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  • Arguably, the way Evan reacts to Alex's plight: immediately going over to his house to talk it over, tell him he's not alone in this, and see what he can do about it.
  • Likewise, Vinnie comforting a hysterical Evan over the phone in "OUTSIDE HELP".
    Vince: Evan? We're gonna get through this, okay? I promise.
    Evan: ...Thanks.
    Vince: We're gonna keep going, we're gonna keep pushing, we're gonna make it through.
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  • The Hybrid crew saying in the November 27th Ustream that the reason they're still sane is all thanks to their fans, as well as each other.
  • On 12/9/10, Jeff tweeted the following: "Sitting in a restaurant, it becomes apparent that this is the ideal, dysfunctional family. Maybe not nuclear but definitely radioactive." Power of Friendship, indeed.
  • A Day in the Life. The whole thing gives a perfectly realistic vibe of a bunch of friends getting together and having goofy, silly fun.
  • Evan's message to Damsel/Steph and their unborn child in Twenty-four months.
  • "L'esprit de l'escalier". Evan comes to visit Vinnie while briefly uninHABITed. Vinnie arms himself with a pipe wrench, warily keeping Evan at arm's length while he rants and raves. Then Evan breaks down crying in despair, apologizing to Vinnie for not being able to keep him safe in the coming days; in response, Vinnie puts down the wrench, walks over to Evan and puts a hand on his shoulder, calling him "Brother" for the first time in months.
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  • Lexi. Vinnie gets one from HABIT of all people, who tells him that, while he did bring his girlfriend into the mess they were in and get her killed, he can't be blamed.
    HABIT: Not your fault. Look at me... Not your fault. It's not your fault to want to be human, to want to reach out to people — that's what you guys do. You're very social creatures; you're all about the togetherness and shit like that. You can't blame yourself for the fact that she was eaten by a monster.
  • Vincent and Evan's "reunion" in "Le premier cours". Once they both establish that the other isn't inHABITed, they share a tearful bear hug (while Evan repeatedly apologizes to Vinnie for hurting him as HABIT).
  • "christmas." Vinnie reassuring Evan (who is so mindscrewed from being possessed that he isn't sure anymore where HABIT starts and he stops) that HABIT is the monster, not Evan.
    • Evan (despite his state) trying to cheer up Vinnie by suggesting they play video games like old times.
    • Their mutual "Merry Christmas."
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  • in "two thousand three hundred and ninety-five" Vinny calls out Habit for not going the distance and torturing him more. Habit reveals exactly why he's been going easy on Vinny physically. He believes Vinny can help him kill Slenderman After Habit convinces him it's not impossible he sounds determined. HABIT not only cares about Vinnie in his own twisted way but seems to believe in him too.
  • The gang's (minus Steph) Big Damn Reunion in the final video, "Introductions", set to Johnny Cash's cover of "We'll Meet Again". The "universal avatar" versions of Evan and Jeff, accompanied by Dr. Corenthal, seek out Vinny (whose most recent iteration died by the God Killer knife — thrown by Evan's hand) in the Eden. They find him under a representation of the Baldpate Mountain tree. Evan offers Vin a hand, helping him to his feet, and Jeff fist-bumps him — showing that they've forgiven him for all the terrible actions he committed in the last iteration.
    • After acknowledging the guys, Vin approaches Corenthal and tearfully admits, "I fucked up, Dad." The Doc responds by putting his arms around Vin, and they embrace. The video ends with the entire group walking off together, likely into a new, and better iteration.
    • In a bit of a "Ray of Hope" Ending, Vinny instructs the cameraman, (Rabbit #151), to leave their camera behind under the tree — symbolizing that he's officially abandoned his role as "The Voyeur". It leaves the distinct impression that the next iteration is going to be better, and that Vincent is closer to breaking the cycle (and possibly becoming Dr. Corenthal himself).
      • Fridge Heartwarming: Patrick Andersen explains in the audio recording that by recording everything that happens and encouraging the viewers to watch (whether directly or through reverse psychology), Vinny was pulling the audience into the loop, creating countless new victims of the "cycle". By leaving the camera behind and refusing to film whatever comes next, he's essentially freeing the audience. It's the one thing he can do to make up for the damage he caused.
    • Although some Fridge Horror might set in when you consider the one who uploaded the video, and added the music, could only be HABIT, since he's the only one left to do so. The song is likely his way of saying he'll be back to terrorize the boys again in the next iteration.

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