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     Effulgence Continuity 
  • The curse on Mr. Hammond's lawyer is hilarious.
  • Jokers.
    [So you'll never take it into your head to have a flat of live chicks delivered to your door just so you can make weird remarks that make the delivery person wonder what in God's name you're liable to do with them?] Bella inquires.
  • Shell talking about the Starks and Jokers:
    Shell Bell: Are we the only template that doesn’t instantly jump each other on sight?
  • Cam's reaction to being told that he is the only boy Bell (so far) and that there are dozen of other Jokers.
  • Syntropy grass saying "Hi hi hi hi I'm grass".
  • How can you tell Minus (Sherlock without a soul) and Plus (Sherlock with a soul) apart?
    “I dress closer to how we used to,” says Plus. “Apparently not having a soul makes one more inclined to wear silk and leather.”
  • Ax and food as in the source canon.
    Ax half-eats, half-mauls his French toast, and then he steals Ethan's.
    Ethan: D'you bloody mind? I was eating that.
    Ax: <TOAST!>

     Incandescence Continuity 
  • Cypress (who is from another universe) being thrilled to discover that Earth has many resources that he can import to New Kystle. Vernaia ends up running around excited.
    • The facetious marriage between Cypress and Wikipedia.
    • Ice takes Cypress to the movie theater. Hilarity Ensues
  • Adarins looking at clouds because of nudity.
    • Max being genuinely clueless that he could in fact have sex with Phix.
  • Katydid and Rain talking about the importance of Soulbirds for a sucessful relationship.
    Katydid: Clearly wings are essential to the process!
    • Incidentally, their speculating how far daemons go.
  • Phix and Max being absolute fanboys when they discover that Chamomile already has the final Harry Potter book out.
  • After discovering that Wikipedia ended in Inferno after the founder's death, Ice and Cypress decide to send his Chamomile version an immortality ticket.
  • Mirror, mirror, in the bag, interworld conversation with no lag.

     Silmaril Continuity 
  • Loki knows Maitimo didn't participate in the massacre that drove his cousins to cross the incredibly lethal Ice. Findekáno, who is in love with Maitimo, does not know this and for various reasons, Maitimo refuses to tell him or allow Loki to do so. This is mostly very Terjerkery, except Findekáno ruminates so much on how Maitimo betrayed them all and that every word from him was a manipulation and that he can never really trust Maitimo again, while still being obviously and painfully in love, that Loki's internal monologue just resorts to inherent keysmashing at the entire situation.
    Findekáno: "My cousin who doesn't think any of us exist and who left us all to die writes every few months; you could aim for that."
    Loki: YOU MAUDLIN GAY ELF "Sure."
  • Related to the above, Loki lampshading how incredibly angsty Findekáno is whenever Maitimo enters in to the equation.
    Maitimo: Your Findekáno isn't very realistic.
    Loki: I'll tell him you said that. 'Findekáno, your boyfriend or whatever thinks you aren't very realistic.' 'Here are my conflicted feelings about that. I have six of them.'
  • Loki gets in a fight with Sauron, and while she can't kill him she does do some very significant damage and drives him off. The very next day, she checks in on her orcs and discovers a Balrog infiltrator. She promptly kills it in under a minute.
    Loki: Does anybody ELSE want to turn out to be a Balrog? I dueled THAURON yesterday and I'm in a REALLY BAD MOOD, BALROGS CAN LINE THE FUCK UP.

    No one else wants to turn out to be a Balrog.
    • She then goes off to talk with a single orc privately. When they come back to the main group:
    Loki: ...Isn't anybody going to make sure we weren't replaced while we were gone?
    Random Elf: ...What would we do about it?
  • After getting yet another Info Dump about Maitimo and Findekáno's relationship:
    Loki: I'm starting to develop the sense that the two of you have felt really deprived of anyone to talk about your relationship with or something.
    Findekáno: You have no idea.
  • All of Maedhros and Findekáno's conversations post-Ice-and-Angband and pre-Melkor-death are of course incredibly fraught, occasionally tense, and completely Tearjerkery, but on very rare occasions there will manage to be a funny moment. After Maedhros outlines the ways in how he and his father are alike:
    Findekáno: He's all right, I suppose.
    Maedhros: That wasn't really where I was going with that.
    Findekáno: ...he's pretty attractive?
    Maedhros: Findekáno!
  • Maitimo's idea of handling the Elven ban on homosexuality is to make it even more serious than it already was. Specifically, at least one witness must be present for the whole act to have the slightest standing for an accusation. Some of him managed to push it up to four witnesses.
  • Loki: It's so nice how all the factions find me reasonable and assume I want all the right things and all I had to do was be reasonable and want all the right things.
    Findekáno: And kill Sauron in single combat, I highly recommend that.
  • Loki's unending irritation with the existence of a flat planet.
    Maedhros: One of the strongest Maiar drives the Sun across the sky every day.
    Loki: That's useful... but usually suns aren't supposed to require sapient maintenance at all... because they're supposed to be balls of plasma that burn for billions of years and have their spherical planets orbit them for sensible gravitational reasons...
  • "You know, I think if I look really hard and apply myself to the problem I can probably locate a desire for the Enemy not to have succeeded."
  • The explanation for a happy but extremely Accidental Marriage:
    Gem: Canada is an information hazard!
    Maedhros: ...ah, yes, that would do it.
    • Note that Maedhros literally worked out the entire sequence of events that led to the marriage just from that one sentence of explanation. All the Maitimos keep insisting they aren't psychic, but if they keep providing this kind of evidence...
  • Shampoo commercials being censored in Space Valinor.
  • The average chinchilla is a better therapist than Mandos.
  • Any Elf Maitimo with a crush is hilariously tragic since they tend to overthink, mope piteously and obsess from a distance as the object of their desire looks on in bafflement.
  • Miles Naismith Vorkosigan encountering Elves. Turning the light on and off nearly gets him declaimed a god and everyone demands to know who invented all the advanced technology he possesses - often he has had to deny being the inventor. Several times whenever he has to deal with Feanorians and Nolofinweans at the same time he feels like a babysitter dealing with particularly immature children.
  • Maitimo can usually spin his and Findekáno's relationship into nonexistence whenever somebody asks about it, but Beka is just so obliviously, bluntly confident about knowing what she knows that he eventually breaks down and essentially goes 'ugh fine yes I do have a boyfriend are you happy'.

