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DynaMarisa 3D is doujin Third-Person Shooter game by Twilight Frontier. It stars Marisa Kirisame and doing what she does best: blowing stuff up. DynaMarisa 3D is essentially Touhou meets Earth Defense Force, but it does have some merits of its own to set some gameplay differences from the game it's based on. As the "3D" in the title implies, the game be played with stereographic 3D visuals if the user's PC uses a video card that supports it.

The story premise of DynaMarisa 3D has Marisa trying to break into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to "borrow" some books from Patchouli Knowledge's library, as usual. However, this would be the day when Marisa's book-borrowing days would be turned up-side down as she is surrounded by heavily-armed fairies and ant-like robots all under Patchouli's command. Under her orders, her army of robots and fairies lets loose with a barrage of gunfire to teach Marisa a lesson. Humiliated, Marisa flees from the scene but she wasn't giving up without a fight as she swore revenge against Patchouli to take down her legion of mooks by forming army of faires of her own and arming herself to the teeth with an arsenal of weapons, thus the Patchouli Defense Force was formed.


The game was released on May 1st, 2011 for Windows PC during Comic 1☆5. The game later received a fan-made English patch by the translators of Labyrinth of Touhou, which can be downloaded here (requires v1.02).

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