmouthing it. If you want my help here then from now on you will watch what you say and if you don't like that, then fuck off.
Steven Smith

You better keep up then, cause if it goes down like that, I'm...fuckin'...woosh, outta here.
Andrew Swainson

Thank… thank you, for saving me. I — I don't really know how to thank you other than…(...) "It's just… thanks really, I'm looking for someone myself. And, you saving me allowed me to do so.
Elias “Eli” Topher Mc Connell

I brought food for you, little one. Don't worry. It's in my duffel bag, remember? Wait. That's where you should be. Wait. Huh? The terrorists are letting me keep you on the island? I thought they'd take out any complicating things, and a pet certainly complicates things.
Lee-Ann Collier

Debrah, it hurts, oh god it hurts!
Deliah Dollop

I can't believe that this has already started! This is absolutely outrageous. Can they really be trying to kill each other this quickly? Why not team up and try and take down the system? I'm not much of a groupie, but I'm no fool. I know that if you don't find a trusted group in this situation, you can't possibly manage to live. Fools. They're not even trying to kill each other in the quickest possible way. It seems to be more of an effort to inflict as much pain as possible on each other...
Sarah Dao

"I vaguely remember someone saying the last Survival of the Fittest winner promising something similar. We're still here.(...)I don't know what happened to him.
Seth Malvice

You know Mister Gold, Art class doesn't really start until he shuts up.
Walter Smith

I could really use some weed right about now.
Burton Harris

No... I just don’t want to be alone, Blake... it’s so cold and I don’t want to be alone.
An Linh Tuan

Karma’s a bitch.
John Matthews

How do you think you're gonna survive out there alone? You're hurt, you're defenseless... it's crazy. I don't like this situation any more than you do, but with as many of us as there are here, at least we're safe. If you wander out there, all by yourself, there's no telling who or what you'll run into. I don't know you very well, but I don't want to hear Hal Carpenter on the next announcement... and if you leave, I get this feeling that I will.
Maggie Heartgreeder

"You hear that, kid?(...) If you're tired of living, we'll gladly put a hole through your head like Faust did van Garrett! Or else just go and get gone!
Cathalie Meguro

Dog eat dog. Dogs don't eat dogs, they eat birds and cats and Kibblebits if they have a family. Those words are silly. But I would have gotten that right if that silly glasses boy hadn't answered before me. Yes, I would have gotten it right.
Mitch Gunther

Oh…. Nothing. But… Lee-Ann…. Do you want to be saved?
Sam Sorenson

That can't be real,
Jenna Cassidy

I don't want to play this game anymore...
Miharo Duli

The part that makes me feel shitty here is that, despite my appearance, attitude, and mentality... I am too weak to kill anyone. And then, because of my appearance, attitude, and mentality, I have no friends to kill or see die. I have nothing, and that's what this place has shown me.
Kristey Burrowell

Look, I'm fucking sick to my stomach from this twisted hell-hole. I don't want to hurt anybody. I just want to go home, with everyone else intact and alive,(...) I suppose that I'm just another threat to you. Well, fucking hell, girl, you're all the fucking same, you just haven't fucking tried to hurt me yet. It's this goddamn island; it's screwing with your head. You're afraid of dying, hell, everyone is, and you want to take it out on somebody. Great, you know what? I bet most of the more psychotic players from the last one of these things started out just like you. I kind of wonder what you're going to fucking turn out as... A rapist maybe? A cannibal? I know that if you survive long you're going to be murderer. Everyone will be, by extension. That's what's so fucked up about this place.
Harry Constantine

Hanging in there, I suppose. (...) How about you? Hell of a trip, eh?
Ernest Decarteret

Hey, you wanna do us all a favor and shut the fuck up?(...) This isn't the time or place for your bullshit...if you wanna say your prayers, there's a church nearby. You can go off and rant there for all I care...I'm only interested in staying alive.
Michael Neely

Thats what Flotsome and Jetsome are doing. Their glowing eyes have become enchanted so they will brainwash the citizens of Atlantica for her own benefit!
Marimar Perez

O-oh! N-no! Don’t! Please! I’m not playing!
Carmen Sommerset

I don't plan to be killed by you. Someone as imperfect as you? Hah, give me a break.(...) It'd be an dishonarable. My pride would be damaged forever. Thats something I can't afford.
Venus Gwendolyn

You might've guessed, I don't talk much (...) I really don't have much to talk about, at all.
Licinia Vinici

What's the scoop, boss?
Nathan Godwin

You think I'm insane?! You haven't seen insane yet sweety... trust me, you'll figure out the difference!
Stephanie Crew

I just want to go home…. Floret… Harold… help me… please.
Penelope Withers

Whitney...(..) Look...I'm not playing. I promise. Just say it now if you don't trust me but...(..) I'm not going to kill anybody.
Mathias Kovalenko

Sorry Ed. At least you get to go see your bro, right?
Dan Johnson

I don't know what to do Deliah...I'm so sorry...
Debrah Dollop

I'm sorry Dad, I failed.
Chiaki Takao

Mean me no harm? Are you listening to yourself Steve, you're sounding like a fucking pussy.
Kevin Kapustiak

Nobody makes a fool out of me.....
Paris Persephone

We should at least take her off of that glass. Give her some decency.
Zilya Merchenkov

I might as well die good looking.
John Davies

If it isn't Paris Persphone. The Gossip King(...) We meet again.'
Garry Dodd

God... or whoever you are up there... I know that I haven't always been a good person. I've made some bad decisions in my short lifetime. Everyone makes bad decisions sometimes, we're not perfect. We're not supposed to be, right? But I... this can't be happening. Not to me. There's so much that I have to do. I can't die here, on this island... I can't die at sixteen. You understand that, don't you? I just... I need more time. I need... more time.
Ali Grayson

Nobody's perfect, Ali.
Greggory Archer

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
Andi Ayala

I miss my friends, too,(...) but that don't matter much now. The only friend I've got tried to kill...(...) I cannot...let anyone love...
Peter Rosenthal

You really are a fighter. Stick to your guns all the way, huh? I can respect that. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same.
Felix Travertil

From the sack to the grave, always a Fist, and always a this world and the next, right Bryan?
Seth Mattlock

Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you're playing, right?
Huy Tran

I love you Huy…
Anna Dibenidetti

God dammit.
Roland Kelly

At least I can't really say a bullet was wasted... Hey.. seeing as it was my gun.. Do you think that counts as my kill?
Matthew Drew

I've seen things that no human should see. Creatures like us... we aren't human anymore. We don't deserve to exist with other humans. I want to leave this weak, fragile vessel. It is the will of God. It is why we are on this island. It is because we do not deserve to live... because we have all committed sin. I... have embraced that.
Gail Smith

