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Think it's hard to laugh at terrorists forcing teenagers to kill each other? Think again.

  • Gabrielle Minase's death post being a simple "And then Gabrielle died of AIDS." This however was retconned by him being accidentally shot by Daisuke. This was also parodied in future versions.
  • The terrorists Kaige, McLocke, and Rice read a Fan Fic of contestants Jacob Starr and Uriel out loud. While the mic to the island was turned on.







  • The death of Tessa Blackridge, who challenges the Grim Reaper to a game of Go Fish. Said Grim Reaper bears more than a passing resemblance to the one from Discworld.
  • From V5 endgame: Amaranta Montalvo is the last surviving student. When terrorists Sonia Nguyen and Cecily Lacoste come to pick her up, Cecily insults Mara. How does Mara respond? By planting a big kiss on Cecily's face.


  • In a very Black Humor sort of way, Astrid Tate attempting to shoot Penelope Fitzgerald after the latter gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for planning to kill. Penelope demands that Astrid kill her if she's so determined to play, and Astrid attempts to do so, complete with a one-liner about how We Used to Be Friends... only for the both of them to discover that the gun is fake when Astrid pulls the trigger. Penelope is understandably not pleased.
  • The death of Jerry Fury, who initiates a confrontation with one of his allies and then unceremoniously gets run over by another student driving a salvaged Jeep, in an almost literal Shocking Swerve.
  • Noah Whitley's entire story both before the game and during the game could be said to be one of these, with a constant drip feed of good humor even during more serious moments. Even his death manages to get one last good joke in, with his drag queen persona mentioning being "out of a job". The aftermath of his story, however, is definitely not one of these.
  • The pregame thread My Friends Are Assholes, just on premise alone. It starts with Darius Van Dyke gathering a group of students to find out who stole his Nintendo 3DS at a party. Said group includes Fiyori Senay, Jeremy Frasier, Bradley Floyd, and Caedyn Miller. With Darius' own mentality, this goes about as well as you'd expect. The entire thing is so absurd and humorous. In case you're wondering, Fiyori took it. It's even referenced later when she finds Darius' corpse.


  • Early in the game, Ronald Kiser and Christina Rennes collide and have a brief yelling match.
    Ron: Who the fuck are you!?
    Christina: Who the fuck are you?
    Ron: I'm Ron, fuck you! *flees*
  • Marcus Volker and Arjen Kramer's early interactions. Marco takes exception to Arjen freaking out and begins ordering him around as punishment. The pack mule-esque treatment is hilarious, especially with Arjen just kind of going along with it.
    • The pair emerge into their next thread as Marco loudly sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song. Marco offers Arjen Cheetos, which he refuses but then has the following internal dialogue:
      Arjen hoped Marco would get a horrible thirst from eating all these cheetos. I hoped they were spoiled and that he would get diarrhea.
      There was self-hatred for denying the offer to eat these cheetos which were now gone forever. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride to swallow your cheetos.
  • The antics of Ivy Langley and Ace Ortega after getting drugged up on LSD by Lori Martin are a wonder to behold.
    Ivy: *Holds hands with Lori* Fingers. You have them. See? You're safe.
    • Then Lori's subsequent attempts to divert Declyn Grayson-Anthis' suspicion by pretending she's high too.
    Lori: Yes, that explains why I can feel my skin breathing! The air is made of caterpillars! Time is a crystal palace!
    Lori: Lobsters are just the mermaid versions of scorpions! I'M GOING FOR A WALK! *dives out of a window*
  • Lori's back at it again not too long afterwards, putting on a costume of the school mascot (Hunter the Horned Owl) and miming her way through an encounter with Michael Froese and Morgan Dragosavich. She takes the opportunity to mouth off at them while she's muffled by the costume, hit Morgan in the face with an energy bar, and then, when caught trying to repeat the LSD trick...
    Lori: I don't know French! *stumbles over a dead body, does a cheerleading kickover to avoid tripping, runs away*
  • A meta moment and near ten year Brick Joke: Desiree Beck's killer was not initially known due to the shot coming from an unknown location. Who did wiki editors assign the kill to? Bobby Jacks from V3.
  • The resurrection of the Clout Gang, the bow tied off by Katelynne Kirkpatrick's ever-present obliviousness.
    Lucas: If Clout Gang was so good, then why isn't there a Clout Gang 2?
    Princess: I like that word. Clout. [Aside] What do you think of him? Lucas?
    Katelynne: "Idunno, but what's the 'cloud gang'?

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