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"Apparently this baby is fucking punch proof."

  • Gabriel. He's the main source for Black Comedy in Hideout Junction, as shown above. An even funnier occurrence is that all actions for every character is written in Third Person POV. When Gabriel is up though, all descriptions are written as if he is the one writing. You get wonderful statements like: Two plates of fish and chips, deep fried soft shell crab, fried calamari and some fucking pop corn shrimp.
  • Iouri's constant snarking of the Hayes siblings' antics.
    • "Are Tweedledee and Tweedledum arguing again?"
  • Storm gets in a few jabs himself, "Personally, Iouri could be a little more grateful for our sewer sanctuary."
  • Arc hitting on Iouri, and Iouri's attempts to shrug him off.
  • Inferno taunting Flaure about her and Vincent's sex life until Flaure is forced to cover her ears.
  • After having to fake her own death, Inferno witnesses Sage burying a doe and contemplates what the tombstone would say: "Loved to prance around the forest. Served deliciously when grilled."
  • Vincent so drunk out of his mind that he falls to the floor, pulling a curtain down with him, and having that curtain wrap around him.

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