It's really nothing personal," she whispered, "You were the best I'd had... in a long time.
Sera Wingfield

Well, I've had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.
Justin Moore

Who likes Old Navy anyway?
Franco Sebberts

Things are pretty rough out here, you gotta keep your eyes peeled all the time,(..) I haven’t been able to catch much sleep for just that reason... well, that and a few others.
Blake Ross

Arrraaaggghhh! You fucking bastards!(...) Sick bastards...'
Horace Malcolm

'We were on the bus, and...the busdriver, I guess he was in on it. One minute I was sitting beside my homeroom teacher, the next...there's little bits of her on my lap.¨
Jana Brown

Danya you sick son-of-a-bitch. I just wanted to let you know before I head out of this area that you are the load your mother should have swallowed. What a waste of life you are. Even though I realize I stand nearly no chance of winning this game. I hope whoever does blows your fucking head off and takes a shit down your neck. Toodles!
Robert "Rob" Adams

NO.. NO!(...) This isn't supposed to be real! It's a stupid TV show!
Elizabeth Ebert

I thought I told you to drop the gun,(...) Don't make me have to do something that I'll end up regretting. I just want to ask a few questions...tell me the truth and I just might let you go. But if not...
Vesa Turunen

You knew...I couldn't do anything...that bitch I was forced to call my mom would just exploit it and make me suffer more...I know nothing about you...then maybe I should try to get to know your inner self better
Damien Carter-Madison

I wish we were on the beach again.
Tori Johnson

We came a long way, you know... probably wouldn't have survived this long if not for you. Guess I should... thank you for that. I know you... think you failed everybody... but you didn't. You can't save everyone, Ricky... but you should at least try to save... yourself. At least if... you get out of here... you'll have won some sort of victory... for all of us. Don't just... lay down and die... okay? Get out there and... and win
Whtiney Acosta

I know you want me to win, Whit... but I can't. I'm sorry...
Ricky Callahan

Well, well, well. Not such a bad-ass anymore, now are we? Did you forget, Bryan, that we're playing with people's lives? Did you forget that as much effort that you spent on protecting Tori - and failing, I might add, that you aren't made of steel yourself? You're no Superman, hun, and you certainly don't shrug off bullets very well.
Mariavel Varella

God, if you're up, you know. Amen.
Bryan Calvert

     V 3 

I would say resistance is futile, but that might be a bit too mad scientist for my taste.
Joshua Goodman

I hope she's dead.
Heather Tilmitt

I might as well, I don't have much of a choice, do I?
Jason Foley

Why the hell wouldn't I? It's life or death, only the morons choose death.
Tyson Neills

You're trying to take her away from me, aren't you? You're trying to take away the one god damn thing I have left!
Lance Barret

Hello.... what's all this then?
Charlie Burchman

God...what the hell is this?! Where the hell am I?!
Tanya Bonneville

I’m so sorry…
Tegan Bianco

I don't... think... anyone will... miss me... much.... I'm sorry... I can't be the... normal wanted... be home...soon... so sleep...sleep...sleepy... so...cold...tired...cold...
Alex Steele

Karl Van Buren

Y'see.... this is a gun. A real actual, factual gun that's going to, like, hurt if you get hit by it. Especially if you get hit in the head, cuz you'd die. Not like any of those fake pieces of shit. No. This shit be' real. And, like, I have it pointing right at you guys. And like....I'm loading it right now. And don't go pretending that you can't talk your way out of this, cuz that ain't possible...
Owen Fontaine

I don't know really know what to do Mc Callum, but we just can't stay in one place...right now I need to most importantly change shirts, if we do run into your lil' girlfriend we don't want her thinking you're seducing lil' ol' me.
Evelyn Richinson

I need to stick with someone. I j-just don't feel safe. You guys don't mind it if I stick with you? I've got no one else to be close to. I'm all alone in this game. I need some allies to back me up. Please?
Luis Chezinski

HEY. You get the FUCKING HELL away from me you freak. Go back to whatever gutterhole you came from!
Kara Holmes'

You're quite right. You should learn to be more careful. After all, not everyone who happens to be wandering through this jungle is quite as peaceful as your lovely little group seems to be.
Randy Flagg

It's quite the play on our situation, don't you think?
Rebbecca Bradbury

My whole life, I've worked toward my own goals. I've missed out on friends, relationships, all the so-called "fun" things throughout high school... because I wanted to realize my own ambitions. And now, that man, that "Danya", as he calls himself, he's threatening to take my dreams away from me... and I can't let that happen. I want it far too much. I can't let myself die here. Even if... even if it means going through other people to stay alive.
Kristin Washington

This ain't gangsta, yo!
Troy McCann

He's not a mosquito you idiot. Get down and I'll handle this.
Brendan Bedard

You know, as a matter of fact, I do feel pretty spectacular right now, so why bother trying you out? I like picking on the one's who've been broken in already.
Dan Wolfe

Paul? Paul?! Help me! They're going to kill me! Help me!
Adwin Green

Katherine Blanco note 

Listen, if neither of you are playing and you want to team up then I want to know you're committed to getting everyone we can out of here.(...) That might mean we all die. You think you can handle that?
Nigel Gillespie

Look. I know things don't seem too great right about now, but the truth of the matter is: we're in this, for better or for worse. We're in a bad situation, maybe an impossible one, but we can't just lay down and die. Even if we end up failing to make any difference at all, the important thing is that we tried
Ricardo "Ric" Chee

Evening. I don't believe we've been properly introduced. If you're travelling with Guy Rapide, you're probably growing tired of playing the Jackie Chan to his Chris Tucker. Just think of me as somewhat of a ... a Don Cheadle, so to speak. A wise old fool who happens to be hoping that what I'm thinking and feeling isn't betraying my cool exterior.
Ken Lawson

Yeah…you’re right,” He nodded, somewhat shakily, looking towards Keith. He tried to smile a bit. “It’s all a lie, isn’t it? There’s gotta be some sort of mistake. Just an accident or something. There’s gotta be some sort of explanation for it all. You guys can’t be killers. I don’t believe it.
Galen Neilson

You broke your promise. You said you’d always be with me. Until the end. You said you’d DIE for me…This is your own fault, you know? You brought this on yourself. Well then…YOU CAN JUST ROT IN HELL BY YOURSELF FOR ALL I CARE.
Nadine Willowbrook

Heh. I haven't been to church in a long time. Ironic that it'd be like this,
Anderson "Andy" Lee Walker

