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The Wild Mass Guessing page for Dangan Roleplay. Since this was put up a few days before the end of Round 1, this page will be solely for Round 2 and beyond.

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     Season 2 
The major non-Monobear NPC will be Usami again.

  • Because why mess with an already good formula?

The major non-Monobear NPC will be Hope

  • Why else did she get a real body?

The major non-Monobear NPC will be Jumba.

  • Jumbamun foreshadowed it by having Jumba decide to join the Future Foundation at the end.

The major non-Monobear NPC will be Pleakley

  • Jumba is planning to bring him back to the Danganverse with him.

The major non-Monobear NPC will be Madison.

  • After all, she also decided to stay with the Future Foundation.

The SHSL Therapist discussed in the finale... is an utsuge protagonist.

In a There Are No Therapists world, that's kind of what they do.

Henri's brother is still in the octuple-sub-basement.
They talked about bringing Audrey up to keep her from starving to death, but nobody ever brought up the poor beta-test bear in the computer... Wonder if he still has the Monomovies to watch?

    Disney Ronpa 
The gimmick rounds will last as long as the regular rounds.
The latest announcement states that Disney Ronpa will take place in winter and Round 3 in summer. This gives the first gimmick round a slot where Round 3 would have been otherwise.
  • Jossed with the announcement that gimmick rounds will be shorter specifically to give less strain to winter players.

The setting will be a castle.
Specifically, one from one of the parks.
  • Confirmed as of January 13th, 2015. The castle is a mockery of Sleeping Beauty Castle placed in the "Tragic Kingdom".

One of the murders will be a Disney Villain Death.
Possibly more than one.

This round will destroy our hearts even more than the others.
Simply because of the character pool.

The in-universe explanation of Disney Ronpa is that it's Henri...
...playing with his toys. Possibly alongside Hope.
  • Addendum: One of the motives is going to be a Mayfield-esque "fake families" horror thing, because Dad and/or the FF walked in on Henri and, in an attempt to not get caught playing a serious game about murder, Henri immediately decided to pretend he was playing house.

The Mastermind is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
He was thrown into such deep despair for being forgotten about for decades that he decided to get revenge on the more popular Disney characters for being so loved.

    Round 3 
The person behind it all this time is Zinnia.
We know she has specific beef with both wormhole machines and the Ultimate Weapon that played such a big role in Round 2. We also know that she's very prone to plans that sacrifice a lot of people in order to stop others who might sacrifice a whole world. She'd probably do it to teach the Future Foundation a lesson, not unlike someone else we know.

The person beind it all this time is Komaeda.
After all, Lysandre wasn't the only one for whom it took super-long to get out of the recycling bin.
  • It's not him, but he is mentioned in the endgame.

Mastermind guess #3: Henri's brother.
You know, the test-version Monobear in the computer during the final investigation. If the survivors just left you in the basement and forgot about you, you'd be upset too.

Mastermind guess #4: Monaka Towa.
Komaeda was gonna make the next Junko after all.
  • Confirmed, though she had a little cross-canon help.

A future body will be found in the oven in the kitchen.
Given that round three seems to be the Body in a Breadbox round.

They're in a virtual world...
... which explains how Miss Usami could see them through a monitor! It also might explain the spooky ghosts if they're on another level of the computer, like how the recycling bin was in Round One.

Kristoph Gavin is a Monobear Kid.
So far, 4/5 of the Ace Attorney cast has been taken into the game before the "Dark Age of the Law", including Round 3's Maya. In the ending arc of Round 3, it's revealed that Monaka was planning to send her child assassins after the cast's friends and families, and even if the hit lists didn't actually end up distributed, the kids were definitely sent to other worlds even before the round started and many of them didn't make it back. We know that she's all for spreading despair-induced world-shaking disasters, too. Now, what if one of those kids didn't make it back not because he was dead, but because he just got lost there and picked up by an upstanding but very ill-advised family... and decided to spread despair as he grew up?

    Smash Ronpa 
The story actually follows the canon SSB framing device...
...that it's all a kid playing with their toys, similar to the Disney Ronpa theory above. This will only be revealed in the endgame.

    Dangan Roleplay: Nickelodeon VS Cartoon Network 
The characters are imaginary versions of themselves.
With the announcement that Foster's Home is the setting and the canon precedent for imaginary friends made in the image of characters from media, it makes sense.

    Round 4 (pre-cancellation) 
The major twist would have been a jossed guess from a previous round.
Which one? Who knows, but from "everyone is a Pokémon" to "the bear in the basement did it," there are enough to go around.

Round 4 would have incorporated elements of the sequel anime.
After all, the round was delayed waiting on plot details before the announcement that it wouldn't happen.

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