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     Effulgence Continuity 
  • Stella manages to be pretty helpful to Alice before they even discover magic, and she helps him get his dad convicted of child abuse and jailed for life.
  • After they discover magic, she terraforms Mars and founds the Empire of the Stars there.
  • In Alethia (the Effulgence port of His Dark Materials), separating from one's daemon is an agonizing ordeal that sometimes takes several tries, and the daemon is usually the one who has the hardest time with it; traditional separation requires the human to walk across a barren wasteland that the daemon is physically incapable of entering, because otherwise it would be too hard for the daemon to cooperate. Kas and his daemon Petaal are especially close, rarely even straying out of arm's reach because of the strength of their connection. When they have to separate to rescue Amariah's daemon from horrible torture, Petaal jumps on her flying tree branch and bolts away from Kas at top speed without a second thought.
  • Sue and Aegis are tasked with commanding humanity's counterattack against the incomprehensible insectoid aliens who invaded Earth twice. When their fleet reaches the buggers' home planet, Sue decides that rather than kill them all, he's going to try diplomacy. It works, despite considerable resistance from the human high command.
  • Rose's husband Beast gets kidnapped by a strangely possessive rival enchanter whose magic is slowly destroying Beast's mind. She takes him on in her first ever sorcerous battle, and wins.
  • T'Mir has a litle program that calculates how many lives she has saved by distributing technological advances to prewarp civilizations. That number is very, very large.
  • In Fantasia, it's possible to kill a Dementor. Learning the right spell virtually requires a Crowning Moment of Awesome. So far, Phoenix and Feral have both done it.

     The Effulgence Peal in Group 
  • Sometimes, a group of Bells comes together to take over an improperly run afterlife. The first time this happened was a little anticlimactic; they went in with wishcoins blazing, discovered that the resident hell goddess was omnipotent and they had no hope of opposing her, then discovered that she didn't care very much about the existing political system in her domain and was perfectly happy to let them take over if they could come up with a functioning alternative. The second time, seeking a solution to the problems of the Alethia afterlife, Amariah killed the Voice of God in single combat.
    • Special mention to Pearl rescuing Shell Bell, which included navigating the non-euclidian land of the dead by herself.

     Incandescent Continuity 
  • Zeviana Nimah and her daemon Lecasryn manage to separate without anything to restrain Lecasryn, or even an immediate crisis to motivate them. They just get it done.
  • Max and Feathers rescuing Phix.
  • Shara and Kayam rescuing Quilt and Kool-aid from Chelasi.
  • Flicker and Conduit's estimates of their respective total lives saved in the Gemini evacuation: Over one million with Flicker's teleportation, over three million with Conduit's portals. Both of them shorted themselves on sleep during the evacuation period so they could spend more time helping. Both of them stayed in the danger zone until the very last second that they could conceivably be helpful, saving as many people as possible before they had to quit.
  • In Cycle babies aren't made, they simply appear in random places and can die if not found in time. Some people also reincarnate, including the local Bell, who in a past life created storks, animal servants that find babies and drop them in locations where they can be taken care of, thus saving countless lives.
  • Revelation revealed the existence of daeva to the world, thus providing the resources to fix material scarcity and letting people become summonable, superpowered daeva instead of limboites when they die.

     Silmaril continuity 
  • "Does anybody ELSE want to turn out to be a Balrog? I dueled SAURON yesterday and I'm in a REALLY BAD MOOD, BALROGS CAN LINE THE FUCK UP."

    No one else wants to turn out to be a Balrog.
  • Loki defeating Sauron in single combat.
  • Loki wiping out Melkor with the Tesseract.
  • Aydanci and Feanor inventing the Shine Silmarils together.
  • Gem bootstrapping her way into saving both relevant worlds.
  • Tireh stealing the necklaces and later calling the peal out on their mistakes.
  • Miles Vorkosigan rescuing Maedhros, getting him functional in a matter of days and having him confirmed as King of the Noldor. Maedhros is well aware just how impossible would have been to hold on to the kingship without Miles's support and patronage.
  • Miles managing to tell the bloody history of Barrayar in a way that will make the excessively well behaved Elves sympathize and understand after being primed by Melkor to be disgusted by Men.
  • Beka the Orf managing to break out of Angband with her baby tucked inside her shirt and Maitimo strapped to her back.

  • Promise making her eponymous Promise the moment she is born.
    • In the sandbox with The Admin she actually manages to eliminate the Queen's ability to enslave people.
    • In the sandbox with The Lord Ruler, Promise (and The Lord Ruler) have an clever game of cat and mouse with their ability to order each other, until they manage a tense partnership and overthrow the Queen. Furthemore, when The Lord Ruler traps Promise with Ruin, she manages to vassal him, destroy The Lord Ruler and be the Empress of two worlds.
  • Ambela Mirelote, the Elf Bell, sanifying the Valar.
  • Taliar managing to reform Tivarante and destroy Melkor.

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