Well, well, well,(..) Funny running into you here, isn't it. Seems like you've earned yourself quite the reputation, Gabriel. Not bad... for a pathetic Terran. Thought you were going to add me to that list, didn't you? I hate to tell you this, but Terrans like you... they aren't capable of defeating a Methuselah like myself.
Ivye Ember Dewley

I am the master butcher!
Viktor Kurchatov

I'm sorry, Shane.
Gabriel Theobaldt

So what's the plan? Find some friends and get the hell out of dodge? I support both of those.
Trey Leyton

Oh! I think I know what you mean. Haha. Sorry about that.(...) Hey... why are you hiding away 'ike that? I get your logic. but I'm not going to be killing anyone, especially with my bare hands...
Quale Hutchinson

Darnell...I'm sorry.
Simon Wood

Mon dieu! P-please, please don't kill me.
Courtney Blaggé

Don't be a smartass, I'm the one with the spear. I'm about to take this spear off you, so just get up, an-hey, wait a second.
Daniel Brent

Original recipe or extra crispy?
Eduardo Trinidad-Villa

Melina, I don't know if I can do this. Why do we have to kill people? I don't want that hanging over my soul. I... I'm not sure... I can do this...
Monique St. Claire

They're playing,(..) People are scared for their lives, so they're doing what they have to do live. That man... he fills people's heads with the idea that if they kill everything that moves, they'll survive. The truth is, each of our survival rates is... one in... a hundred? Two hundred? Five hundred, even? Killing other people... it's not going to accomplish anything.
Khrysta Lawrence

I could be trying to trick you, but I've never really cared to be any good at that sort of thing. Besides, I haven't killed anybody yet. If I were going to start, I think I'd have done that yesterday. I have less reason to trust you than you do to trust me, so, do what you will. Stay or go. Shoot or don't. Maybe if you obey your captors they'll let you go home. I doubt it though.
Adonis Zorba

Day 5, Clive. Here. If this is a danger zone, then we will meet the caves.
Lilah Morgan

Let's run!
Luke Rowan

My mother's dead you asshole! My mother's dead, and so's my sister, just like yours is gonna be at the end of this god damn GAME!
Anna Vaan

Um, hi. As long as you're letting him pass, can I go too? I've only got this, and I don't want to hurt anyone.
Bradley Armstrong

Danya...why do you have to take the cave away from me? I like it in here...
Julia Lauper

I'm Keiji. Sarcastic-man and stammer-boy said we've been here for... um. Like, three days. They said other stuff about people like, getting killed, but that can't be true, we're all good, nobody kills each other right? But I'm not worried if people are, I've like, got a sword, which you can like, choppy chop bad guys and stuff with. It's not a shinken though, which is bad, they're good, because I can do Iaido properly, but not with this, and that makes me kinda sad and stuff. I won't cry though! It's only a sword,
Keiji Tanaka

When ARE you going to let the rest of us in on your plan, anyway, Joseph? I'm beginning to wonder...
Kode Hairesu

We're coming, maybe if you wouldn't walk so fast...
Mortimer Jones

You sure that's a good idea, Joe? We don't know who she is, if she's killed anyone, or whatev, y'know?
Braden Marsh

''I think that you might be right. I dont want a stump for a hand. But I think you've got a good point, and I'll be doing something, allright.
Jodene Zalack

Doesn't matter, Braden. If someone else needs help, I say we should try and give it to them. Especially if it can help us get out of here.
Joeseph "Joe" Gai

Better be carefull of your ‘chickadee’(..) She’s pretty dangerous. See what she did?(..) Don’t want that to be you, now do you?
Sharon Kulikov

You’ve known me for a very long time Melina and knowing this you should also know that I don’t lie and I don’t bullshit people-especially when lives are at stake,
Paul Smith

Christian Rydell

Evaluate? How's "we're all fucked" for an evaluation?
Adam Dodd

You can't blame those who are caught within the game. People who have turned into killers, people like John Rizzolo, it isn't their fault. They're simply adapting to their own circumstances. When you're in a kill-or-be-killed world, you can't fault the people who try and make sure that they don't die by any means possible
Ryan Atwell

You weren't supposed t-to cry! You weren’t supposed to be sorry! You were supposed to be a demon! A monster! I shouldn't have to feel sorry for you!
Edward "Eddie" Sullivan

Right. How many lives do we have left?
James Brown

Dawn was good...but I'm gonna have so much fun with you.
Alexis Machina

I have no excuses. It's fight or die, and I'm not going to be the one to die.
Bobby Jacks

Man, you got to think big. We made it this far into the game and you're still thinking small. I mean, we could have anything. Right now there are no rules, you can say, do, think, dream whatever you want. This could be your last day alive, and you're still thinking about bread and water. It's time to step up, start thinking more. You've already taken a human life, I don't know what other trouble you could get into by dreaming a little big.
Lenny Priestly

James...What happens if...we're the only ones left?
Trish McCarrol

It would suck. It would suck to come this far and then everyone die because no one's been killed in a day. It would almost feel like all the people that have died here.. well, it would all be a waste. Because there wouldn't be a winner.
Lulu Altaire

If you really wanted to save her, you would have done something, anything to save her. Don’t lie to yourself Sullivan, you’re out to win. You’re playing this game just as much as me.
J.R. Rizzolo

     V 4 

This sucks.
Nick Reid

S-sorry if I'm sounding k-kind of on edge right now, b-but I've been on the run ever since someone standing next to me was shot and killed right in front of m-m-my eyes.
Allen Birkman

The people that do take part. They're murderers, and they're doing it willingly. They're a threat to anyone that's innocent... Players are fair game, as far as I'm concerned. Murder deserves justice, and I doubt anyone else is gonna step up.
Logan Reynolds

Jeremy Franco

So, I guess this means we're the good guys, yeah?
Örn "Dutchy" Ayers

R.J. Lowe note 

Don't lecture me, I'm a fucking scientist's wet dream. I know more about physics than could fit in your entire brain
Clio Grabriella

Now then, I'm afraid I must bid you all adieu. I look forward to meeting the rest of your children, siblings, lovers, friends and what not. And I'm sure they're looking forward to meeting me as well...
Maxwell Lombardi

Daniel Blessing

It's been a pleasure playing with you... I hope... I hope that you find a way to put yourself at peace.
Alan Rickhall

We were supposed to all go back.
Jason Harris

This garden... when I'm gone, when... he's... just burn it all. I made it thinking it would be... I don't know... beautiful or something, but it's not. It's ugly and it's a disgrace to her... to everybody. Just destroy it...
Liam Brooks

You got a prayer, let's hear it.
Raymond Dawson

But uh, I know that doing this shows that you really, well, cared about her. So.. now everyone'll know, no matter what happens, they'll know that. I think my dad would say that it'll always be a symbol of that. Hell of a lot better than I'll get or, well, most of us will.
Andrea Raymer

