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    Round 1 

  • Hajime Hinata, Sonia Nevermind and Gundam Tanaka's Big Damn Heroes moment to stop Jimmy's execution.
  • Jimmy straight up tazing Irisu when she tries to kill Uuji.
  • Roxy figuratively nailing Lysandre and Archer to the wall during the fifth trial.

    Round 2 
  • Homura picking up on a clue that pointed to Saki Hanajima's guilt in the second trial and using it to help put things back on track.
  • Anna examining the third victim's body and keeping the trial on track due to Naomi's illness.
  • The bloody arrow found during the fourth investigation caused a lot of confusion and was discussed at length during the trial without really getting anywhere. {...} and Adachi managed to get everyone on the right track... then Adachi brought up the guidelines for the body announcement and the possibility that someone else got to the body first.
    • Adachi angrily questioning Monobear about each person that discovered the body, starting from the third, which led to photographic evidence that someone had tampered with the crime scene and opened up the possibility of a mole for discussion.
    • Less awesome now though since it's been revealed that Adachi was the mole who tampered the crime scene, and this back and forth between him and Monobear was just a way for him to cast any suspicion off of himself.
  • Cecil's Rousing Speech to the surviving students before he is sent to his execution. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    Cecil: Feel rage, Hope's Peak. Rage that someone has done this to you, and rage that someone has taken what little control of your life you had from you. And hope for a future where, one day, you can find this someone and destroy them. Because despair is so pitifully empty, while hope is vast and dark and terrifying. And because I have nothing better to say— Goodnight, Hope's Peak. Goodnight.
    • To top it off, it was preceded by a "The Reason You Suck" Speech directed at the headmaster, along with a threat to exact whatever vengeance he could from beyond the grave.
  • Sonico in case 7 completely nailing Kirei for the murder of Fujimoto and Inaba, the latter of whom was Sonico's best friend in the school. While other characters like Adachi, Cynthia and Goku (all also people who had CR with Inaba) also piled on the murderer in Sonico's lead, it was still Sonico who brought up the true meaning of Inaba's dying cellphone message: 'Koto'zute = 'Koto'mine. Sonico's coldness to the culprit afterwards was also pretty badass considering how sweet and polite she usually is.
    Sonico: You bled. That's good enough for me.
  • Actually, just everything about Case 7 in general.
  • After a lifetime of people assuming he's always going to be stupid, Beat figures out the secret Monobear's been hiding in plain sight at the ninth trial and stands up for himself and everyone.
    Monobear: ...You've become really clever in the last few weeks, Bito-kun.
    Beat: Nah. I just stopped telling myself I ain'. C'mon... I had fun playin' with you, but... cut the crap. The game's over, we ain' playing how you want anymore.
    Monobear: Oh, you're going to play exactly how I want you to, whether you like it or not.
    Beat: No, I ain'. Bring it, yo! We ain' killin' Cynthia. WE AIN'T KILLIN' NO MORE!!
  • The Golden Ending. Well earned.
  • A meta one, for the players — case nine was specifically set up and designed by the mods to be unsolvable, IC and OOC and it was solved anyway and the only thing that prevented the trial from ending in a correct vote was that none of the characters or players knew the actual name of the second culprit.

    Disney Ronpa 
  • The "The Reason You Suck" Speech/At Least I Admit It war in the first trial between Bill and Ariel over Bill making light of murder.
  • In-game and meta example. For the first time ever, there was a preventable murder. The muns were able to figure out the riddle required to save the victim, so the last planned murder was interrupted by Jack screaming like a demon and causing Gaston to drop Naveen.
    • Jack setting himself on fire in that scene absolutely made it. The whole game was glued to the screen.
  • The Final Trial isn't really a trial so much as Monobear freaking out and trying to kill everyone with magic. The students fight back. The result is a temporary Genre Shift into a magical fighting series where everyone still has to use their heads to solve their problems. Highlights include Naveen using Jack as a javelin, Pooh acting as the party's bard while standing on Gaston's shoulders, and especially Jack laughing off fireballs and using Detachment Combat, Monobear subsequently switching from tossing fire to filling the room with water, and Ariel scoffing at the flood and swimming for it to grab the Sorcerer's Hat.
  • With all the theorizing that the players and spectators have done all game long, one for the mods is that they managed to keep the Sorcerer's Hat being a key plot device under wraps the whole game despite it being right out there in the open the whole time — everyone thought it was just a Shout-Out in a sea of them, not the real deal!

     Round 3 
  • Shuu Tsukiyama, hero of the people, bribes Wario to finally bathe.
  • Remember 2-7? Yeah, another Fate antagonist follows in his footsteps... and another Fate antagonist is chief among those dressing him down.
  • A bit of awesome on the part of the players: when July 21st's MSN prize proved to be a life-size cardboard cutout of Kirei Kotomine, the remaining cast launched a Kirei Riot and, as of 9:00 PM EST, had ordered 101 of them in a single day.
  • Futo figuring out that the fifth culprit (the real culprit, not the assigned one who got executed for dealing the killing blow) is a literal monster.
    • People were on edge watching Haruka live up to her Idiot Hair noticing that Ryuunosuke was covering and lying about the murderer, which he certainly hadn't done the previous week when it was someone she cared about, and pressing both him and Tsukiyama into revealing the truth.
    • Allie rejecting the "name the murderer and the contradictions will iron themselves out" precedent of the four previous trials and pressing on a part of the case that didn't make sense, enough to root out the rest of what happened.
  • The sixth trial. Highlights include:
    • Tsukiyama repairing his Hate Sink status over the week and going to Token Evil Teammate instead is cemented when he carries Allie to the centre of the room; everyone else follows and sits down in a show of togetherness against Monobear.
    • Haruka and Futo figuring out that what looked like Weavile's claw marks could possibly be Monobear's.
    • Monobear, cornered, shifts the focus onto the secrets that everyone has killed for week after week by outing happy, friendly Ryuunosuke as a serial child killer. Though most of the class is shocked, they keep standing against Monobear, and what's more, they all willingly reveal their own dirty laundry that they'd been so afraid would be revealed the whole game and especially that past week.
      • What's more, this is added to with another GHOST RIOT where the dead students reveal their secrets.
    • The horrifying reveal that Monobear had Silver's Pokémon captive and was waiting to execute them in his stead... which he almost gets away with, until Miss Usami shows up.
  • Everyone pulling Tsukiyama out of his despair-induced breakdown in the final trial.

    Smash Ronpa 
  • Luigi gaining the courage to point out the culprit in one of the longest trials in DRRP history, cementing his character development.
  • The class frustrating Monobear so badly that they trick him into striking down all the rules, including the one that bars anyone from causing him harm.
  • Elizabeth using Roc, her cucco, as a summon. When Ganon kicks it away, it calls for backup. Lots of backup.

    Nick VS CN 
  • Wirt cornering the first culprit by tricking them into answering a "meaningless" question about the Crossword Puzzle he'd found, knowing that the culprit had given the wrong answer.
  • A repentant Tarrlok has a Dying Moment of Awesome when he baits Monobear into exploding him... and the dividing wall. Bonus points for the Famous Last Words, a reference to the research he was trying to do on other worlds' history.
    "Mr. Monobear... tear down this wall."

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