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  • Any moment where they admit they actually thought a movie was cool, even if they blatantly Accentuate the Negative. Stand-outs include:
    • The totally earnest gushing about Pokémon Gold and Silver:
      Narrator: Once again, battle your way to the Pokémon Hall of Fame by conquering the Elite Four. And when you do, hold onto your stupid the entire region from the first game is unlocked, with eight new badges to win and a mountaintop duel against your character from the first game! NOW THAT'S HOW YOU MAKE A SEQUEL!"
    • The totally earnest gushing about Die Hard (to the point of practically eschewing the "blatantly Accentuate the Negative" part completely):
      Narrator: This Holiday season, revisit the greatest Christmas movie ever made! Yeah, you heard me, It's a Wonderful Life! Kick off your shoes and join the party, for a movie filled with amazing action, great heroes, fantastic villains, hilarious comedy, suspense, romance, excellent stunt work, a rich supporting cast, and awesome one-liners! [beat] What, you thought we were going to crap on Die Hard? The guy's tank top is in the Smithsonian, for cryin' out loud! This movie is friggin' perfect!
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    • The video for The Last of Us, which they say was rightfully praised as one of the best games of the year:
      Narrator: Experience the game critics tripped over themselves to shower with praise, and was a near-unanimous choice for Game of the Year, but... They're actually kind of right. The game is amazing. [beat] What? I've gotta be honest.
    • The Honest Trailer for the X-Men: The Animated Series describes it as the second-best animated superhero series ever (behind Batman: The Animated Series) and praises it for doing adaptations of classic X-Men comic stories that were better than or on par with the live-action movies.
    • The closest they come to criticizing in their video for The Empire Strikes Back is that sometimes Han's name is pronounced differently. Otherwise, the Narrator can't come up with anything.
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    • Their video for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing but singing its praises.
  • Switching series with CinemaSins to do "Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider Man 2" and doing an extremely good job with it (judging by the like/dislike ratios on the two videos, way better than CinemaSins did at doing an The Amazing Spider Man 2 Honest Trailer).
    • And then, a few years later, going for the hat trick and just straight up doing their own Honest Trailer for the film.
  • The entire trailer for Interstellar, including recapping everything that happens in the final act.
    Narrator: Go ahead. Tell us that didn't happen. It's not that we don't understand it. It's just really stupid.
  • During the trailer for Clash of Clans, instead of going to the usual Starring, the narrator refuses to give the cash-guzzling time waster of a game the trailer says it is any more free publicity and instead lists a bunch of other mobile games with better gameplay that cost $5 or less, such as Monument Valley, Calculords and Organ Trail. Or just setting an actual $5 bill on fire.
  • The trailer for the Spider-Man Trilogy really lets Mary Jane have it for doing little more than being a Designated Love Interest, two-time her boyfriends and get in trouble.
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  • The end of the Mortal Kombat trailer comes up, with it being time for the comments...and the narrator hands over to Shao Kahn to voice the comments. Bonus points for them actually bringing Kahn's voice actor from Mortal Kombat 9 to reprise the role for voicing the comments.
  • Getting Thor co-writer Zack Stentz to watch the Honest Trailer. He even manages to get in a couple jabs at Joss Whedon. Video here.
  • And then they did it again by inviting Anthony and Joe Russo to watch the Honest Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the movie Russo Brothers specifically constructed to be "Honest Trailer proof" because they were fans of the show. They did a pretty good job, as there's plenty of poking fun at the movie conventions on people not dying, and Cap joining people he really shouldn't trust. But at its core they say that they all "Kick a lot of ass, in a really well directed, entertaining movie."
  • Calling out the inherent Double Standard in criticizing the Race Lift of a fictional character in Fantastic Four (2015) but not criticizing the Race Lift of the Mexican-American Jessica Alba—a real person—in Fantastic Four (2005).
    Narrator: Make a Mexican woman put on a blonde wig and blue contacts to play Sue Storm, and no one bats an eye. But cast a Black guy as the Human Torch, and everyone loses their minds!
  • The utterly stinging way HT makes fun of other 2015 summer blockbusters in comparison to Mad Max: Fury Road.
    Narrator: Age of Ultron
    Immortan Joe: Mediocre!
    Narrator: Jurassic World
    Immortan Joe: Mediocre!
    Narrator: Terminator Genisys
    [cut to Furiosa screaming in anguish in the desert]
  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron Honest Trailer calling out how the toy tie-ins for the film eliminated Black Widow action figures by crediting Black Widow as "Good Luck Finding Her Action Figure."
  • The trailer for Superman has a moment where the narrator's son steps in and explains why Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel works using some surprisingly sound reasoning.
    Son: Actually, I really appreciated Kal's value for life being something he has to earn by being forced to take one. As a pantheon of American pop culture, Superman should evolve to reflect society for what it is, not what we wish it was.
    Narrator: Would you just get the f*ck out of my booth!?
  • The return of Gannon Nickell for their trailer of The Force Awakens, debating the pros and cons of the film with Jon Bailey. And who cameos at the end but Mr. Plinkett himself!
    Jon Bailey: Did we just become best friends?