While I'm here on earth, I'd rather spend my time making something pretty.
Mizore Soryu

Look. Bad move, Aaron.
Aileen Borden

You know what? Maybe I am a bad person. But fuck these guys, I want to live.
Ema Ryan

Goodbye, Aileen.
Aaron Hughes

There are no heroes on this island. Not anymore.
Ivan Kuznetsov

At least you tried. You tried to be a hero. You tried to help people. Fuck, that's worth doing. I spent most of my time trying to find someone and hurt her, and I hurt a lot of other people, and when I finally caught up with her I didn't even hate her anymore.
Kimberly Nguyen

     V 5 

Hi guys. Bye guys.
Dave Russel

I have two little brothers. You kill me, and you're killing their big sister.
Gabriella Parker, BDA

Agh, no! They took my copy of American Gods!
Daniel Whitten

Like, we need to get together the smart kids and work our way out of this shit.
Dan Liu

Heh, yeah, Joe's right. It's empty. Sorry for the scare.()You can't be to careful around here.
Jason Meyers

Well at least it's a spike, the worst I could do is let people step on these.
Kelly Peterson

Don't worry, I'm here. I'll keep you safe.
David Zimmer

I almost pissed myself, you fucker,
Sven Olsen

Oh, shit. I'm so sorry. Do you need any-
Michael Whaley

Mark Little

You seriously think all those deaths were accidents? Seriously? One, maybe, sure, but all of ‘em? You’re crazy too.
Francis St. Ledger, BDA

Let's never do that again, kay? Especially cross country. That was not fun, and I was damn lucky I didn't end up tripping on a root and breaking my neck,
Kaitlyn Williamson

Max, you were pretty much the last person I'd want to eat breakfast with back home, what makes you think it'll be different on murder island?
Becca Everett

So. Either of you have plans for the end of the world?
Chuck Soileau

Goodbye and... hello.
Carmina Maliksi

There will definitely be players. If one comes after us... I would rather we were the ones left standing. A weapon will be necessary, no matter how much we dislike the fact.
Naomi Bell

I have an axe down there. It's pretty heavy though. I was thinking about just ditching it somewhere where no one can use it, but I can bring it along if we might need it.
Venice Penninngton-Johannes

I'm Stacey Mordetsky. You know, rich girl, loser brother, dad owns a barbecue place... ring any bells?
Stacey Mordetsky

It's... I guess it's cloudy with a chance of dying down here.
Luca Johanssen people, Arthur,(...) G-g-gotta try. C-can't be afraid.
Xavier Contel

Pillowcase Containing a Rock(...) Oh no.
Yasmin Carrol

God, if you're around or whatever, help Dan's family out. And shit. Amen. Let's get this dude in the ocean.
Brandon Baxter

Cody... Cody, it wasn't your fault.
Rose Matheson

Alive's close to alright.
Lauren Rowe, BDA

I’m so sorry, all of you. You deserved so much better than this.
Amy Bachelor

Don't lie to her
Ilya Petrovich Volkov

Sorry,()I can't let him go unless I know he can't kill anyone else.
Lydia Robbins

That. Little. Bitch.
Nina Clarke

N' what if we don't get them off? We get murdered by our fuckin' fri-classmates, or we get fuckin' blown up anyways!
Joey Caputo

I'm.......I'm sorry....I didn't mean....I just wanted to—
Claton Leven

So friggin' dumb, all of this.
Tessa Blackridge

You might be killers, but I'll bet you've never had a real fight.
Adonis Alba

Way I see it, only assholes think they need a reason not to shoot people. And I wouldn't have had to pull shit on you if you hadn't been waving that thing at me to begin with. Only reason I can give is that only bullies go around poking unarmed girls with guns, fuckface. But I don't think that would mean anything to—
Mallory McCormick

Just... Just stay safe Ruby. Don't take any unnecessary risks, or accept candy from strangers. But most of all, don't you ever...
Brian Zhdanovich

We saw what Hansel did, and so I can’t contest that the people who he said died are dead. However, I refuse to believe that six people on this island suddenly became heartless killers overnight.
Carlon Wheeler

And have you been threatening people?
Alexandria "Alex" Ripley

Maynard... you look like you could use a hug.
Natali Greer

Cody, man, relax. I just got here, I don't know what Edgar did, but is it really worth blowing his head off? We're better than this.
Michael Eastmund

Lucky, most obviously. Less people to deal with. Less of a chance to get killed.
Natalia Kowalski

Jaq? What the hell-
Grace Faraday

Do you guys want to stick around here for a while? I mean, we went through all the trouble to get here, so there has to be a reason for that, right?
Matt Masters

God-damn it,() God-damn all of this.
Ray Gilbert

"Hey Captain, would you mind if I just stay up here as lookout? You know, make sure our things aren't stolen and whatnot. That way, if you or Sara do want to leave, you don't have to worry about your things being stolen and it would be safer since the two people can look out for each other. You ok with that?
Aria Samuels

You-() Can sit there and bleed for all I care.
Katy Warren

Well, it wouldn't hurt to give the dead something of a funeral. To give them some final dignity, you know? We just need a shovel or something.
Kyle Fitzpatrick

“Hey, terrorist fuckfaces!()Guess what? I’m about to set this whole shitty island on fire! Yeah, that's right: someone will see the fire, and then your whole shitty plan will be up in smoke when the rescue boats come sailing!()And there ain’t shit you can do about it!
Alex King

Nah,()Sleeping people are both boring and polite. Don't cause any trouble. I'm more worried about what they do when they wake up.
Steven Salazar

Stop,(...) Drop your gun. You're-
Emily Rose

What the fuck?(...) I can't walk a mile without someone popping out of the bushes and trying to kill me?
Maximillian "Max" Sawyer

Room for one more? Um, body. And live person. Two more. You know what I mean. Sorry.
Arthur Wells

Sorry, man. I wanna go home, though. You know how it is. Gotta get my one sometime, and, hey, you're doing a good thing, right? Helping me, like you wanna help your friends?
Gabriel Lee

I think so,(...) I hear sometihng. Someone.
Harry Hanley

Weren't we going to look into...y'know, fortifying this place. Making Relatively speaking.
Karen Idel

This was never my reality, and I refuse to be bound by your laws any longer!
Gavin Hunter

Lord...(...)...forgive me for what I've said. But it wouldn't have made a difference anyway.
Cyrus White

"So...anyways...(...)...assuming you guys were here for the same reason as you maybe want to team up, at least for tonight? We could, like, sleep in shifts; look out for each other; find things to write with; make a plan in the morning...assuming...(...)...I'm sure we all wanna feel safe to sleep, ya know? Bella and I haven't been on this side of the island, and we haven't heard anything. I dunno about you guys, so...(...)What'dya say?
Megan Emerson

