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Nightmare Fuel / Adema

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  • "Needles" has to be the band's most terrifying song, and that's saying a lot. Not to mention its Nausea Fuel of the song unsettling for those with fears of needles.
  • The song "Drowning" is a very unsettling song in which Mark sings about somebody that's at their breaking point and now wishes to commit murder by drowning someone that did them wrong. Lyrics like "I wish I could watch you drown and die and take my time" are greatly unnerving. Hell, the opening for the song is a rapidly increasing drum beat that then leads into Chavez screaming in feral manner for at least six seconds.
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  • The music video for "Giving In" is greatly disturbing. It shows what looks like an attempt at rape, all whilst a little girl is watching and a video detailing a car accident and the top half of somebody flying out the door. Other scenes include a couple making love in front of one of their family...and a guy whose smirking at the whole scenerio in Creepy Uncle manner, the aftermath of a car crash with Chavez embracing a girl covered in ash and a man locked inside a water tube banging for the woman outside to let him out which she clearly doesn't look like she will.
  • Freaking Out is another unsettling song in that it talks about a clearly distraught and disturbed kid finally having reached his breaking point. And if you thought the original was scary, they did a remix in collaboration with Chris Vrenna which is 100 times scary with a more Marilyn Manson kind of sound to it all ending off which a slowly receding psycho cord at the end.
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  • Estrellas, the final track on the "Planets" album before the hidden cover for "The Thing That Shouldn't Be" is an instrumental track featuring only a piano playing an ominous tune for thirty seconds before ending off on a long, deep note.

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