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Tear Jerker / Hideout Junction

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"I just…wanted her to have a normal life. Me, Vincent, living in Crystal Coast, school buses, shitty PTA meetings, even the angsty fights when she becomes a teenager. That stupid normalcy. She deserves that, not to be hunted down like some animal."

  • Vincent visiting his mother's grave for the first time and discovering how she died. Salvatore's actions here are even heartbreaking.
  • The fight between Flaure and Vincent can be particularly gut wrenching. It shows just how distant each sibling is from each other, in contrast to the closeness of the Hayes siblings.
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  • As quoted above, Inferno expressing worry at the possibility of her daughter being born and having to hide from The Company forever, never having a normal childhood.
  • Storm's guilt at thinking Indra's death is his fault. Not helped by the fact that their parents DID blame him.
  • Pretty much anytime Inferno and Vincent meet after Salvatore kidnaps him
    • He twisted his wedding band off of his finger and held it out. Watching tears stream down her face was painful, but he didn’t let his emotions overpower him. He had to be stronger. "This is the symbol of a promise that I made to you, but I can no longer keep it. Perhaps when this is over, you’ll find me in a different light."
  • Flaure's last encounter with Salvatore in Crystal Coast. Her utter confusion at being held by her father and being told the true fate of her mother pushes her to tears.

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