Yeah, we're trying not to cause any trouble,(...) We're fine with just sitting here, talking about music, and hoping some friendly people run by. We don't need to play the game.
Sophie McDowell

MacGyver? No, I don’t have nearly enough paperclips handy to be him.
Alexander de Gaulle

I was on the announcements too, y'know, you probably heard. They said I was their favorite.
Summer Simms, BDA

It's not alright. It's not alright at all...
Yukiko Sakurai

So, what's our plan of action, Captain Mulcahy?
Sara Corlett

“I...I should have run once I saw you had a gun,(...) Guns seemed to have followed me around and were always going off around me.
Bianca Howard

Well for one, I may still be killing,(...) but it's not exactly something fun or enjoyable for anyone involved including me. Uh, for another? I don't think I could pull my gun on you without getting blown apart by that giant-ass-
Theodore "Theo" Fletcher

It's going to rain soon.
Lana Torres

I am not, nor will I ever be 'Girl-number-seventy-four.' I am Brianna Battaglia, and I promise that we'll find a way off this island. Together.
Brianna Battaglia

Hey. Can you…..feed my cat for me if I’m not around?
Michelle Wexler

Fuck did you say, puto?
Paulo Abbate

I don't believe you.(...) Everyone has a choice.
Edgar Tolstoff

I... look Chris, I don't want to explain too much. You know, obvious reasons. But I promise you that I've got something. I need some broken glass, or anything sharp.
Jesse Jennings

Right outside. They're standing in plain view last I saw.() Wasn't anybody we knew.
Kat Tolstoff

Okay, I'll leave. I really don't feel like being killed right now. Go... go do your thing somewhere,(...) Act like some comedian while doing it. I don't care.
Miranda Miller

I tried to stay safe. I tried to keep everybody in the black. I tried to stop the game.(...) I couldn't.
Jaquilyn Locke

Hey...guys. Just...listen for a second.(...)I mean, the way we say it, it isn't any more suicide than just being on this island. We...we're going to die anyways, right?
Gwen O'Connor

W-we could…run it, maybe. Try and surprise ‘em. Most p-people our age can’t shoot a gun, I mean, right? And it’s really hard to s-shoot someone with no experience. I bet we could m-make it. I-I have…the weapon, s-so I could rush them f-first, you know? Clear the d-doorway and then book it. Just run. I-I’m pretty good at r-running, I think
Casey Malkovich

I don't care if you don't believe in rescue. I don't believe in playing this game. I'm no threat to you, but we'll be safer looking out for each other.
Cassidy Kant

No, I'm not pointing out the obvious now to make life easier. I'm pointing it out to try to get you to calm the fuck down, because your reaction was pretty terrible. Most people don't freak out when they see something they expect.
Cassandra Black

So... what's the endgame? With the car I mean?
Oscar Trig

I multiplied. Then I subtracted. That's what we do now. That's how we keep the most people around.
Garret Wilde, BDA

I don't know if you're upset with me for offering to leave the shotgun against the wall, but I wanted to let you know I was sorry. If I'd been thinking I'd have at least asked, but I...I just...I don't know. It's been so hard to think clearly since I woke up. I thought maybe that it would help calm everything down, but it looks like that wasn't meant to be.
Chase Rodriguez

Look, I-I said I wasn't trying to win. I would never try to... I mean do I look like I'd ever try to shoot anyone?
Garret Cobbler

Hey, uh. Morning Paris. How about that there... weather?
Sunshine "Sunny" Cho Lee

Why.......that's.....not fair. That's.....not fair at all.
Joseph Chaplin

It's not like we're all going mad, you know? Some people never do. It's just a few that can't control themselves. Last time some people got out, maybe if we get enough people with cool heads, we'll be able to show 'em again.
Matthew Young

I'm not suggesting we give up,(...) No matter what, that's not an option for me.
Meera Stele

... We're not acting like nothing happened. I just don't think it's going to help anyone to keep dwelling on this.
Jack McDonald

What is it for you? Obviously, trying to get to the end. Beyond that, though.(...) Got some kind of grudge against society? Get off on the adrenaline? The feeling of exhilaration? Or can't you feel, 'cause your head is fucked?
Zoe Leverett

Where we are, huh? It's like a convenience store of some kind. If you meant city, I can't help you. I have nooooooo fucking clue.
Jessica Sanders

The crazy thing is,(..) I'm kind of glad this happened. I always thought it would go the other way. I thought—fuck, a lot of the time I thought I was right on the edge. I thought maybe when someone finally caught Maynard, when I didn't have to look after him anymore, maybe I'd start looking after myself.
Adam Morgan

Just... Just wanted you to drop the gun.(..) Thought you were... Thought you were gonna shoot.
Alice Gilman

I don't think, when it's all over, I'll end up in a good place.
Rutherford "R.J." Roger Jr, BDA

I think that I, or we, should retreat. I mean, they won't hurt us if we leave, so we're fine.
Veronica McDonald

Wow, what a bunch of followers you've all turned into,(..) You totally called my bluff. I'm not strong enough to move the barrier. I was hoping one of you would volunteer to help, without having to confess that. But it's out there now. We can move if you want, but I thought the whole point of coming back here was to reclaim are already fortified location.
Logan Cadagon

Brave the front entrance? Um, Logan? Sweetie? Is there a reason we're not going in the front door? I mean, why not just go in instead of standing out here?
Rebecca Kiesling

Well, some friends and I are going to hunt down players.
Cammy Davidson

Joe, I command thee to go to fucking sleep now.
Aileen Aurora Abdallah

I just want this to be over with.
Janie Sinneave

...Shit. I got nothing.
Corey Esposito

Don't you want to live?
Jessica Murphy, BDA

No. You're Benjamin Fucking Ward. You're better than this. No one gets to tell you when to fucking die. Not even you, dumbass.
Benjamin Ward

Why the hell do people keep killing?
Stephanie Wright

Just think though. I'm only up, what, twelve feet? Even at this height, one false step and I could seriously harm myself.(..) Pretty scary, don't you think, Marcus?
Darren Fox

My name hasn't been on the announcements and I'm not covered in blood, so I would assume that I'm not.
Sharon Elizabeth Austin

Th-things will be alright.
Stephanie Chan

''That doesn't mean we have to start dying now!(...) You kill this early and people will call you on it! They'll hunt you!(...) You gotta wait till there's no other option, that's the only safe way to do things!
Ian Valmont

As if you could actually do it. I dare you, go ahead and shoot me! Prove that you're not as much of a weakling as you look.
Eliza Patton

