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Tear Jerker / Dangan Roleplay

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    Round 1 
  • Jimmy and Monomi's good-bye just before her execution.
    Monomi: Miss Usami wuv wuvs you, Jimmy Two-Shoes.
  • Everyone's reaction to Jimmy's apparent guilt in the death of Komaeda but especially Madison and Roxy.
  • Everything after John accidentally launched the pill bottle at Lysandre's head during the fourth trial. In fact, all of case 4. Nothing about that was remotely okay.
    • The corpse party afterwards. Even Archer showed up.
      • If you didn't cry when Jumba started singing "Aloha 'Oe", there's something wrong with you.
    • Lysandre asking Monobear permission to take John's broken body after the execution and carrying it to the corpse party so he could be given a funeral pyre with Aradia.
  • The fate of Pyroar during Lysandre's execution.
  • There were a few Not Okay moments during the fifth investigation, too.
    • The Personal Effects Reveal, both in Jumba's cabin and in the secret lab where the body was found.
    • Nosy's grief-stricken existential crisis following the discovery of his creator Jumba's body.
    Why did he make me this way if it was just going to kill him?

    Round 2 
  • Miriam's confession and execution throw most of the characters into this. But Cecil helping Miriam have a peaceful mental picture for when she dies takes the cake.
    • The fact that, even though Miriam did as he asked and killed someone to keep their secret, Monobear tells everyone anyway before the execution, just to twist the knife.
  • Pretty much everything about the third investigation and trial.
    • Cynthia's unshaking belief in the culprit and her breakdown following their confession is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Case four manages the impressive feat of being the most heartbreaking case in the entirety of Dangan Roleplay so far, to the point of driving several of the players to actual tears. The images linked in the culprit's confession don't help in the slightest.
    Sycamore: ...just...think of Tobias. Picture his face. It'll all be over soon, mon ami.
  • Even before Case Four's trial, Lysandre and Schuldig had a moment during the investigation that doubled as this and a CMoH:
    Schuldig: < Sucks you got stuck with me. But I'm glad I've still got you. >
  • Tobias's room wasn't even originally part of Case Four's investigation; it was opened purely so Schuldig and Elfangor could suckerpunch everyone in the feelings
  • Anna singing "You Are My Sunshine" and reading the final chapter of The Snow Queen aloud to Tobias's memorial shrine with Schuldig, since Anna and Tobias never got to finish reading it before he died. As if that wasn't bad enough, Schuldig teaches her the beginning of "Brahm's Lullaby" in German, and makes her promise to sing it only for Tobias after she learns the whole thing.
  • Cecil's Rousing Speech to the surviving students before he is sent to his execution.
    Cecil: Feel rage, Hope's Peak. Rage that someone has done this to you, and rage that someone has taken what little control of your life you had from you. And hope for a future where, one day, you can find this someone and destroy them. Because despair is so pitifully empty, while hope is vast and dark and terrifying. And because I have nothing better to say— Goodnight, Hope's Peak. Goodnight.
  • Kirei's last words to Schuldig before their death at the case seven trial.
    Kirei: Such kindness shouldn't be wasted on the defective. Thank you.
