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Music / Alien Ant Farm

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I want you to be free,
Don't worry about me,
And just like the movies,
We play out our last scene...

Alien Ant Farm is an American rock band that formed in Riverside, California in 1996, best known for their cover of the Michael Jackson song "Smooth Criminal". Although initially grouped in with the nu metal movement of the late 90s and early 2000s, the band's sound also crosses over into other genres, such as alternative rock, alternative metal, punk rock, post-grunge, pop punk and even Latin. The band's influences include Primus and Faith No More.


  • Dryden Mitchell: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar (1996-present)
  • Mike Cosgrove: drums, percussion (1996-present)
  • Terry Corso: lead guitar, backing vocals (1996-2003, 2008-present)
  • Tim Peugh: bass guitar, backing vocals (2014-present)


  • Joe Hill: guitar, backing vocals (2004-2008, 2012)
  • Alex Barreto: bass guitar (2006-2008)
  • Tye Zamora: bass guitar, keyboards, piano, Kalimba, percussion, backing vocals (1996-2006, 2008-2014)

Touring Musicians

  • Victor Camancho: guitar (2003)
  • Michael Anaya: guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (2014-present)


  • Greatest Hits (1999)
  • ANThology (2001)
  • Truant (2003)
  • Up in the Attic (2006)
  • Always and Forever (2015)

Tropes associated with Alien Ant Farm:

  • Affectionate Parody: The music video for "Smooth Criminal" has many Michael Jackson parodies and Shout Outs, including an obligatory one for "Thriller" and several to Billie Jean
  • Alternative Metal: Their first album fell into this category, though their later material edged more into alternative rock.
  • Break Up Song: "Movies", as indicated by the choice verse atop this page.
  • Careful with That Axe: Their cover of "Smooth Criminal" starts off with a full-volume scream to make sure the listener is paying attention.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Parody: In the video for Movies, the gang dress as Oompa Loompas and play lollipop guitars. In addition, one of the moviegoers (whom is even dressed like Violet Beauregarde) turns into a blueberry.
  • Cover Version: Alien Ant Farm has the dubious distinction of being a one-hit wonder whose hit was not their own song, but a cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal". It was originally hidden on their debut album using synonyms: "Slick Thief".
  • Lead Bassist: Former bassist Tye Zamora, known not only for being skilled technically, but also because of his stage presence, and that he was the one making the Michael Jackson-noises in Smooth Criminal.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Neither Greatest Hits nor ANThology are compilation albums, despite the titles.
  • Nu Metal: One of the original bands in this genre, played at the height of its popularity.
  • Shout-Out:
    • "Movies" contains multiple vignettes played out by the band including sequences from:
    • "Smooth Criminal" has several shout outs to different iconic music video moments from Michael Jackson, specifically the lean from "Smooth Criminal", the freeze frame and light-up floors from "Billie Jean", and the dance from Michael Jackson's Thriller.