Are you fucking serious?(...) You kill somebody and that's how you're going to fuckin' talk about her?
Cody Patton

Of course, assuming that all goes as planned, we'd have to do something about the whole 24-hours-no-kill limit. Maybe draw straws, or take a vote, something along those lines... Either way, the longer we put this off, the more likely it is that we'll all get rescued and taken away from this hellhole.
Jenna Rhodes

It's better to either care just about yourself and keep yourself alive, o-or care about the living. Those are the things that will count in the end.
Rosemary Michaels, BDA

Tell me: how did you reach your decision? How did you know that hunting people down was the right path for you?
Rachael langdon

Hello. My name is Alda Abbate. You killed my brother. Prepare to fucking die.
Alda Abbate

I just, I wanted to change, you know? Maybe if I turned a new leaf, got my shit together, looked normal, I could, maybe, stop being such an creeper asshole? Like, I, I don't know. I don't know what I was looking for, going to prom with you. I didn't have any friends so maybe if I went to the prom with a date maybe they might... I don't know. I know what I wanted wasn't what you wanted. So I'm sorry.
Carlos Lazaro

Kyran Dean

Look, we're all that we have left, along with Bella, and maybe a couple others. That's what matters. I don't want to make a statement. It's a waste of time. Everything I want to say to the guy ought to be covered in Kindergarten and a .44, and I don't think either of those are getting through to him anytime soon. I get it, we lost, but there's got to be something better than...this.
Ian Williams

Come on Mara, we're trying to help you here. I know the situation's bad, but there's no point in losing hope now. It's all some of us have left.
James Wade

If you think Alda's in a bad mood right now, you've not ever spent any time with her. I can assure you that Alda's being an absolute fucking peach right now. But if you keep pushing her, she'll pitch a real tantrum all over you. Probably with that cat o'nine tail.
Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer

Just a little nervous is all.
Marcus leung

Wow, um, you really don't look too well. Is there anything that I can do to help?
Timothy Abrams

It didn't take a lot. Not really.
Deanna Hull, BDA

I’m not one of them, Juhan. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.
Maynard Francis Hurst

But you must be an angel. You saved me. You saw, we were nothing but nice to her, polite. We offered to help her and she tried to kill me.
Paris Ardennes

And you can forget about me touching yours. I'm done with helping other people and their medical needs. That shit's gross and none of you are ever grateful.
Cooper Komorowski

This is... was someone who helped me a lot. She travelled with me for quite a while, and I guess the island was too much for her, too, but... I- I didn't think I'd be the one outliving the other.
Joachim Lovelace

I've been trying to make this fucking bullshit end,
Virgil Jefferson-Davis

No. (...) You can look me in the eyes and shoot me.
Christopher Harlin

I think you'd want to seriously get out of here if you're still alive at this point. I doubt anyone is completely innocent at this point. I'm not, and I'm not going to act like I'm that much morally superior compared to people like Hansel.
Claire Monaghan

The most important... the most important thing right now is sticking together... right?
Owen Kay

Don't worry, we're not friends,” She said, half distracted as she rifled through the kit, “But that doesn't mean we can't work together, because as much I hate hate to admit it, and I'm sure you do too, we're not gonna get far alone. Take off your shirt,
Andi Victorino

God, I need a latte.
Miles Strickland

Everything’s going to be alright Miles.
Stacy Ramsey

Pfft, some friend. He attacked me. Hit me in the back of the head with a chair. Decided I was past redemption, I guess... That hypocrite.
Travis Webster

Makatala "Kam" So'oialo

Mistakes get made. The show resumes either way, you know?
Leona Van Kamp

They're gone, Ian. Everybody's gone.
Takeshi Yoshikawa

Bella, don't worry. No matter what happens, we're always going to be there for each other. I promise.
Juhan Levandi

Made a bit of a mess, haven’t you?
Mirabella Strong

But now that you're here, I... God, you have no idea how glad I am to see that you're okay. I mean, I've been looking all over for...
Ruby Forrester

That was a joke. I know I'm not very good with jokes.
Ami Flynn

P-Parley, parley! STOP! STOOOOOP!
Sean Mulcahy

Treating it like it's a god damn toy,(...) Pointing it for no god damn reason.(...) Stupid shit.
Tyler Lucas

If you think I’m just going to sit around here and wait for someone to sneak up with the intentions of killing me then you've got another thing coming. If we’re not hunters then we’re prey, and I tell you now I’m not gonna fucking be the prey.
Finn Grant

"I know that wasn't exactly the most badass thing I've ever done, but it would have been nice to at least get some, like, pathetic "You tried!" medal!"
Michael Mitchellson, BDA note 

No. We don't follow.
Gray Emerson

They're killers.(...) Most of them will keep killing. I'm... I'm going to try and kill them first. ...Sorry. I... I... I should have said it first, but... but I needed to know.'
Joe Carrasco

Don't move, cowboy.
Madeline Wilcox

Did he really just do that?
Kathryn Nguyen

Look, I'm not in a good mood. I was held at gunpoint yesterday after running into the most prolific killer in this goddamn place. I don't fucking need to deal with you 'having a problem' but being too much of a goddamn pussy to put together a cogent sentence.
Matt Vartoogian

My biggest problem looks like a cowboy,(...) But this is just a little favor. If you see him, or if it comes down to it and you've got one last choice to make it the end, just remember which of us didn't really want to shove you off. That good?
Katarina "K.K." Konipaski

I can't go back! I CAN'T GO BACK!
Joey Grey

So, Looks like this is it, huh?
Zubin Wadia

I'm alive. You're not. That's the only definition of better that matters.
Hansel Williams

I hate Disneyland.
Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo

    V 6 

As she fell, she realized that she truly, truly, didn't want to die.
Jennifer Su note 

You're nothing.
Tina Luz

Be careful, you guys! See you around!
Scarlett McAfee

I don't suppose I've ever thought about it... Peacefully, I guess.
Cristo Morales

Hey, it's really great that you're here. There's something that I've really gotta tell you.(..)Seriously, you don't know how great it is that we found you.
Barry Banks

Cris, please,(..) Don't go...God, don't leave me here, please...
Abigail "Abby" Floyd

Can't say I've ever gotten along with people who define 'intelligent' as 'agreeing with me', 'specially if you're trying to argue that obviously we should all be bashing each other's heads in right now.
Harold Porter, BDA

I'm not making it out of this.
Rea Adams

We could try to protect ourselves. Try to outlast the other persons, until we're the only ones left? I don't know, Clarice.
Conrad Harrod