     Witchlight Continuity 
  • In Lumos, the universal reaction to Emma's necklace.
  • In Sunday, there is Emma being so done with all things Slayer and Watcher related.
    • Minnie the ghost's tastes for television that features shirtless men.

     Other Continuities 
  • From the League mini-continuity: Mark and Lalita's fascination with Ivan.
    "But Ivan," says Mark, "all of my halves find you mysteriously entertaining."
    • It's actually proved true when Aurin meets Minus in another sandbox!
  • In Skylight Empire, Lucky and Edie talking is hilarious.

  • From the Terraria Sandbox with Sable:
    "A slightly overripe fruit would be better at surviving the night, because at least the fruit wouldn’t open the door to let the creatures in."
  • From the Terraria Sandbox with Holly and Crystal
    Holly is so tempted to turn him into cubes. Crystal won’t let her. Holly assembles the cubes into structures.
  • From the Revelation sandbox with Jean as a demon, doing his darndest to seduce Felix whenever they're alone:
    Fenris: ...Am I interrupting anything important?
    Demon!Jean: Unless you're joining us, yes, you are.
    Fenris: *raises an eyebrow* I want to ask a question about logistics.
    Demon!Jean: Can be complicated, I grant, with three people.
  • Jean's antics are an endless source of funny moments. There is a reason why his sister banned him from making plans.
  • 'Good grief these Quendi. At this rate she'd have an easier time going home and trying to reason with some elves.'
    • This being an observation from Kobold, whose home universe has several different species, one of which is named Elves in a conincidence. As she's talking to a child Feanaro who has a raging inferiority complex and blames his existence for his mother's death, she is, of course, broadly correct.
  • When Annabelline gets hit with six Artifacts and is teleports into another universe, more often than less she immediately gets hit with the necklace's effect which makes her fall in love with someone nearby. Her thoughts can be utterly hilarious as she tries to adjust to this.
    Annabelline continues to hug Edie. This may have been poorly thought out. She is not sure how to stop.
  • The sandbox where Edariel meets Shell Bell in Milliways, and every interaction between them is painfully cute. Yet they continue to not get together, even after Shell Bell literally leaves her world behind to move to his. Zevros' reactions start with facepalming, graduate up to requesting alcohol, and over the course of a a few months eventually mutate into luring the two out onto a balcony, locking the doors, going up onto the roof and flinging rose petals down on them. When Edariel asks him what the hell he's doing, Zevros has to resort to screaming and threatening his brother with castration 'to have some mercy on that poor neglected dick of yours!' before Edariel gives in and agrees to kiss Shell Bell. Zevros then dumps the rest of the rose petals on Edariel before giving the two some privacy.
  • One of the less-worldly instances of an Anise encounters porn for the first time in 'right to the heart'. Then she walk in on her host while he's naked, and the shock spurs her to blurt out a question as to the book's accuracy.
    She hides her face with her hands and decides that the fact that she hasn't died of embarrassment is weak evidence in favor of the Valley having made her immortal.
  • A plant fairy Bell around four years old is deposited in Amenta and adopted by that world's instances of Maitimo and Findekáno. Upon finding out she's an alien, they are understandably concerned:
    Kan (Findekáno): She's our daughter.
    Aitim (Maitimo): Of course. She just might be a thousand-year-old alien spy daughter.
    Kan (Findekáno): Well, no one said parenting was easy.
    • They continue to treat her like a normal blue baby, and give her books like Baby's First Tax Policy Guide. Predictably, she is very happy.

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