  • Case 8 was pretty heartbreaking in general but the actual log for the murder itself was especially so.
    "Congrats {...}. You're the one murder the serial killer actually regrets."
    • Adachi's reactions in general to being faced with the guilt of what he'd done again during the body discovery are even worse in hindsight.
  • Anna's reaction to Naomi's death, and to the letter she left her before she died.
  • Dan's Revenge List and everyone's reactions to it: believing they could have gotten through to Dan and helped him relax if they ever tried.
  • Near the end of the Graduation Exam, when Sycamore is working to pull himself up from his Heroic BSoD and is joined by all his friends, he's followed by a line of supportive ghost tags from the afterlife... ones that don't get deleted two seconds later for a joke.
    Mr. Hanekoma: Don't let livin' slow ya.
    Cecil: Save yourself.
    Homura: You helped me learn that now. I understand now. Live. Live and love. And do it... on your own terms.
    Kirei: Augustine Sycamore. You need not forgive, but instead accept what's been done and do not fall to his desires. Rejoice in the fact that you may yet be able to carry on. ...Take solace in the fact that Lysandre was never like me.
    Simon: Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
    Elfangor: Without life there is no despair, but without life there can also never be hope. Live, Professor. For those who no longer have that chance. Live for yourself. Live for the hope that the future may be brighter than this. ...Please. Live.
    Betty: Don't be a wimp, Sycamore.
    Jay: You aren't meant to spend the rest of your days in darkness and despair. The future, for good or ill, is waiting for you... outside of these walls. Charge!
    Tobias: Hey, Professor. Remember when you came bursting into the kitchen 'cause I hadn't eaten for three days? You made me that soup. You also gave me my dad. I thanked you for that, but... It wasn't really ever enough, you know? I won't ever regret the time I was able to spend with him because you gave it to me. But now it's your turn. It's your turn to live. You have to, sir. I've made it all this way. All this way...and that's amazing. Not a lot of people could say that they could have done what you've been able to do. You've been through a lot, and now it's time for you to decide. Your happiness is worth its weight in gold, Professor. Look around you and remember that we're here. Rooting. Believing. Hoping. You can do it.
    Hanbei: Maybe if you're hopelessly hopeful, you can save the world. If it's you guys, I think it's possible. ...Oh, and make the world an easy place to nap in.
    Fujimoto: We all claimed we would make it out of here. We wouldn't give in to the Headmaster's game. You're so close, and this is no doubt a huge hurdle, perhaps the biggest you'll face, but you've grown so strong. If anyone can bring hope back to the world, whatever may be lying out there for you, it's you and the others. You can't give in now, Professor. We're all behind you. You can do this.
    Miriam: Remember when we first met, Professor? I told you about Eulalia, and you said that you would love to visit. I can't show you it myself any more, but there still the chance to see it for yourself. So, please, escape! ... ...And don't forget to bring a scarf!
    Naomi: Escape and live, everyone.
    Adachi: I'm sorry. For what I did back then. And my hand in this. Thank you for everything, Professor.
  • Basically, the whole Graduation Exam, really.
  • Beat's slow sobbing one sided breakdown to Xerneas had both the mun and a few others crying by the end.

