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The band's original and most well known line-up (from left to right) Tim Fluckey (lead guitar), Mike Ransom (guitar), Dave Deroo (bassist), Mark Chavez (lead vocals), Kris Kohls (drums)
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Will you, walk me, to the edge again,
Shaking, lonely, and I am drinking again.
Woke up, tonight, and no one's here with me,
— "Giving In"

Adema is a Nu Metal band formed in 1999 from Bakersfield, California. They received prominent attention in 2001 with the release of their gold-selling, self-titled album Adema which catapulted the group to popularity during the 2001-2004 time frame, numerous gigs and shows such as Ozzfest and Korn's Family Values tours, as well as a place with other famous acts such as Linkin Park and Korn (the former of which lead singer Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn appeared in the music video for their song "The Way You Like It", and the latter of which lead singer Jonathan Davis is the older half-brother of Mark Chavez, Adema's former lead singer, and unfortunately a fact many refused to stop acknowledging).

The band is well known by fans and music goers alike as one of the most dedicated and hardest working bands in recent memory. They are also notoriously, and unfortunately, infamous for their apparent trouble of keeping lead singers. Back in 2003 at the release of their second studio album "Unstable" the band endured the departure of one of their guitarists Mike Ransom after a supposed fall out with lead singer Mark Chavez followed by being dropped by their first label, Arista Records, and then accumulated with the abrupt departure of Mark Chavez in early 2004.

The band, however, rebounded rather quickly. Later in 2004, the band held auditions for a new lead singer. Drummer Kris Kohls praticularly liked a three song demo by one Luke Caraccioli, frontman of indie band, Rewind Yesterday and reached out to him via cellphone call to have him try out. Incidentally, Luke's phone had been turned off, and didn't get Kris's message for an audition until two weeks later. Rewind Yesterday won a Battle of the Bands in Bakersfield, and Luke used the prize money to turn his cell back on, to which he finally received Kris's request, and accepted. Luke auditioned and made it to the final four and upon winning the deciding contest, won the position to be Adema's new lead singer. The following April in 2005, the band released their third studio album "Planets" via their new record label, Earache. The album release was followed by a tour overseas to Kuwait & Iraq to perform for the United States Army (something Luke, previously having served as a US Marine, made possible). This was followed by a tour across the states. The album produced three singles, "Shoot the Arrows", "Tornado", and "Planets", the later being featured on the soundtrack for the movie Cry_Wolf. Unfortunately, that Fall, Luke abruptly announced his departure from the band despite several shows still being booked. A supposed fall out had occurred between Luke and the band, and Luke left to return to Rewind Yesterday, leaving them without a lead singer.

Two years later, Adema found their third frontman in indie rock band Le Ve L frontman, Bobby Reeves and Le Ve L guitarist Ed Farris. This was followed by the release of the band's fourth studio album, "Kill The Headlights".

A year later, the band regrouped to go into a brief hiatus. Not long after, the band shocked and delighted fans with the announcement that both their former frontman, Mark Chavez and guitarist, Mike Ransom, were returning for a reunion tour. They also announced Mark and Mike would join the band in writing and releasing a fifth studio. Sadly, the reunion was short lived. Mike Ransom showed minimal interest in the tour, and left not long after. Mark Chavez himself then left yet again due to personal differences with the band, leaving fans disappointed and heartbroken.

During the 2011-2016 period, guitarist, Tim Fluckey, assumed dual-roles in the band as both it's guitarist and lead singer, with long standing members; bassist Dave Deroo, and drummer Kris Kohls. They kept the band together, determined not to give up on their dedicated, and very vocal and supportive fans, and continued making music. In early 2013, they released an EP called "Topple The Giants. The EP featured three new tracks: Topple the Giants, Lions, and Revolution, and featured re-recorded tracks of their hit singles, including Immortal, Giving In, Unstable, and Planets. The EP was accompanied by a tour that Summer which Mike Ransom also made a return to the band. Sadly, despite persistent rumors, Mark Chavez did not return to the band however.

In 2017, the band surprised fans on their official fan page on Facebook with a video recording session with Mark Chavez, and announced he was back with the band. For a time, fans were overjoyed, and Chavez played with the band on tour during the year.

Shortly thereafter, the band fell silent on social media throughout all 2018 and into the second half of 2019.

Fans were deeply concerned about what the band's silence entailed.

In Summer 2019, the band FINALLY made an update with a graphic showing a silhouetted image of the band with five members. Fans easily recognized Tim, Dave, Kris, and Mike. The four men also signed the update post. Fans were quick to the note the absence of a fifth name, Mark Chavez. Shortly thereafter, confirming ongoing rumors, the band announced Mark Chavez left the band AGAIN. The band, however, announced that JulienK & Dead By Sunrise frontman, Ryan Shuck of Orgy fame, would perform vocal duties for the band during a tour that fall. Fan reception to Ryan Shuck, a long-time friend of many members of the band, not to mention a former bandmate of Deroo & Fluckey's along with Jonathan Davis in the band Sex Art, was tremendously positive. In response, Ryan decided to stay on with the band, and has since remained as their lead singer. Ryan brought the band's sound much closer to how it was during the release of their first, self-titled album. They eventually released two brand new tracks, "Ready to Die" in 2021, and "Violent Principles" in 2022. A third brand new track, "You Wanted This" was made available for purchase exclusively on their 2023 Nu-Metal Madness 2 tour via an EP which also included the former two new songs. The band has revealed that the tracks are a taste of things to come with their upcoming, long-awaited fifth album, now titled "360 Degrees of Separation".

