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    Puella Magi Madoka Magica 
    The Familiar of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima 
  • Louise's summoning of Consensus. This can be considered quite the Catharsis Factor for Zero herself due to the fact that her summoning, which was already being dismissed another failure by all of her peers, caused EVERYBODY to be sent into a complete and utter Stunned Silence.

  • Steve vs Guiche aka the first Curb-Stomp Battle the former delivers in this Quest.

    Steve: "It seemed a fine metal to most...but it was found that, when needed most, it would break! And, in the face of your own lies coming to light, it seems you do too. And when your embarrassment comes to a peak and your treachery is laid bare, do you contemplate your failings as a man and your disloyalty? No! You choose to lash out at one you see as your lesser! Tell me, Guiche de Gramont,” Steve continued as three more foes rose from the dirt, “what is the measure of a man if not his loyalty to his lord, his lady, his people? And what does it say about you that you would so callously disregard but one of those three! So, Boy Gramont, tell me: is it I who needs respect? I who so nobly chose to raise your problems in such a way that you could not hide from them, rationalise them through some misplaced pride in your own sin? Or is it you, who has tainted yourself in betrayal? And more importantly-

    Points sword under Guiche's chin


  • Louise's epic chewing out of Kirche for her role in making her school life such a miserable experience thanks to her actions in unintentionally dragging Louise's name in the mud.

    Kirche:I never mocked you because of your failures. That was never my intent.

    Louise: Then whatever your intent was, it was lost in the face of your actions! I have spent near the entirety of my schooling here mocked by my peers, ensuring that I will never be respected for most anything once we graduate and You, an enemy of my family, have done nothing more but exacerbate that! And I have been left unable to refute it all! Unable to do anything but bring further shame on my family, their name and legacy in the trying! ...But no more. I have summoned a familiar. I know my affinity. I have cast spells...and now the two of you are here, discovering my secrets despite my best attempts to hide them. Do you expect anything other than anger from me?

  • In the first sparring session for Louise's army, Steve goes on to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to four Dot Mages!

  • Before allowing Poor Communication To Kill this discussion, Louise, after summoning a Dot Magic right in front of her, delivers a Badass Boast to the face of her own mother, Karin Désirée le Vent Fort, Duchess de La Vallière, managing to completely SHOCK the normally unflappable matriarch.
    Louise: This is what I have to tell you, Mother: I am a Void Mage, capable of casting spells that can devastate armies. My familiar is a spirit capable of creating men and women, animals and weapons, soldiers and mages, all of whom are entirely loyal to myself alone. In two weeks Albion will fall to rebels who will set their gazes on Tristain next. My best friend is to be married off to the pig that sits on Germania’s throne for an alliance that we no longer need. Please, Mother, we know how absurd this all is but can you simply listen to us!

  • The Fire Team's well-constructed plan that results in them killing a village of over FIFTY Orcs.


  • When she returns to the academy, Louise only has one thing to say to the gathering crowd of students - the same students who dismissed and mocked her for so long: "Move."

  • Louise, in the middle of a high security vault and with her own social skills, manages to recruit Fouquet of the Crumbling Earth to her cause while the thief was in front of the very thing she infiltrated the academy for so long.

  • Louise's execution of The Plan to deal with Wardes once and for all.

  • Louise, after summoning her first army, gives quite the confident Rousing Speech, showcasing how far she has come so fast.
    Louise: My people! she declared with voice and mind, a flash of nerves coursing through her and temporarily silencing her voice. There were so many eyes on her, watching with eagerness. She could do this, make a single speech. “My army. We stand now in Albion, a country filled with traitors and rebels that would extinguish our way of life! Even now they stand at the gates of Newcastle with the goal of extinguishing the line of Tudor once and for all- but we will not let them! Tonight my assassins will cut down their leadership and tomorrow you will march on an army crippled by strategy and finesse; I expect the same from each of you. Though you will not carry my name into battle, you will carry my pride and my hopes for the future! And while I cannot fight at your side, I will stand in your hearts! And we will march for a tomorrow unmarred by treachery and rebellion! For the Princess! For the King! For Albion!

    The Army: For the Princess! For the King! For Albion!
    • This moment is proceeded the newly summoned Scáth and his band of merry assassins completely sabotaging the enemy forces with anyone knowing about it until it was too late.
      • Special shout out to two of the bugs used in the secret assault, Web and Wazz, taking down solider and advancing into heroes as a result.

  • The Second of Battle Newcastle:
  • Louise, lacking the foresight of Consensus throughout this whole situation, proves her worth a The Strategist without losing her cool once.
    Rapheal: Do be careful, mon amie!
    Lynette: That’d defeat the point Rapheal!
    • The end result of this whole scenario? Louise's army, only receiving fourteen casualties, completely overwhelm the enemy in their very first battle in warfare!

  • The Third of Battle Newcastle:
    • With only five ships on her side, Lynette and her forces manage to completely wipe out twelve airships without losing one of her own.
    • Scath, by himself, in the middle of the enemy's army, steals the Ring of Andvari by cutting Cromwell's hand off! He manages to finish the job by personally assassinating Cromwell in his own room with anyone noticing.

  • Tabitha managing to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to whole team of triangle mages with little to no damage on her end when escaping with her mother.

  • Connie, with her new Rhyme Dragon Raracoric, thwarts an assassination attempt by on King James by Sheffield. This quickly leads to an awesome Wizard Duel between the two!

  • Fireteam One, with their new elemental staves and Rhyme Dragons, manage to subdue and capture the Mind of God herself!

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