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  • In 2010, rumors spread that Mark Chavez and Mike Ransom had returned to Adema. It wasn't until August 2010 that those rumors were confirmed by the band themselves. Fans nationwide were ecstatic to hear the return of the long lost lead singer and guitarist. They embarked on a reunion tour and were stated to be headed into the studio with a full LP AND a CD with all their previously unreleased tracks including the underground favorite "Someone Else's Lies". Sadly, it wasn't meant to last.....
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  • For Chavez fans, the announcement back in 2005 after months of silence that he would be releasing an EP with his new solo act "Midnight Panic" to be released later in the year. Fans were ecstatic and were happy to see him back on the scene. Sadly, THAT wasn't meant to last either and to this day, only a handful of lucky souls possess the Midnight Panic EP which has become a valued and much sought after Mark Chavez memorabilia.
  • Bobby Reeves singing a cover of Guns'N'Roses's "Sweet Child of Mine" live during their 2007-2008 tour certainly qualifies.
  • During one of their shows in 2002, Linkin Park during their final song "One Step Closer" invited the lead singers of Puddle of Mudd and Mark Chavez's Adema (Mark is also a close friend of Chester's) to help him perform the "SHUT UP" part. Words cannot describe the gravity of awesomeness of that moment.
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  • It wasn't meant to last, but if you were an Adema fan in Summer 2010 and you heard the news Mark Chavez and Mike Ransom returned to the band then you were absolutely over the moon happy.
  • The announcement after five years of high anticipation and wait that the band would be releasing their fifth studio album "Topple The Giants" AND feature new versions of "Giving In" and "The Way You Like It" sung by Tim Fluckey.
  • Tim, Dave, and Kris themselves are just nonstop crowning moments of awesome at live shows and are known to chill and converse with fans after the shows. They're even offering their upcoming album autographed to everyone that pre-orders.

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