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Fridge Horror:

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     Round 2 
  • The ending of Round 2 has some of this for Round 1: what if there's a Junko in the back of another survivor's head? Or all of them?
  • Some of Adachi and Sonico's interactions from the beginning of round 2 are slightly less cute when you realize that up until the midway point of week two Adachi was considering killing her to escape.
  • An episode of the P4G anime reveals that Adachi's usual living space is tidy to the point of being practically unlived. This gives a whole new layer of meaning to the state of his room in Hope's Peak near the end of week nine.
  • ORAS and its Delta Episode have one for the end of Round 2. When AZ fired off the Ultimate Weapon thousands of years ago, the laser that shot into space mutated a virus into Deoxys. One Ultimate Life Form coming around every so often to drop meteors on the world for some unknown calling is bad enough. Now think about R2's Kill 'Em All derailment that led to Hope's Army rolling in. Did Lysandre just create another one?
    • Could possibly be true with what we know from Round 3. After all, why would a disaster otherwise localized to a single country in a single world and pulling in less than thirty offworlders be called "The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Event in the History of the Multiverse"? There's something more to what Lysandre did, and a second Deoxys is likely.

    Disney Ronpa 
  • What if, after they go home, some of the characters do get forgotten and go back to the stagnant dead castle to waste away in agony? Clearly, characters like Ariel and Donald are safe for now, but some of the others are at risk — Maybeck's canon is largely unknown and the books can usually only be reliably found in the parks, Bill and Perry are from TV series and will have a shorter lifespan than those from movies, and Iridessa's series was cancelled due to low merch sales and is subject to Girl-Show Ghetto to begin with.
  • Why, aside from loyalty, did Minnie turn back and plan to break everyone out? If the others like them are any indication, Multiverse Donald, who was hiding in exile with her, could probably see and feel everything the in-game one did. Imagine escaping a horrible situation only to have some part of you inside your own head be experiencing it anyway and trying to convince yourself that you're still safe.

Fridge Brilliance

    Round 3 
  • The students of Round 3 seem a little more banded together than most, and even the most obviously villainous characters like Ryuunosuke and Tsukiyama are playing nice (for the time being). Coming together, being friendly, and even having a mini-party at the start of Week 1 is exactly what Miss Usami would have wanted.
  • Over the weeks, some of the students expressed a lot of confusion over how the Mastermind obtained some of their regains that simply didn't exist anymore, like Dave's bunny. However, with the reveal that she is a magical girl and brought everyone there that way, it makes a lot more sense. She wanted to bring people together, so of course she would pull in things important to them too, even if she had to recreate them with magic or snatch them from right before they were destroyed.
  • Abusive Parents were a major thing this round in many characters' backstories... much like in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, from which Round 3 took a number of new gameplay elements and its Mastermind.
  • Though it doesn't seem to have been intended, Maya's "involvement" in DRRP's 3-5 tying into her absence (in this case, because she was dead and someone else used her bathroom) can be likened to her own canon's 2-4... which had a similar theme of "how can we prosecute, and who can we prosecute — the pawn or the mastermind?" Unfortunately, Tsukiyama came out of it a lot better than Engarde did. Poor, poor Meridiana.

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