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  • Tim, Dave, and Kris have time after time and again have found themselves in predicaments where their break-up seems immediate; the departure of Mark Chavez....twice, being dropped from two record labels and one record label closing with them still under it, and some personal issues, but the trio fathers of the band have stated as long as the fans want this, they will never quit on them.
  • The song "Remember" which concerns the passing of Dave Deroo's mother is perhaps the band's most heartwarming song. The final lines in the song just melt your heart as the song closes out with Dave himself whispering the final word "I remember the words that you said, they remained as I sat by your bed, life sometimes fades away, liiife sooommetimes fades awaaaaaayyy."
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  • The band's cover of Alice In Chain's "Nutshell". Mark Chavez himself was stated to be in mourning with the untimely passing of the band's lead singer Layne Staley and opted to sing a song in his memory. Fans of both bands have praised the cover and see it as a fitting memorial to the late lead singer.
  • The song "Fortunate" from Unstable is an entire ballad with Mark Chavez pouring his love for his newborn son. Lyrics like "I love my child, he's got his mama's smile, I'm so fortunate" just warm your heart and the instrumentals are simply sublime.
    • For all his faults, this song actually offers some insights into one of the reasons countless defenders of Mark Chavez have stated why he left the band twice. It's fairly obvious with lyrics like "I miss you more than you ever know, I wish I could just leave and come home", it's apparent he never saw his family often and severely missed them and possibly wanted to see them more.
  • Tim, Dave, and Kris are the living, breathing, walking embodiment of this trope. They could have stopped their jobs all together and call things quits after so many close calls, but they absolutely refused as they're not in it for the fame or fortune, they're in it for the fans.
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  • In 2017, after some time of inactivity, the band posted a video of a rehersal. What's heartwarming? Mark is back again!. For bonus points, the video is filmed by their former guitarist Marc DeLeon, showing they're still friends with him.

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