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     Round 1 
  • Lysandre and Archer taking potshots at each other's, uh, endowments during the fifth trial.
  • Veronica and Lysandre having a completely serious conversation that quickly dissolved into bear puns.
  • Everything that happened with Maurice the Crab during the fourth trial.
    [His name is Maurice, you uncultured swine!]
  • Monobear, while explaining Coulson's non-murder-related injury, suddenly disappearing behind his throne and reappearing dressed up as Loki.
    • During the same trial he accidentally gives Aradia a doodle of himself in a hula skirt instead of Coulson's suicide note and later dresses up as Thor to kill Locke for setting him on fire.
  • Monomi's swear filter.
  • Ishimaru's ghost raising a ruckus over an inappropriately-named dance club and imploring the living to petition Monobear about it.
  • Madison's theory that Jumba was building a rabbit plane.
  • Morpholomew's body-switching from the fifth investigation: Madison's struggles with not wanting to find out what alien genitalia looks like, Jimmy suddenly being in Monobear's body, Elvoise, and just... Rolandre.
    • Harsher in Hindsight when you realize Morpholomew was trying to help with the investigation and avenge his creator's murder. Jimmy and Madison, as Monobear and Jumba, could access Jumba's secret lab to discover the body, Heloise's transformation was a hint to the Elvis record left playing in the lab, and Morpholomew outright turned himself and Roxy into the culprits.
  • Hope stealing a tank.
  • Lysandre's marriage to Monomi definitely counts.
    • As does the video evidence/blackmail used to support the "betrothal".
  • Roxy examining Jumba's phone and accidentally ordering a pizza from space. The trial takes a break so everyone can eat it.

     Mock Trial 1 
  • During the Mock Trial investigation, Jerkass Dan decides to gather weapons in order to defend himself in case there's another murder. So he empties the silverware drawer and stuffs its contents into his pants. Cue horrified reactions from those entering the kitchen at that exact moment.
    • During the trial, he occasionally threw his crotch utensils at his fellow classmates. At one point, The Monarch mistakes Dan's attempt to grab a knife for something else...
  • Bird robot.

     Round 2 
  • Dan and Betty seemingly can't stop beating the crap out of each other, forcing Simon to break up a fight twice in the first week alone.
    • Heck, they did it twice in the same day.
    • It goes up to three after Betty and Simon discover Dan... committed the below entry.
    • And four after he did it again.
  • Dan stuffing silverware down his pants yet again.
    • And he repeats it once more for the first trial.
  • {...} attempting to teach Anna how to make pancakes and a pancake getting stuck to the ceiling. It finally fell during Week 9, after {...}'s head was discovered dead.
  • Betty explaining to Lysandre that mammals in non-Pokemon worlds give live birth instead of hatching from eggs. Cue disgusted reaction from Lysandre and everyone else making fun of him over how ridiculous his reaction was.
  • Cecil's being Conditioned to Accept Horror in general,which enables him to talk about things such as dark magic, ritualistic sacrifice, and Body Horror as if they were perfectly normal (and in his home world, they are.) Reactions to his presence so far have been mixed.
  • Cynthia and Adachi discovering everyone has pink blood by her accidentally hurting herself and getting a bloody nose and then Adachi asking her to punch him in the face.
  • Adachi's reaction to Monobear's appearance is to try and pull out his badge. He's halfway through a dramatic speech before he realizes there's nothing in his hand.
  • Night Vale's take on Bambi is brought up during the second trial. Reactions to it include Jerkass Dan wishing that was how Bambi actually went and feudal Japanese warrior Hanbei getting a very, very wrong impression of modern literature.
  • In the third trial, Beat brings up Mufasa with Lysandre, who didn't realize he was talking about a movie.
  • Two words; KING'S GAME!
  • "No fwick fwack in a school enviwonment!"
  • Schuldig demanding that Lysandre explain to him the significance of yarn, and subsequently learning how to play Head It.
    Lysandre: ...Playing with Mienshao, by any chance?
    Schuldig: I'm fucking trying but he keeps looking at me like I'm an idiot.
    Lysandre: He always has been a good judge of character.
  • "Dan, this investigation so far is going very well."
  • "But all shall know that in that moment, Schuldig Fleischer transcended the bounds of mortality and truly became THE LORD OF THE RIVERDANCE"
  • " Henri, be a good boy and go get the mastermind some fucking chips."
  • Cecil mistaking Xerneas for a real estate agent.
  • Another gem from the epilogue:
    Adachi: ...D-Darling, I love you dearly, b-but are you trying to tell me you got posthumously engaged to a serial killer?
  • "We had a backup threesome plan!?"
  • Not on game grounds itself, but the entire post-game Five Nights at Freddy's crossover. Highlights include Schuldig leaping into Kirei's arms in terror, Kirei performing an exorcism by smacking the possessed Schuldig upside the head, Freddy being taken out with Car Fu, and Tobias playing the "dads, don't fight" role the whole time.