    Gannon Nickell: Yes!
  • Van Even Wilder a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds himself reprising his role as Deadpool for the Deadpool (2016) Honest Trailer!
  • In the trailer for Game of Thrones, the Narrator threatens to kill someone if Joffrey didn't die in the upcoming Season 4. When that actually happened, he tried it again in the updated trailer made at the start of Season 6 for Ramsey. And it worked again!
  • Getting nominated for a freakin' Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Short Form Variety Series! And proceeding to mock the nominees in the Best Drama Series and Best Comedy Series...
  • Ghostbusters (2016):
    • They were brave enough to honestly tackle the issue of the film and address the controversy surrounding it. Not quite brave enough to allow comments, but still remarkable.
      Narrator: [after showing a video that showed that Donald Trump also criticized the Gender Flip of the movie] Wait, we're making a Ghostbusters video and calling out Trump? I am so getting doxed.
    • From the same video, the narrator calling out people for getting so agitated about the movie:
      Narrator: ♫ If something's lame, / and it ain't that good, / whatcha gonna do? / Don't watch it! ♫ And don't waste your time trolling the cast just because they agreed to be in a bad movie! You hate it? Well, fine then! Go support something original, why don't you?! Man, how did a Ghostbusters movie become the most political thing in America DURING AN ELECTION YEAR?!?! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!
    • This rant also indirectly comes to the defense of Leslie Jones, who was the victim of a coordinated series of racist attacks on Twitter shortly after the film was released, and left the usually indifferent Jones heartbroken.
  • Getting Michael Bolton to perform the parody songs for the Honest Trailer for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
  • The directors of John Wick reacting to the film's trailer. Just like the above mentioned Russo Brothers, they're big fans of the series and did their best to make the film "Honest Trailer proof."
  • Predicting that a lot of winners at the 2017 Oscars will make speeches about Donald Trump, they pre-emptively post the pejorative tweets they think Trump will make about the nominees, with Brock Baker doing a perfect Trump impression. "Thanks for joining us, Mr. President."
  • They got Ryan Reynolds back as Deadpool for the Logan trailer! And of course, the reason they called Deadpool was because they could barely find anything in the film to make fun of (particularly when talking about its emotional moments), and were hoping he would have something. Deadpool instead refuses to make any jokes about the film because he thought it was that awesome.
  • An unlikely entry into the "movie was actually cool" folder - Power Rangers (2017), even if it still has its fair share of lampooning.
    Narrator: So gear up for a movie that's more than a remake of a kids' show, because buried under its many cheesy moments, cheesy looking zords, and cheesy message about how the real Power Ranger was inside you all along, lies a really good high school drama that's really worth exploring in a sequel. Maybe one about rebuilding Angel Grove?... Why are you cheering? YOUR CITY IS IN RUINS!
  • For the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards nominees, Screen Junkies got Michael Bolton back along with Natasha Bedingfield, Brian McKnight and Paula Cole to sing parody theme songs for Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, This Is Us and The Handmaid's Tale, respectively.
  • For Kong: Skull Island they topped every previous example of film directors reacting to Honest Trailers of their movies and actually brought Jordan Vogt-Roberts to co-write and appear in the trailer itself, even offering legitimate criticism to his own film.
  • Their take on Cuphead foregoes Epic Voice Guy in favor of a 30s radio announcer voice, fitting entirely with the game's retro cartoon style.
  • In their trailer of Blade Trilogy, not only calling out those who mistakingly refer Black Panther as the first superhero movie with a black lead, but also those who mistakingly called Deadpool (2016) the first R-rated superhero movie, reminding everybody that Blade had beaten them to the punch by almost two decades. They also point out that Blade was Marvel's first succesful movie franchise, Ryan Reynold's first movie superhero role and the first Marvel movie with a solid origin story.
  • Their trailer for The Greatest Showman features them delivering a vicious What the Hell, Hero? to the movie for making up "historical" events that are completely false, and they call it hard on its romanticization of P.T. Barnum. In song.
    • Bonus points for being able to duplicate the singers voices to their new lyrics perfectly.
  • For the Jurassic Park games, they got Jeff Goldblum to be their guest and even read the comments himself!
  • Just the fact that they made two Honest Trailers for Doctor Who (one for the Classic Series and one for the Revival) is awesome enough. What really seals the deal is that almost none of the guys at Screen Junkies had watched the revival let alone the classic series. They apparently spent 6 months binging 50 years worth of show, and despite some hiccups, even diehard fans agree they nailed both trailers.
  • The Honest Trailer for Mary Poppins calls out Disney for the company's awful treatment of PL Travers, the writer of the original Mary Poppins novels, over the years; first, the company made an adaptation she hated so much that she had it written into her will that the company wouldn't touch the property again. Then, they made a movie that painted out Walt Disney as the hero and Travers as an impossible shrew, and then made a deal with the Travers estate after her death so a sequel could be made.
    Narrator: Chim-chim-chiree, that's mean!
  • In their trailer for Happy Death Day, the narrator himself gets stuck in the film's "Groundhog Day" Loop, and is ultimately forced to confess that he likes the film to get out of it.


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