We are not going to die. I’m going to make sure of it.
Joshua Bracewell

You and your goddamn good cop/bad cop routine! I mean, I'm the stupid bitch here? I'm not the one pointing fucking guns at people!
Jane Madison

I win.
Jasmine King

P-Please ... don't ...
Sabrina Luz

Sorry. (..) Just my silly attempt to try and stay sane, try and use gallows humour for its intended purpose.
Bradley Floyd, BDA

I do not give a shit about any of that. (...) Why is this so hard to understand? I don’t want company, I don’t want to hang out with you or Danny or anyone else right now, and I don’t care if you think you’re going to hurt me or not.
Sanford "Sandy" Bricks

Not today, bitch. And especially not to you.
Jeremiah Larkin

Mitch pondered on a solution, a way out. He knew an answer early on, but the bar he needed to jump was not one of figuring, but of bravery. Or was it cowardice
Mitch Settles note 

Well, you know. Gotta see the humor in things, right?
Danny Brooks

Shut uuuup. I don't wanna start shit... Unless of course you want to...
Samuel Howard

I'm not a total loser. Only a partial loser.
Caleb Diamond, BDA

Plus, you're a bitch.
Cameron Herrig

We’re not even Bonnie and Clyde. We’re probably closer to Bert and Ernie than anything.
Mia Rose

I said there're things that've happened that you're not telling us, and what I went on to say is that's your business. I don't trust you, I don't need to. Ain't no need for it to be a big deal: I wouldn't trust half our teachers as far as I could spit them, but I still sit in their classes every day.
Tessa Mabel Cole

That's terror. Life ending just like that. All this shows is that teenagers can be shitty people too.
Wayne Cox, BDA

Haven't eaten all day which is, you know, yeah kinda sucky. Mind if I borrow some protein bars or something? (...) Not borrow, really, but uh, yeah, eat. And then, later, you know. I assume you don't want them back! But no seriously. (...) That sound okay? I'm a little desperate.
Henry Spencer

Steve Dobson

I know we’re all going to… (...) Die, can't we all just spend our last days in peace?
Jasper Bustamante

Not a threat, I promise.
Oskar Pearce

I don't really have a plan right now and I want to find anything useful around here that I can. I can help you look for your girlfriend for a bit.
Bridgette Sommerfeld

Treat it like... your child, I guess.
Jennifer Wallace

Your worst fuckin' nightmare, bitch!
Leslie Price

All we do is play roles. (...) We've been kids and students all our lives. Now they want us to be killers.
Taranis "Tara" Behzad, BDA

Don't you fucking dare to perceive a fat, green-haired nerd as a threat that needs to be taken out with this bullshit weapon.
Darius Van Dyke

I've can only handle so much at once, and I'm not going to be able to babysit you all the time to make sure you still care that murder is wrong.
Bernadette Thomas

I never thought any of us could do something like that.
Irene Djezari

It wasn't Trav because you only make a shitload of noise if you don't care about people knowing where you are, or are too stupid to work out that everyone will know where you are. And you only don't care because you want to bait people in to jump them, or want attention. So again, are either stupid or a psycho. Trav isn't. It's not Trav.
Toby Andreasson

If you absolutely have to threaten my life, I'd prefer that you address me while you do it. Why, it almost seems like you don't care about me. That hurts!
Asha Sur

All of you equally needed to be judged. Not just you, Al. Alvaro, Brendan, Isabel, Nancy, others that I'm sure that I am forgetting. Even people who will kill in the next days or so. You all deserved to never go home.
Maria Cucinotta

It’s been… fun. But I’ve got places to be. I’m not gonna see you again. (...) Good luck. If anyone needs it, it’s gonna be you.
Astrid Tate

I wouldn't try to reassert some control on the situation by taking it out on others. (...) It sounds like a dangerous way of thinking.
Travis Lynch

To be honest, exploring would probably be the closest thing to 'fun' that we could make of this place.
Arthur Bernstein

Jeremy… are you giving up already?
Junko Kurosawa

I know it looks weird, but I wasn't 'sneaking around' or anything...
Natalie Winters

Then… (...) Then I’d make you.
Alvaro Vacanti

Because they say my name every day. Then, when I die, whether it's tomorrow or a week from now, they'll remember who I was.
Nancy Kyle, BDA

Some dumb kids trying to play pretend. I tried to be the hero, and it just didn't work. I tried though, I tried my hardest, and even that wasn't enough.
Michael Crowe

How can people like her... (...) How can they be...real.
Eliza Luz

Look. If I don't come back, get out of Kingman. (...) Just...don't let this ruin you.
Nadia Riva

I like to think of myself as someone who is friendly to all people, and that includes you two.
Lucilly Peterson

Are you gonna wander around this island like 'lalalalalalala' some more and then die because some crazy kid finally shoots you?
Kaitlyn Greene, BDA

You enter this place, you survive this long, and you will not admit what is expected of you? What is required of you? (...) Survival of the Fittest. Say it with me. And we must aspire to fitness. We must be stronger and better than the others. We must be better than this.
Alex Tarquin

As you said you've got people back at home waiting for you, probably plans too if you do get out of here (...) Me? I've got nothing, furthest I've come up with is drinking myself to death because I'm dramatic like that, specially since the original plan got fucked.
William "Will" McKinley

Noah Whitley

Look around you hero wannabe, all the people you may have seen sleeping in class, laughing together or getting straight A's are now killing each other. This is hell. And here we're all condemned to live and die as monsters no matter how hard we try.
Alan Banks

You want to fight me? Come on then! I'll make sure to add you to the body pile!
Isabel Ramirez

Hey Alan. I'm Leaving's friend, Also Leaving.
Rene Wolfe

Yeah. I used to think words were simple. Times change, but I guess even if speakings no longer easy... If there are no words left to describe all this shit that's been dumped on us, well. We have to try. (...) And if we have to ramble to convince others, that's what we have to do.
Ben Fields

Jeremiah "Jerry" Fury

Why’s it so easy for you?
Lily Caldwell

Oh fucksicles.
Hannah Kendrickstone

I don’t think either of us are going to live through this, so we may as well make the most of our time here, right?
Jeremy Frasier, BDA

Sorry. Look, if you don't need help, I'll just leave, and then you can just get right back to dying.
Amanda Tan

Is there anything you want to do with your life now? Anything at all?
Georgia Lee Day

I-I could care less if they did it out of jealousy or hatred or any-any other kind of passion. They all pose the same danger. And we're not thinking about how to protect and defend against that danger, which is all that truly matters here. Killers will kill. And if we die, we die. It's irrelevant whether or n-not we know about their mistakes and motivations and whatnot.
Wade Cartwright

I mean, it'd certainly deal them a massive blow if their whole 'every teenager's a monster' narrative was disproven, certainly.
Kiziah Saraki