Their lineup consists of:

  • Ryan Shuck - lead vocals (2019-)
  • Tim Fluckey - lead guitar, lead vocals
  • Mike Ransom - guitar and backing vocals (2000-2003, 2009-2010, 2013-)
  • Dave Deroo - bass and backing vocals
  • Kris Kohls - drums and backing vocals

Former member(s)

  • Mark Chavez - lead vocals (1999-2004, 2010-early 2011, 2017-2019)
  • Luke Caraccioli - lead vocals (2005)
  • Bobby Reeves - lead vocals (2007-2009)
  • Ed Faris - guitar (2007-2009)
  • Marc DeLeon - guitar (2011-2013), briefly bass in 2011 when Dave had legal issues.


  • 2001 - Adema
  • 2002 - Insomniac's Dream EP
  • 2003 - Unstable
  • 2005 - Planets
  • 2007 - Kill The Headlights
  • 2013 - Topple The Giants EP note 
  • 2023 - The Cerberus EP [[note]] features the singles "Ready to Die" and "Violent Principles" along with a third track You Wanted This
  • TBA - 360 Degrees of Separation

Adema has the following trope examples

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     Song tropes 
  • Album Title Drop:
    • "Unstable", the song "Unstable", does this in the chorus
    • "Planets", the song "Planets", does this in the chorus
    • "Kill The Headlights", the song "Waiting for the Daylight" does this in the second verse of the song in the second line
  • Alternative Metal
  • Audience Participation Song: Mark Chavez was very big on audience participation during the songs "Freaking Out" , "Needles" and "The Way You Like It" when he would allow audience members to sing the lyrics "The way you like it" when holding the microphone towards them. Tim, Dave, and Kris are firm upholders of audience participation as well, even more than Mark ever was.
  • Cover Version: They've done Alice in Chains' "Nutshell on their "Insomniac's Dream" EP, "The Thing That Should Not Be" as a hidden track in "Planets", and "Sweet Child Of Mine" live
  • Precision F-Strike: Their first album had quite a few in "Freaking Out", "The Way You Like It", "Do What You Wanna Do", and "Drowning". Mark Chavez was a huge fan of including a "fuck" in just about any song he sung live.
    • Mike Ransom dropped a total of eight "fucks" in rapid succession in a Behind the Scenes video in the Unstable CD package.
  • Atomic F-Bomb: In "Freaking Out" and "Do What You Wanna Do"
    • Again Mike Ransom dropped quite a few in a Behind The Scenes video with the band in an extra disc in the Unstable album.
    • Guttural Growler: Mark was an absolute god at this live. This is also noticeable in the song "Drowning" which opens up with Mark dropping a ten second growl, the song "Needles" from "Unstable" and noticeably in later parts of the B side song "Someone Else's Lies"
    • In the song "Sevenfold" from the band's album "Planets", one can hear Luke dropping amazing growls during the chorus leading up to the guitar solos.
  • Intercourse with You: In the song "Speculum" which sadly enough is about an abortion situation in which the wife doesn't tell the husband about it. One lyric explicitly says "if you could forgive I'd like to rest with you someday".
  • Last Note Nightmare: A running tread with a lot of their songs. "Blow It Away", "Freaking Out", "Planets", "Estrellas" among the prominent examples.
  • The Masochism Tango: The thematic of Unstable's title track.
  • Rap Metal: Heavily associated often with the genre, but they refused to believe so.
  • Take That!: "The Way You Like It" is clearly a "take that", one to anybody that doubted Mark Chavez's hopes of making it big. The lyrics "they would always say I'd never be shit, but look at me now!"

     Video tropes 
  • Bullet Time: Instances in the music video for "Unstable" where Mark and a woman (supposedly playing his girlfriend or wife) are floating in the air during a hurricane or storm of sorts and are dodging flying objects.
  • The Cameo: Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn on Linkin Park appear to allow Adema access to the club at the end of the video for "The Way You Like It".
  • Potty Emergency: In the music video for "The Way You Like It", Kris desperately has to go to the bathroom but gets tossed out of the men's room. He ends up going to the ladies' room and using the sink as a urinal, and one of the women seems to smile at him while wearing lipstick.

     Misc tropes 
  • Genre Shift: From Nu Metal to Grunge to Alternative Metal. The band noticeably changes styles of rock with the release of every cd and when they undergo a change in lead singers.
  • Long-Runner Line-up: Oh boy. Only Tim, Dave, and Kris have remained together to hold the band camp up since it's inception. Mark Chavez was with the band since inception and then left in 2004 and returned in 2010 only to leave a year later.
  • Nu Metal: They were normally classified as such back in the day, but never believed themselves to be. They clearly aren't anymore however, if they ever were.