     Disney Ronpa 
  • Gaston is... enthusiastic!
  • When Naveen transforms back to a human, he doesn't have someone to magic up clothes for him this time. He sits there on the floor, stunned, butt naked, and thanks to Gaston antagonizing the headmaster, covered in glitter. Everyone gapes until Ariel squeals, "I didn't know humans had ink sacs!".
  • Howl trying to use the washing machine. He causes a flood of bubbles all over the floor. Sora comes up and tries to help, ending up using the bubble mess to wipe the floor with his laundry in an attempt to get that clean.
  • You thought Anna and the pancake was bad in Round 2? In this one, she and Elsa try to make pancakes together without the help of someone who knows what they're doing. The resulting inedible concoction hurtles toward the wall and takes half the spatula with it.
  • When the dress is brought up in the third trial, the men trying to prove that they didn't wear it is amusing, especially Naveen noting himself to be more muscular than he actually is and Perry's deadpan of "I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that Gaston doesn't wear a dress in public."
  • In the third trial, Ariel's mun had connection issues when it came to the vote. Naveen's mun did her a favour. (Link contains culprit spoilers.)
  • This Monobear seems to have picked up Hope's habits. He dumps a ton of glitter on Naveen's face while the latter is kissing Ariel and whispers, "Uncle Walt is watching".
  • The survivors climbing down the rickety ladder under the castle. All of it. Just. All of it.
    • Extra points to a comment made oocly about Naveen and Gaston aiming to land on Maybeck when they have to jump down.
    he went out the way he lived
    with disneys crushing the life out of him
  • Ariel's constant assuming that Maybeck's trying to summon a demon or attempt a human sacrifice. He is done with everything.

    Mock Trial 2 
  • While investigating, Dave pulls the train whistle to see if it'll do anything. The narration in the mod reply that follows:
    When the chain is pulled, Kirei Kotomine falls from a hidden compartment in the ceiling— Nah, not really.
  • Dave and Wario get into a passive-aggressive vandalism war with each other's... "art". The result is a misshapen half-Wario, half-SBAHJ mess entitled "Miss Murder Train 2012".
  • Anything involving Wario being a walking Grossout Show. Which is basically everything involving him at all.