If you’re going to go and kill like, half a dozen people, you can at least show a little fucking commitment either way.
Vanessa Stone

Yes, we would be better than her. She's likely trying to kill us, for the crime of being around her. We're just trying to not die. At this rate, if I stepped on her neck while she was sleeping, it would be still self defense, because if she saw us moving away from her, she'd kill us dead.
Jaime Schanbacher

But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? note 
Benjamin Lichter, BDA

... So you're playing judge, jury and executioner. (...) Did you even bother to ask him? (...) Ask him why he killed? Or did you just 'forget' to ask before you knocked him out?
Audrey Reyes

Actually I think we all kinda suck at this.
Aiden Slattery, BDA

I'm sorry, OK, I'm sorry for, for blaming you, but don't, don't do anything like that, don't leave, I'm sorry, don't.
Olivia Fischer

I wish I had a more exciting story to tell. Maybe one where I was caught by some big killer, and had to beg for my life, or use my wits to escape. But... well, considering where we are, I think I'm okay being boring for now.
Maxim Kehlenbrink

Hey, (...) You're with friends. We're not doing much, but we're doing our best.
Hazel Jung

Didn't know why I did it. Didn't kill 'im, and I couldn't tell you why there neither. (...) Been making up reasons ever since. Dunno if any of 'em are right. But it means I gotta ask...when you find her, is it really gonna matter what she tells ya? (...) Or are you just gonna do whatever you feel like you gotta do, and figure out why you did it later?
Tyler "Ty" Yazzie

I never want to hurt you either Kay. You've been so nice to me, even now. I don't even deserve any of it.
Jasmine Reed

Look, just be safe and promise me you won't do anything that you'll regret. You sound like a nice person and I don't want you to lose that, okay? (...) If we meet again. Just call my name and I know that it will be you.... I'll see you again.
Brendan Harte

... The idea is in a normal terrorist attack, we would have all died instantly. (...) We would all... we'd already be dead. And I think that we should all be able to just... accept that. (...) It sucks, I know it does. But it happens. We aren't any more special than anyone else. We don't deserve to live more than anyone else.
Penelope Fitzgerald

Okay, uh... I guess I can stay with you guys (...) Um... if you're all right with it, I mean.
Bart Cappotelli

Why couldn't he just die? Why did he have to open his dumb mouth?
Scout Pfeiffer

What about it, Al!? You let all the murder out yet? Just took five people for you to finally start feeling bad!? (...) Too little, too late, buddy. You had your chance, and it was at number zero.
Raina Rose

You're smarter than me, Ray, and it makes no fuckin' sense to be conductin' this as a democracy, yeah? My vote shouldn't count for as much as yours, not for half as much, and I'm not saying that as a compliment or 'cause I have low self esteem or what the fuck ever, I'm saying that because I wanna fucking live, okay? I'll back you up a hundred percent, but for us to get through this, you have to take charge here, yeah?
Johnny McKay

They want us to kill each other. You think it matters how right we are?
Melanie Beckett

Maybe before we go tomorrow, we could set this place on fire? That'd be fun, right? Unless you wanna' stay here longer, I'm cool with that too.
Dorothy Shelley

Pain's one of those things in life, I found, that's going to find you no matter what. And if I learned anything here, it's that I can't go through the rest of my life being afraid to get hurt.
Coleen Reagan, BDA

I'm not a monster.
Alessio Rigano

Even if no one listens or cares at first, and even when anybody who could have recognized their names is gone, it's still there, y'know?
Cass Prince

I call this place Spiderland, (...) In my head. I hated thinking the island this and the island that. Makes me feel stupid saying it now, but, hey, it's something, that I did, to rationalize this place with myself, I guess, or something, I dunno.
Lili Williams

It's a right little tragedy. Bad things happen to good people because good people do bad things to good people.
Asuka Takahara

I’ll show you safe zone.
Clarice Halwood

The stupidest thing is I don't care anymore either! I don't think about you when you're not around. I haven't thought about our relationship in forever. You treated me like a boring, ugly piece of shit, but I adulted up and got the fuck over it! And now you, you wanna stand here and tell me that you want closure?
Caedyn Miller

Cleaning up isn't the term I'd use.
Jordan Green

...We can't let him go, he'll just kill again. (...) "Mom, Dad, Jordan. (...) I'm so sorry, please don't watch this.
Serena Waters

There are still people out there, there are still friends out there. It's not too late.
Sandra Dyer

She probably won't (...) I mean, unless we get rescued.
Keith Bauer

I want to pretend I'm some insane psycho killer on the hunt for people who wronged me or something, but I'm not. I'm just... me.
Johnathan Gulley

This goes on any longer, and I have to pick between my life and someone else's, and I'm not doing that. I'm not letting these people make me do that.
Vincenzo/a Gatti, BDA

Whatever happens, happens.
Emma Luz

I don't wanna be a loser, Nate. I've been a loser my entire life. That's about it.. I mean, I don't wanna win because I want to get a job or get married or go to college. (...) I just want to win because that's good enough. Just winning, you know? Making someone else lose. Living when everyone else died, even if it's for a second. That's good enough.
Matthew Moradi

I'm tired of it all too. At this point, I don't think there's much dancing around it: we're all doing exactly what those terrorists wanted. We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things.
Alba Reyes, BDA

I think I'm going to hell.
Kimiko Kao note 

I know it's scary and I understand. But it's real. And the sooner you accept it, the sooner we can do something about it.
Alice Baker

It’s not… it’s not gonna get any easier, is it? But we can’t just, um… give up because of that, can we? We’ll… we’ll find a way.
Bryony Adams

It's a stupid name, Survival of the Fittest. (...) It's a misappropriation of a scientific term. If this was about the fittest, we'd all be equally armed to start, so we'd adapt. And I mean, in the real situation we'd reproduce but nobody here is thinking about babies I'd bet.
Blair Moore

I'm not even sure what it is that's wrong with how we're doing things. I mean, we're still living, but we meander about, stumble across people and stumble away just as quickly... it's like we're just kinda there.
Candice Banks

What’s the point of being the last one alive, just to say that you were?
Nate Turner

So I'll offer you this chance to kill me. I won't talk back, or complain, or whine, or do some sort of shitty morale posturing. Because frankly at this point I'm as tired of it as you are. The only thing I'll do is... shooting back.
Fiyori Senay

Here’s a secret, Dot: there’s no such thing as dying honorably. Having a ‘good death’ is something we made up to make ourselves feel better, because no matter who you are, what you have, or where you’re going, you’re going alone and you’ve paved the road yourself. Dying isn’t what matters; it’s how you live.
Min-jae Parker


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