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Tearjerker / Glowfic

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     Effulgence Continuity 
  • Expect this everywhere, but particularly from Jokers' backgrounds, crossed with Nightmare Fuel.
  • Path being captured by a racist torturer forcing Kas and Petaal to separate and rescue him.
  • Alice's despair over Stella because of the van accident
  • Shell. She is tortured and kept in a box by a person with People Puppet powers for 50 years. She comes out of it only remembering that "Somebody loved me once."
  • Chelise. Sure, she's a Chelsea, but damn if her suicide isn't sad.
  • Voice. Even though he was a torturer in the afterlife and a serial killer in life, he's so obviously miserable that you just have to feel sorry for him.

     Incandescent Continuity 
  • The general background for Adarins and Zevis include a mentally unstable mother, an abdsentee father and many people trying to exploit them.
  • Rain never had a Veron.
  • Conduit saved 3 millions people from a massive volcanic eruption - her thoughts upon getting a medal?
    She doesn’t feel anything in particular about the medal. Just - sorry that she didn’t manage to save more.

     Silmaril Continuity 
  • Maitimo's largest template attractor is getting horrifically tortured by the Enemy until he just passively wants to die every second of every day afterwards. Said torture includes but is not limited to: hallucinations of rescue played over and over again until he doesn't believe it when it actually happens, getting his hair forcibly cut off, and being sexually assaulted by Sauron, who makes himself look like Maitimo's boyfriend Findekáno. More than one interdimensional visitor (the only way to throw an Arda off the rails) has cited Maitimo as their largest reason to work towards making the Enemy dead.
    • In Maedhros' instance, he is also afterwards presented with the nightmarish situation of possibly having to go back, conditional entirely on the goodwill of Loki, who isn't particularly close to him, has been offered an excellent incentive, and is demonstrably unaffected by personal sentiment.
  • And then Kib also gets captured by the Enemy.
  • Rebecca's template attractor is that she is a young girl in a disadvantaged position in society who is sexually abused, impregnated and forcibly separated from her daughter. She also tends to believe that the bad things that happen to her are her fault for not being careful enough.
    • Epic's forensic conjuring reveals that without intervention Rebeccas die before reaching age 20 (the standard human ones at least) and their babies die before hitting one year old.

     Witchlight Continuity 
  • Tamara's son Kevin is kidnapped and turned into a vampire by his father Charles - Tamara kills him herself by sheer reflex.

     Other Continuities 
  • Jean Dulac's antics often alternate between this and Funny Moments. The reason he fits under here is because he pretty clearly has at least a couple Ambiguous Disorders that he confesses severely limit his ability to actually care about people, and make it impossible for him to live a normal life. There are several Sandboxes where he's incredibly psychologically unstable, either from losing his sister or the setting itself exacerbating his issues in some way.

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