    Round 3 
  • Wario seeing the Monobear Shopping Network and deciding to make his own version when he gets home. Immediately followed by him running around the hotel singing Wario-fied Tom Jones songs.
    • Wario in general could fill this page.
  • High Seme Isabelle.
  • Tucker and Dave insulting the Siren Monobears in rap. Then they set one off... and meet the Junk Monobears. Three young men proceed to scream and run like babies.
  • Ryuunosuke's description of his 'hobby' to Tsukiyama, which is immediately censored with tea and kittens.
    • It's repeated much later when they're watching Monochrome Dragon and Tsukiyama curses out the inaccuracies, then gives Ryuunosuke a gladly censored description of how a proper cannibalistic serial killer would do things. Ryuunosuke's face just lights up.
  • When Kayneth brings up the idea that the students may be missing memories and wonders if they've been tortured.
    Haruka: Altered like we just forgot all that stuff? I guess so. Didn't that one spy movie where the guy's in the Arctic with the bad-luck lady and the fencer who's secretly evil have the whole torture thing happen and then nobody trusts him and everybody thinks he told all their secrets and just doesn't remember it because he got tortured? Are we the guy? Except he actually didn't tell their secrets and we're probably not in the Arctic with a cool car, so maybe we're not the guy.
    Kayneth: ... (beat) Well... erm... we may very well be the guy, yes.
  • Meridiana, of all people, walking in on Dave and Silver stripping in the laundry room. Then followed by Isabelle running over to see what was going on.
  • The whole Truth or Dare game at the end of the first week. Of special note is Ryoji being dared to end all his sentences with "in bed", then responding to Silver's flawless Monobear impression with "Silver, you're amazing! ...In bed!"
  • The investigation notes document Dave sets up starts as a legitimate attempt to collect everyone's information into one place and almost immediately descends into shenanigans.
    • Of special note is the HARUKA WAS HERE section. Wario added his name after it, leading to an Edit War wherein Wario tries to praise himself and whoever sees it changes it. Depending on when you check it, you'll likely see a different message.
  • Every single time Dave explains something new about Homestuck to Tsukiyama, reaching its climax with the origin story of Liv Tyler.
    Tsukiyama: Why don't you ever stop me from asking?!
    Dave: ... ... ... Mostly people know better.
  • Dave laughing hysterically over seeing the Unreal Air on the Monobear Shopping Network.
    • Wash sending Dave rolling off the bed with laughter over his (not actually that exaggerated) impression of the Director of Project Freelancer and jokingly giving him the nickname "Agent Pajamas".
    [Let it be known to the court that Agent Washington has reduced one (1) Dave Strider to a giggling heap on the floor. It doesn't help that Unreal Air is still flying away repeatedly on the TV.]
  • Washington picking up Allie, Kureha, and Isabelle all at once during the first trial to prove how much he can lift. He sets down Allie eventually, but Kureha and Isabelle stay there for the whole trial.
  • Haruka discovering the karaoke room and immediately picking Thong Song to sing.
  • The Monday after Wario's murder, Duster receives a life size golden statue of Wario from the Monomono Machine. It takes the help of Ryoji and Ulysses to tip it over and get it out of the way. Later, Harvey dresses it up in the Wario-Man costume.
    • During Week 4, Haruka and Ryoji dress it up in Victorian underwear. Meridiana walks in on them.
  • Silver gets Meridiana's corset and petticoats from the Monomono Machine and, not knowing what the petticoats are supposed to be, wears them to visit Dave. And then Meridiana shows up while he's still in them...
  • Dave and Futo having to carry Kayneth down the stairs after the evening announcement.
  • Ryuunosuke and Isabelle playing DDR. Considering they've both never played, the mistake is made to try Pluto Relinquish. The result is Isabelle falling off the platform, Ryuunosuke sitting down to slap the arrows, and both failing the song.
    • Later, at the party Thursday, Isabelle sees a Siren Monobear playing the game. While nothing like Schuldig in the previous round, she still plays a few rounds with the bear. According to a discussion plurk later in the week, the bear slacked off on its shift later that night and just kept playing DDR.
  • Tsukiyama telling Dave that everyone knows his feelings for Meridiana.
  • Tsukiyama's reaction to Haruka's, uh, theory in the third trial.
    [...can someone please tell this girl that we're pretty sure that is not at all what happened because he is not going to be the one to crush her dreams today]
  • Tsukiyama walks in on Ryuunosuke and Silver in the bar as they're gushing about how great he is, specifically timed to embarrass them. He tells them, as they blush and stammer at him, to continue as if he's not even there... and Ryuunosuke does.
  • A cardboard standee of Kirei shows up on the Monobear Shopping Network for cheap. In order to annoy Monobear, the cast pools their money and orders 101 of him. Not a typo.
    • Tsukiyama and Haruka ask Monobear who exactly this cardboard priest is. The bear proceeds to troll them by being technically honest while painting Kirei as an absolute saint. If that wasn't enough, when he's pressed about Kirei's involvement with despair games and Monobears, he tries to use the same tactic and makes it sound like Kirei Really Gets Around.
    • Kirei himself finds the fact that these cutouts even exist hilarious.
  • Futo leaping right up onto Monobear's throne during the sixth trial and Monobear freaking out and trying to swat her away with a broom.
  • Dave not knowing what a litter box is.
  • Monaka's massive Junko shrine... and her Kirei shrine, complete with "Mrs. Kotomine" written all over her notebooks!
  • The plan to get rid of the Mastermind's Dragon in a nonlethal manner. Tsukiyama tricks Kyuubey into thinking that he and Ryuunosuke want to contract... and then locks it in a closet with a couple of hives of angry bees.
  • After Waking Up at the Morgue with the other dead students when Madoka revives them, Kayneth thinks they've all gone to hell.
  • Another post-game one. For the company Thanksgiving party, Isabelle had to make a very awkward phone call to Catholic Guilt asking if they had any body parts lying around so Tsukiyama could eat something.
  • Some of Ryuunosuke's notes are so horrible, they're hilarious.
    "Dave is a pretty cool guy. When he's not distraught over the deaths of his friends. I don't get it. It's not like you can't make more!"
  • During the very first week, Tsukiyama gives Allie a speech about how she should confess her feelings to the boy she likes, involving a set of rather...creative language. For the rest rest of the game, throwaway lines in either action or dialogue make reference to it, usually with the phrase "fiery throes," one in which Allie throws it back at Tsukiyama.

