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Video Game / New Super Marisa Land

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Marisa should have brought a Fuzzy. Or the Reimu Suit.
New Super Marisa Land is a 2010 Platform Game by Twilight Frontier, creators of PatchCon! Defend the Library! and Mega Mari. It is the direct sequel to Super Marisa Land, and like its predecessor, is a hybrid of Touhou and Super Mario Bros.. You play as Marisa, who has her mushroom collection stolen by the Three Mischievous Fairies. She must track them down all throughout Gensokyo, coming across various members of the Touhou cast, and beating the tar out of them.

Not to be confused with Super Marisa World, a Super Mario World-styled Touhou fan-game by Double Cluster, or the Super Mario Bros. game that this game's English title comes from.

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