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     Season 1 
  • Jimmy and Monomi's relationship. Ended with the Tear Jerker that was Monomi's surprise execution.
  • Anything having to do with Hope.
  • Veronica defending Franziska right before her execution. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.
  • Lysandre turning down signing the annulment papers because he wanted to spare Monomi's feelings.
  • Sam and Madison's slowly developed romance right up until the reveal of what he really was.
  • Veronica bonding with Jumba's experiments.
  • Irisu opening up to Jimmy about her past during Week 8.
  • Lysandre training Jimmy in Pokemon battling and then leaving him all of his Pokemon after his execution.
  • Jimmy's sentimental protag speech near the end of the Graduation Exam.

     Season 2 

  • Betty telling Homura she's proud of her after Homura freaks out over the first motive.
  • Simon giving Dan his teddy bear, Brutus. Dan tries not to look happy in front of Simon, but he's clearly pleased to have his treasured bear back.
  • Cecil comforting Miriam, whom he'd been actively avoiding, just before their execution.
  • {...} helping a sick and terrified Adachi in week 4 by playing along with the other's hallucination that he was his partner from back home, Ryotaro Dojima. He also promised he wouldn't let the "monster" Adachi had been hallucinating come near him again, finally letting him sleep after not sleeping for days. Adachi seemed to genuinely appreciate it.
    {...}: Come on, partner. Let's get you out of here.
    • In the fourth trial Adachi himself calls {...} "partner". Without hallucinating this time. This nickname continued for both of them until Case 8 where it ended up turning into a Tear Jerker.
  • Lysandre and Schuldig during the fourth investigation. Also doubles as Tear Jerker.
    Lysandre: < I want you here. Don't ever think that I don't. I want you here. >
  • Schuldig's (nearly) last words to Kirei during the seventh trial.
    Schuldig: It's not wrong to be who you are. And fuck anyone who doesn't understand! There's your answer. If Angra Mainyu won't answer it for you, then I will!
  • The You Are Not Alone moment after the eighth trial, where Schuldig shows Sycamore all the happiness he's brought everyone.
  • The lengths everyone goes to in the ninth trial to keep all nine of them alive. Special mention to Sycamore, Cynthia, and Anna dragging the screaming Schuldig out of the trial room.
    Cynthia: No one's getting left behind!
  • Sonico and Beat's entire relationship following the execution of Adachi. When you look over how their relationship has been for the past two months, and how they've finally repaired the burned bridges and become like siblings, it's really pretty touching.
    • Comes to a head in the Graduation Exam, where Beat calls her "Nee-san".
  • In the Graduation Exam, everyone comforting Sycamore through his Heroic BSoD by reminding him he hasn't lost everyone after all.
    • Everyone. Even the dead characters tagged in to cheer Sycamore on from the other side, in an event known OOCly as the "ghost rebellion".
  • The final log definitely qualifies. Dangan Roleplay is a serious game about murder and thirty people are alive.

     Disney Ronpa 
  • Naveen helping Elsa loosen up by teaching her about jazz music being something that has no wrong answers is heartwarming as heck, especially given her issues with control and perfection.
  • Elsa weaving flower crowns for the dead students' dolls and Ariel picking up the habit after Elsa dies.
  • The ending, especially the drawn-out conclusion where Oswald is finally revived and reunited with his brother. The most heartwrenching part of this was how quickly Elsa befriended him due to the common ground they shared.

     Season 3 
  • Even though it's, well...Tsukiyama, something about him holding teenage girls while they cry is strangely heartwarming.
    • COMPLETELY turned on its head when Word of God says he would do that some days when he was starving and thinking of biting someone.
  • Dave and Kureha's entire Like Brother and Sister relationship, especially how Kureha reminds him so much of his real sister back home. They're adorably day-brightening together until Kureha dies and the group's harmony is finally shattered.
  • Tucker and Dave rapping in the karaoke room in Week Three. They end up lyrically admitting that Dave's basically been all but adopted by now.
  • Dave and Meridiana dancing together is definitely one, from Meridiana's sugary shojo personality to Dave's awkward but endearing dancing. The love confession and The Big Damn Kiss nail it.
  • One big standout Friendship Moment in the round is Haruka's hope speech to Dave after Case 5. Even if it did take place in his dead girlfriend's bathroom.
  • This conversation between Silver and Haruka in Week 7, where they talk about their different types of strength and how the group needs both a biting snarker making tough calls and a friendly, determined hope bringer.
    "Even though you can get hurt, you don't let that stop you from opening your heart up to people. You've been doing it since your first week here. That's the bravest thing someone can do, if you ask me."
  • Tsukiyama and Ryuunosuke at the end of Week 7, discussing how not only are they not going to kill any of the others, but they're going to try and find a way to save the dead students is surprisingly heartwarming...especially considering Word of God says they were planning on killing the others for a long while, and what made them change their minds? The hopeful ghosts.
  • At the start of the sixth trial, Tsukiyama foregoes the podiums altogether and carries Allie to the center of the room, resulting in everyone just wordlessly following. They proceed to have the most unified and civil trial yet, turning their anger on Monobear and not even letting horrible secrets divide them.
  • Throughout the final trial, the scents of the dead (or things associated with the dead) drift around the survivors, making it clear to them that their dead friends are cheering them on and standing alongside them.
  • Beat's Previous Player-Character Cameo has him still wearing his beloved Future Foundation suit, all battered and torn from how he's treated it... and a gold and glass pin with Xerneas on it, in tribute to the life god who helped him in the past.
  • Ryuunosuke and Tsukiyama reconciling after their fight in the final trial. Sure, they end up talking happily about murder since they're not completely reformed, but their pleading one another not to leave and ending up snuggling in the hallway, plus Tsukiyama borrowing "greatest cool," is cute.
  • The rescue log, in which Madoka uses the survivors' hope and love to revive not just the students who died this round...but those who never made it out of the original murder game as well. This isn't just the Golden Ending, it's the Platinum Ending.

     Smash Ronpa 
  • Ashley and Dark Pit's relationship is extremely cute and Ashley explicitly calls him the first person she's cared about in years. His execution as the first murderer hits her especially hard.
  • When Wiitney finally accepts she's not on Wuhu Island, Clair manages to calmly talk her down from a Despair Event Horizon.

    Nick VS CN 
  • Any of Steven's interactions with the coaches, TOM especially. When TOM, who's been tortured into submission and is terrified of their captor, still sneaks out with medicine to heal Steven from a motive's effects, it made a lot of people smile.
  • Speaking of the coaches, TOM and Face risking themselves to save the orphans when they refuse to convict Marinette.
  • Panda calming down the crying Rat when they first meet him.
  • Zalost's reunion with Rat, and Jorgen's with Rolf, after the mastermind is dealt with.
  • The resolution of the Love Triangle between Sokka, Marinette, and Adrien. They end up in a four-way relationship with Suki. After weeks of torture, this time no one has to get hurt!

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