     Smash Ronpa 

  • Within the first hour of waking up, the Wii Fit Trainer manages to convince around half the cast (either directly or indirectly) that they're on the Wuhu Island Resort and everything is fine. And then convinces herself that Monobear is her boss despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • For the first motive, Monobear reveals that he's captured the friends and family of the students. Despite the emotional breakdowns this leads to, a few responses are... less serious.
    • Among the hostages is the Wii Balance Board of all things.
    • Shadow attempts to attack Monobear only to get shrunk by a Poison Mushroom. And then immediately shoved into the trash can by Betrayus.
  • The standard "reveal your darkest secrets to the world" motive gets shown to the campers, who are largely unimpressed. And then Hinawa's video turns out to be a tape of her wedding night. To say she's incredibly embarrassed is an understatement.
  • Elizabeth's tactics to combat the Shadow Bugs. She tricks Shadow Bug Pittoo into doing the Cinnamon Challenge!
  • Hinawa, after Elizabeth saves her from the Shadow Bugs terrorizing her, gathering her composure and telling Shadow Bug Pittoo to watch his language.
  • The mastermind receiving Laser-Guided Karma courtesy of a large swarm of Cuccos that descend upon him after he kicks Roc.

    Nick VS CN 
  • Squidward's ridiculous crush on Lapis, especially any time he writes her terrible poetry.
  • Monobear attempting to scare Muriel in the scullery and eventually just giving up because she's so obtuse.
  • Ren stuffing himself through the mailbox.
  • The first team challenge is a video game competition where Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is the merciful option (the other one is a deeply disturbing fangame that scars its players for life). 4/5 of the players are seen struggling and cursing the Sonic '06 controls, while the poor souls like Sokka and Tarrlok slowly suffer the horror of Sonic Dreams Collection.
    Tarrlok: Did you see that, Noatak? I didn't hesitate. I did what needed to be done...
    • All of the teams struggled with varying levels of frustration, but special mention goes to Vegeta and Muriel. Vegeta tried first and absolutely lost his shit, only for Muriel to step in and play the game with no trouble whatsoever.
  • A late-game conversation with Sokka leads to Vegeta having a horrifying revelation about his homeworld.
  • The culmination of a Running Gag: Vegeta gets to hit someone else with a frying pan for swearing.

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