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     Original Generation 


  • Bill Cipher being called an "Egyptian nacho" by Valecor in Season 40.
  • In Season 44, the entire Legion of Doom got a bad case of Cabin Fever, and sang a song about it. After it ended, they all agreed to never acknowledge it or bring it up again.
  • In Season 59, when Detective Gamechanger tried to set his song for his sparring match against Scipion, it randomly played Never Gonna Give You Up across his whole base.
    Tabby Girl 4: I got rickrolled in 2019, congrats.
  • Before joining the Legion, Medusa makes a small snarky remark about how the High Commands before she joined are all men. (Or male-coded in Bill Cipher's and Lucemon's case.)
  • Sometime before Season 69, the Legion of Doom realize that Kavaxas was still left in the Voidlands when they collapsed, killing him there. Their sole reaction is to awkwardly acknowledge it while "Temptation Sensation" played in the background.


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