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     Effulgence Continuity 
  • Amariah assuring Shell Bell that her parents will forgive her for faking her own death. She was completely right about it too.
  • Rosalie, Alice and Esme finally are able to have children.
  • Belle falling in love with Beast she looks at his mind and sees his love for her
  • Elspeth raising Harley giving a happy childhood that no Joker had before.
    • Which only becomes a Tear Jerker when the template attractors finally catch him.

     Incandescent Continuity 
  • Bells and Adarins can cause this.
    • Cypress and Ice bonding over their mutual goals and eventually falling in love is the cutest thing.
    • Revelation and Revival reunited.
    • Rain and Katydid finally getting together.

     Silmaril Continuity 
  • Maedhros volunteers himself to go to Doriath and stay there as a prisoner to fulfill complicated oath-related necessities. He'll be treated tolerably, but understandably he still has massive PTSD issues from his former imprisonment. When discussing the particulars with his family:
    "If I ask you to come get me out," he says -
    "I will invent a tank," says his father.
  • Loki and Maitimo managing to find some common ground, after four years of him being quietly terrified of her and she having to put other things above his welfare and considering him improperly rescued. Better yet, this common ground is found by reminiscing about their relationships with Sigyn and Findekáno respectively.
    Maitimo: Back before I had more important problems it was a continual source of annoyance that one of my most satisfying achievements was one I couldn't tell anyone about, and that concealing it from everyone else was actually a major achievement in its own right which I also couldn't mention.
    Loki: Yeah, I had that problem. And then Sigyn got himself just about killed and nobody was watching and - he didn't tell.
    Maitimo: It makes all the difference having someone, doesn't it?
    Loki: Yes.
  • Nearly every Maitimo/Findekáno relationship, when not unutterably tragic, is this. After the two had a fight in Shine:
    Kib: You're welcome. You okay? In general, with Findekáno?
    Maitimo: Hmm? Oh, we're fine. I shall love him for all of the ages of Arda and he knows it.
  • Tyelcormo and Miles rescuing Maedhros from Angband. Both were aware just how risky and strategically unwise it was but they did it anyway. Miles could have easily refused but he cannot allow himself to fail rescuing someone.
  • In the sandbox called 'You took your time with that call' Demon Cam finally gets the recognition he deserves for being Revelation. He is offered the Nobel Peace prize and others.
  • Michael Way, womanizing wizard extraordinaire rescuing a the young muggle girl that had been forcibly thrown into a nunnery, marrying her and raising her illegitimate baby as his own. To add to it all of his family, who are purebloods raised in a toxic anti muggle culture welcome her warmly and make her feel right at home.
  • Thuringwethil, she quickly agrees to enable Beka to escape Angband. The Maia might work for Melkor and have a rather alien worldview but she does have something resembling a heart.
  • Teenager Elf Feanaro landing in Wormverse Baltimore and finding the George Peabody Library. The sight of that many books drives him to tears of joy. Adorable barely begins to cover it. This is a template that hardly ever has anything working out for him during his early life. Is delightful to see a young Feanaro that happy without Bell intervention.

     Other Continuities 
  • Heroic Rescue has Ivan meeting smol Mark in Milliways and then going back out and rescuing the adult Mark of his time. Then Ivan provides hugs and sympathy to Mark:
    Ivan: "If you'd rather talk directly to the legal folks should they need more detail that can probably be arranged but they're harder to extract sympathy from."
    Mark: "Is that what that was."
    Ivan: "...yes?"
    Mark: "I don't have much experience with the concept. I'm not sure I understand how it works."
    Ivan: "Well, the way it works is I learn that awful things have befallen you, and then, because I have a soul, this is distressing and I feel rather like hugging you again."
    Mark: "Oh. You can hug me again," he says. "If you want."
    Ivan: So Mark gets another hug.
    Mark: He hugs back.
    Mark: "I don't like distressing you," he says. "But I think I like sympathy. And hugs."
    Ivan: "That's the way of things, yep."
    Mark: "Oh. Okay."
    Mark: It's somewhat unexpected to find that this is a normal contradiction. But anyway. Hugs.


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