    Disney Ronpa 
  • In the first body discovery log, Pooh, who barely has a concept of what death is, ponders the body and then asks around for a needle and thread so they can sew the victim back together and fix it. Maybeck and Maleficent being the ones to try to tell him kindly that it doesn't work that way brought a few muns to tears.
  • Anna's murder. That she was so well liked even by Bill, who murdered her combined with the deliberate brutality of her death deeply affected most of the cast. Elsa's reaction especially was and continues to be heart wrenching.
    • Naveen sliding goofy notes under Elsa's door to try to get her to come out could have been a Heartwarming Moment, but Elsa's lack of response slides it right back to Tear Jerker.
  • Sora's drawings of his friends, especially all 15 students having fun on a tropical island, bring to mind Round 1's Jumba reveal that he'd been working on an escape plan for everyone.
  • The reveal that the culprit of the fourth trial is Perry. His threads with Naveen are heartbreaking, and just for an extra punch in the gut, he gives Jack his collar to return to his family, should Jack leave here alive.
    • Pooh tries to plead with Monobear to have mercy on the culprit. When he's rebuffed, he stares and finally chokes out an "I hate you".
  • The flashback in the end to Monobear destroying Oswald's portrait just to hurt Mickey.

    Round 3 
  • Despite this round having a large number of immoral or easily broken people, they resist fear and temptation the longest and keep their spirits up throughout the whole first week, playing games and making friends. No one's even hoarding knives. It's exactly what Miss Usami would have wanted... but, since this is Dangan Roleplay, you can't read the beginning logs without knowing that it'll all be torn apart badly.
  • The Hope Spot when the first culprit claims he has evidence that absolves him... but then Dave points out that the sleeves are missing, which matches up with how the scraps of fabric were found burned.
    • Said culprit's Motive Rant afterwards, when he said he lost control when the victim taunted him about not mattering.
    • The reactions. Particularly Dave's and Haruka's. Dave blames himself for not stopping it, and Haruka's distraught that the first person to ever like her better than anyone else is going to die.
  • Harvey's room in Case 2. From his motive on the desk to the childish Father's Day card on his bed, the room was already a landmine of emotions... And the ones who investigated thoroughly were Tsukiyama, who didn't even understand how badly it was affecting him, Tucker, who had previously talked to Harvey about kids, not knowing his own son was dead, and Kureha who accidentally killed him. The conversation about how he'd want himself and his kid to be remembered did not help either.
    • The trial was just as bad. With everyone quick to anger about Harvey's death, and Kureha trying and failing to break the system so no one would die, many tears were shed come voting time. The group-wide trust seems to be coming to an end.
  • Trial 4. Duster's confession and the implications of it which are then discussed hit close with a lot of the cast, in some way or another. The fact that the culprit's so well-liked multiple people avoided sharing their theories earlier on doesn't help either.
    • His breaking down after his confession and saying how much he loved the people in the hotel and spending time there hurt a lot of people.
  • Dave offering Haruka a hug after they each lose the person they called "Bro".
    • Dave confronting his abusive past in the same conversation is equally painful. Especially since when she blamed herself for what happened, he quoted back the words that Tucker had said to him earlier that same week.
      You're such a great kid, Haruka. I'd. I'd fight for you. For you to see that.
  • The conspicuous absence of fan-favourite Dancing Siren Monobear... being explained with its damaged, deactivated body showing up in front of Dave's door. Not as sad anymore, though, with the epilogue's reveal that it was actually Henri hacking and using the Monobears' bodies during Week 4, and he's as alive as ever.
  • Case 5. On top of being horrifying, from body discovery to execution it was a whirlwind of tears. Particular moments include Dave, Allie, and Ryoji going through Wash's room, the general outrage and heartbreak at Tsukiyama's true nature, and Meridiana's realization that she's the one who killed Wash. That's to say nothing of Dave trying to interrupt her execution.
  • The final trial, where the students have their fears confirmed that they've been recruited because they were angry, afraid, abused, and alone.
    • Tsukiyama's Despair Event Horizon where he wonders what the point of still going is. Extra points when he snaps at Haruka with "Have you stopped cheating on your taxes?", which she knows really means "No matter what we do or say, the Mastermind wins."
    • Monaka's slow breakdown when the students start to reach out to her and say that, because she chose them because they were good SHSL Despair candidates, they understand her pain and she doesn't need to do this.
    • The Mastermind's execution was going to resemble Junko's, but Tsukiyama offers to Mercy Kill her instead because he doesn't want to make people suffer. A huge departure from how he was in Case 5 when he gleefully got two innocent people murdered and got away with it.

    Smash Ronpa 
  • In the first trial, Ashley refuses to vote for Dark Pit, so he dashes over to her podium to put in the vote for himself.
    "If you're gonna throw your life away, I might as well have kept up the lie!"
  • The third trial's conclusion.
    • Yomiel's self-loathing reaches the point that he begs for people to execute him already.
    • Clair succumbs to despair after Yomiel admits his guilt and misvotes for herself, followed quickly by the horrified reactions of the other campers.

    Nick VS CN 
  • Aelita's suicide note in the third investigation.
  • The end of the third trial. From the culprit's tearful confession to her awkward and consoling hug to Vegeta and then Monobear revealing that the motive was All for Nothing, the emotion just didn't let up. And then there was TOM's act of mercy, which gets him tortured for his trouble...
  • Steven talking to TOM after he returns a few days after the above.
  • Tarrlok trying to make things right after the secrets motive with his Dying Moment of Awesome, plus his last letters.
  • The fifth investigation had only one clue: the corrupted Lapis rampaging through the art room. An "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight ensues with Steven begging for Lapis to remember him, Sokka and Vegeta trying to keep the more vulnerable students safe, and Marinette going in sure that she can purify Lapis but ending up having to kill her to save Steven. She breaks down immediately afterwards, as does Steven himself in shock.

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