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Tear Jerker / Delicious Friends

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  • Several characters have backstories that are this.
    • Rachis: their wife passed away, and they were determined to remain a good parent to their young daughter Florence. This ended in tragedy when Florence was murdered in 1889, which put Rachis on a path to finding her killer.
  • When Roland finds out Alexis is a spirifer, it's not too pretty.
    • Made even sadder with Alexis actually hoping he was going to shoot.
  • Restitution, in which Avis makes a glim donation to the Church, sheds some light on how much it has changed through Seeking.
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  • Jane's breakdown.
  • One night, Roland asks Casey to share a honey dream with him so he could talk about his past. This is what happened.
  • Chaucer, being the sentimental poet that he is, comforts Casey during a particularly rough time. This doubles as a very heartwarming moment as well.
  • So far, the entire Veilgarden Arson plot.
  • Who are you?
  • During Hallowmas 1891, Roland sees a possible future.
    In a world and sky so vast and full of powers to claim… perhaps I could find a way to see them one more time.
  • The Scar and the Smirch. All of it.
    ”You keep forgivin’ me. It’s loathsome.”
  • Roland is attacked by a member of the Lodge, leading Narci to take care of him as he recovers. Narci notes Roland's character growth and asks a question: "Are you leaning to be cared for?", which opens the door for Roland to talk about his history.

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