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Bring up what confuses you about the game of Survival of the Fittest here.

  • The continuity of the game. For example, when two characters are shot at and killed in what should be rapid succession, yet because character A's death post is up quickly, and character B's death post is up more slowly, character C happens to die in between each of the deaths being posted. This means that somehow, C died in the split second between A getting killed and B getting killed. This is really annoying, and sometimes I wish the official death order could get fudged a little so that things like this actually make sense.
    • Official explanation: threads don't correlate with real time, each thread is a microcosm of a certain period of time. The official death order may not be the in-universe death order.
      • As of V4, however, certain points of the death order are actually being changed to reflect how it happened in-game.
    • Continuity is VERY difficult to keep straight due to the nature of the game. Depending on how fast the threads move, some characters can be on Day 1 while the board has officially transitioned to Day 2 and the latest announcement has been made. A time limit ended up getting placed in v4 on how long a thread could take place in the previous day before a transition was forced. This leads to incidents like the death of Francine Moreau taking place in the evening of Day 1 but getting mentioned on the Day 3 announcements; the board was already on Day 2 when she got flared in the chest, so Danya "missed" it.
  • Okay, so there is an archive for V3 at the moment. How the heck am I supposed to read it? Just go from top to bottom, forum by forum, thread by thread? Pick threads at random? Surely there's some "official" order to read it in, or do we need some dedicated fanfic writers to compile it into one coherent narrative. Because I really would like to read it.
    • Simple! Pick a character that interests you in some way or another. Now start reading them straight from their first thread (the wiki's often a good source to learn where they started). Then follow their storyline. You may see other characters that interest you along the way, and you may follow their storyline as well. Have fun!
    • As the Headscratcher above notes, the continuity can be rather difficult to keep straight because of the massive number of people all trying to communicate among dozens of threads all across the island. Picking one character off the Wiki (or just looking for one of the "Boy/Girl #X Start" threads in the various locations) lets you follow a single story; while each version has a form of coherent plot and island-effecting events, the game is based more around following the individual stories of the characters than looking for a winner or watching as a team of players slaughter their way to the end.


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