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Being that this is a panfandom game as well as a Danganronpa game, THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM...

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    Round 1 
  • The comment required count to make the trial successful on an OOC level for the fourth trial was 413. Both the victim and culprit were Homestuck characters and that's the Arc Number for the series.
  • All of Monobear's cosplays were Shout Outs to certain character's canons. Loki and Thor for Coulson, Manfred Von Karma for Franziska, Cameron Poe for John, Fuher Bradley for Archer, Serena for Lysandre and Fran Madaraki for Veronica. The only exception is Frank N. Furter.

    Round 2 
  • Monobear's cosplays have come back in full force for Round 2.
  • During week 5's karaoke night Adachi sings the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme song... because his English voice actor was one of the Power Rangers from the Mighty Morphin' era. Even better? Anna, the resident Disney character for this round, sang it with him; The Walt Disney Company owned the Power Rangers franchise for seven years.
    • Similarly, Betty and Simon do a duet of the Adventure Time ending theme in the music room in a later week.
  • During the fifth investigation, Cynthia follows her own bloody footprints in a circle around the third floor, thinking she's hunting the culprit, much like Pooh and Piglet hunted woozles. (This is later lampshaded by Betty at the trial.)
  • The sixth investigation's culprit dumps tea in the pool on the Fourth of July.
  • Inaba references Angel Beats! multiple times, though never by name. To top it all off, she gets killed by an emotionally challenged, many-times-dead heart transplant recipient with a thing for mapo tofu.
  • Schuldig utters the season's first "You've got that wrong!" at the seventh trial; Cammy immediately follows it with an Ace Attorney "Hold it!" to force him to explain himself.
    • Anna gave a particularly adamant "I'll cut that claim to pieces!" during the Graduation Exam.
    • The seventh trial also featured a Machine Gun Talk Battle near its conclusion.
  • The log for the ninth trial sits firmly at 666 comments, which is fitting, considering the real enemy of that trial was Monobear.
  • During the Graduation Exam, after Lysandre is revealed to be the mastermind, they're shown sitting on top of Gyarados like a throne.
  • Look at the survivor pool, how many trials happened before the Graduation Exam, and the reveal after the penultimate character trial. Then think about it. Nine Trials, Nine Persons, Nine Floors.

    Disney Ronpa 
  • Just like other rounds, Monobear tends to cosplay a canonmate whenever someone's executed.
  • Monobear wore the Sorcerer's Hat and used the Fairy Godmother's incantation (spelling altered) when doling out the curse motive. Observant readers will notice that the hat isn't just a Shout-Out if they catch that Monobear wears it whenever he uses magic.
  • The ballroom and the library are both lifted straight out of Beast's Castle, the dolls in the West Tower are from "it's a small world", and the tea room is an exact copy of the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian in WDW.
  • Jack discovers a number of outfits from fanart reinterpretations of outfits from movies in the Disney Animated Canon that aren't represented in the game. Later, he and Naveen find more things: Robin Hood's bow, Queen Grimhilde's heart box, and Eugene's wanted posters.
  • Maybeck and Pooh sing the Disney's Dreams Come True parade song, complete with dance, in the foyer to open a door.
  • The Fab Five (minus Mickey and Minnie, plus Daisy) appear as shredded portraits in a hidden room.
  • The second tower has decorations from Hercules. Yes, even the Scar pelt.
  • One week uses the Magic Mirror in the motive.
  • The final investigation begins with putting a sword into a stone. The Corona sun emblem and Healing Incantation also feature.
  • The climax's "You think you're so powerful?"
  • The castle and kingdom are restored with fireworks and a brighter makeover after the Final Trial. Hmm.


  • When Bill is first accused of a murder he actually didn't commit, he laughs, "Don't you need a confession for this sort of thing? Or are you just hoping I'll crack and confess in front of the entire court like some cliche from a video game?"
  • Anna spends Week 3 marathon-reading the Harry Potter series. That week, she's killed in the middle of reading Deathly Hallows. As one last reference, her killer? Bill. You know, the triangle.
    • Elsa picks up the series after and dies from wolfsbane poisoning whilst reading Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • The third investigation has some Yuri Kuma Arashi references in the evidence bullet list.
    Delicious smell, growl growl.
  • The Death Ray in the fourth execution is reminiscent of Goldfinger before it malfunctions and explodes like any good inator.
  • The riddle of Week 6 is based on Ten Little Roosters, as are the portraits in the hallway, which gain plaques and damage/alterations when the people they represent die.
  • Perry's dying letter ends with "Believe in me who believes in you."

    Round 3 

    Smash Ronpa 
  • Before tricking False Dark Pit into swallowing cinnamon, Elizabeth asks him first which he likes more: butterscotch or cinnamon?

    Nick VS CN 

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