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Nightmare Fuel / Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the Fittest can fall into this at times, for obvious reasons based on the site's premise (as it is based off of Battle Royale). Sometimes the violence can slide into Narm territory, or even darkly humorous. Other times, though... well, it can get downright disturbing.

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  • In many of the SOTF settings in general, it's been established that people tend to gloss over the deaths and view it as fun entertainment, or Troll family members with video clips. Bonus points if it's SOTF-TV, which has the backdrop of an Immoral Reality Show.
    • This has become less true in the main versions over the years; it's now taken very seriously by the US government and people are actively trying to stop it, though with limited success. It's up to you which is worse: a universe where the murder of scores of teenagers is routine and fun, or one where a terrorist organization has been able to abduct innocents and force them to kill each other with only occasional slow downs for over a decade.

    V 1 
  • Sophie Maraschino's death at the hand of Ash Holmes. Ash tries to trick her into trusting him, but Sophie responds by shooting at him. Except he doesn't die despite being shot. Instead, he kicks her into the tide and keeps her pinned under his foot as she slowly drowns. The entire time he's casually taking a smoke. By the way, Sophie was pregnant at the time of her death. Early Installment Weirdness aside, that is not a way to go out.

    V 2 
  • The death of Damien Carter-Madison, whereupon he is swamped by the ghosts/zombies of all of his deceased classmates and dragged through a door into a realm which is strongly applied to be hell. The knowledge it is the hallucination of a dying teenager does little to comfort the reader.

    V 3 
  • Most of Blood Boy's kills are heavy on the Torture Porn side, and prominently feature torture and sexual assault. These sequences are generally lengthy and quite graphic in detail.
  • The character deaths of Guy Rapide and Mary McKay. Mary, the girl who got pregnant to Guy (who doesn't want anything to do with the kid), snaps, ties an unconscious Guy to a chair, saws halfway through one ankle and completely through the other, then saws through his penis, and then saws his neck off. And then eats the penis. Meanwhile, local crazy Wade Wilson arrives, and has hallucinations about a chestburster popping out of Mary's stomach. So he stabs her stomach repeatedly, and then wipes the unborn foetus, which got stuck to his knife, onto Guy's bloody torso. Read it all in its bloody, horrifying glory here.

    V 4 
  • Sarah Atwell's descent into madness begins with her tying down and torturing Eve-Walker Luther, then stabbing her to death, bleeding out Miranda Merchant and carving the words 'selfish bitch' onto her chest, and rigging up a Jigsaw-like contraption onto Brock Mason involving pointing a sniper rifle at his own head, making sure that if he even moves he dies. He kills himself rather than take part.
  • Bloodgarden. To elaborate, Liam "Brook" Brooks, a sweet, shy boy who likes gardening and has a fear of blood, witnesses his love interest die and gets broken a little too hard. he sets up a twisted "garden" decorated with the bodies of said love interest and other kids that he brutally murders, inflicts Cold-Blooded Torture on a girl who bullied him, and eventually has to be put down by his former best friend.
  • Alex White's Cold-Blooded Torture against Rosa Fiametta. It's a lengthy, graphic sequence, with heavy sexual assault overtones. It was so bad that the post itself received a Content Warning.

    V 5 
  • Summer Simms kills longtime rival Naomi Bell. What does she do afterwards? Not for the faint of heart: she slices open her stomach and begins eating her intestines. It's not pretty.
    • Her entrance to the hotel and the destruction she unleashes once she's inside. Two people dying from a grenade she threw and her leg getting blown off, with Amaranta Montalvo killing her rather than have her bleed out from her wounds.
  • The death of Maynard Hurst. It starts out seeming like a quick suicide via gunshot to the head, but Maynard fails to inflict an immediately fatal injury and is left conscious and suffering until a friend puts him down.

    V 6 
  • Isabel Ramirez by herself can be a fountain of this. Word of God says she was intended to be a V3 style Sadist done right, and it shows. Almost all of her kills feature some sort of Gorn and/or Cold-Blooded Torture. Some examples:
    • Isabel Ramirez's murder of Conrad Harrod. Impalement followed by flaying, accompanied by Isabel's mad yet tranquil mutterings all the while, makes for a rather gruesome scene.
    • Another scene involving Isabel is Astrid Tate's death. Astrid is already blind in one eye due to a childhood accident, and Isabel accidentally puts out the other one with a sloppy attack. Astrid's horror at realizing that she is now completely blind and is as good as dead due to an accident is palpable.
    • Her murder of Lucilly Peterson takes this one step beyond. Originally intending to let her go, a surprise attempt at her life by Lucilly causes Isabel to lose her temper and she then proceeds to disembowel her, even dragging her guts out with her bare hands just to make her last moments even more painful.
    • Even her own death manages to be a mixture of this and a Moment of Awesome. Several people with vendettas against her shoot, stab, tase, and generally mutilate her, until she's left screaming for mercy. Then Dorothy Shelley removes her head at the jaw, just to be absolutely certain she's dead. It makes one wonder...
  • Tara Behzad's drawn-out, gruesome death. She spends several days starving herself and then attempts to crush her facial features flat in order to get her collar off. Upon realizing this is a doomed endeavor, she continues to bash her own head in, before immolating herself via a combination of flashbang grenades and a makeshift funeral pyre.
  • The murder of Bridgette Sommerfield. A simple robbery by Caedyn Miller goes awry when her victim suffers a seizure after a suprise attack, which freaks her out to a point that she proceeds to bludgeon and stab at her with a bottle til she bleeds to death from her injuries. The worst part is that Bridgette could still feel every cut and stab, but not move or do anything about it.
  • Penelope Fitzgerald's death, which goes into the full, awful details of what it's like to bleed out extremely slowly with your senses failing one by one. By the end of it, Penelope is deaf, blind, and begging her friends not to abandon her, unable to realize that they are trying to comfort her even though they're right there.

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