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Tear Jerker / Everyman HYBRID

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  • A few, mostly involving Alex and Jeff.
    • The email about their parents.
    • Sparky's death.
  • For those who have loved ones suffering from mental illness or instability, watching Alex's degradation (especially when he begins talking to the sock puppet and claiming it's Sparky) can be very difficult.
  • And now we have Jessie's death. The fact that she was ripped apart (thankfully, we're not shown this), as well as Evan's utter shell-shock at the incident makes things so much worse.
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  • Jeff and Alex are dead now too, and Evan is completely possessed, leaving Vince as the last one left.
  • As of "WAKE UP," it turns out that Evan's not completely possessed...and HABIT left him to break down over the aftermath of what he did.
    • Evan entering the attic room where HABIT tortured his victims. He puts down the camera, determined not to broadcast his discovery...only to stagger back into the frame moments later, completely shellshocked. Then the audio cuts out, and we're treated to several minutes of Evan silently screaming and crying as he pounds his fists into the floor.
    • Evan remembering the atrocities he committed as HABIT. The anguish and self-loathing in his voice is nothing short of heartbreaking.
      • Worst of all is his confession that HABIT made him eat his own baby daughter. If you aren't numb with horror, you'll be in tears.
        "All the life is gone. No more light. No more, no more remembering. (pause) I'm going to kill myself tomorrow... Thank you, but I think this monster's had enough. Bye."
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    • One final kick in the teeth: based on Evan's memories, HABIT made Jeff cry and beg for his life, just like he promised he would.
  • "L'esprit de l'escalier". Evan visits Vinny during a period of clarity, and it becomes painfully clear that Vinny is destined to be HABIT's next victim — and there is nothing that either of them can do to prevent it.
    Evan: Vinny...I tried.
    Vinny: Tried what, Evan?
    Evan: I tried to keep you safe.
    Vinny: (puts a hand on Evan's shoulder) I don't think anything's gonna do it at this point, brother.
    Evan: (quiet voice) I'm sorry.
  • Evan's tearful, "Vinny, you're the only person I have" before going through with Vin's plan to summon HABIT.
  • Amuse Bouche is more or less the usual habits of HABIT we come to know and love to hate: Guy gets kidnapped? Check. Guy is confused? What else. Guy gets killed? Wouldn't be a HABIT video without it. There is some symbolic explanation of the shit going down that we're left to figure out on our own, but it's mostly the usual HABIT-centered entry. However, the ending strikes an especially uncomfortable chord: as HABIT chokes his newest victim to death, Vinny is left to watch in fear. The exchange at the very end is pretty tear-jerking to someone who's seen nasty arguments brew between spouses.
    Vinny: Why are you doing this?! He has nothing to do with this!
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  • "Le Premier Cours": When Evan realizes he can't remember his dad or his sister; you can see his spirit die a little more when he says "He took them from us."
  • "Three's Company": Vinny drugging an innocent man, and himself, while tearfully insisting that he's not a bad person.
    • That's not just any innocent man: it's Shaun Andersen. And HABIT is using him as bait to lure in his brother, Michael.
  • Blue Room All of it. Especially the flashbacks to the happier times.
  • In "Christmas", Evan being so mindscrewed that he's not sure any more where HABIT starts and he stops.
    • In the same episode Vinnie calling himself a monster and Evan (despite his state) trying to cheer up Vinny by suggesting they play video games like old times.
  • In two thousand three hundred ninety-five, Vinny loses all hope that he'll ever be truly free of all the supernatural shit infesting his life and kills himself. He gets better.
  • At the end of "Sleeping dogs lie", we finally see what Vinny did after he was finally released from Apt. 3103 — he collapses into the grass and breaks down crying.
  • "The drive west", amid all the mind screws, is a very melancholy episode — with some exceptionally painful moments:
    • Vincent talking about his guilt — especially over Shaun's death.
    • Vin having to drive past Hoagie Haven, the sandwich shop where he and his friends ate on many occasions both before and after their lives started going to hell. And just to twist the knife, he is forced to stop at a red light directly in front of it. He jokes about being tempted to go in and get a delicious sandwich, but the following line makes it clear how he's really feeling.
      Vin: [sighs] I haven't even thought of that place in years. [sighs again] 'Nother time, 'nother place.
    • That's nothing compared to what awaits him farther up the road.
      Jeff: Hey Vin, you ready?
      • As if that weren't bad enough, he later runs into a bloody, wounded version of Jeff in the woods, begging him to save him and Alex. Just to twist the knife further, as Vince runs the other way, he screams after him, "YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING SAVED US!"
      • And then (because once isn't enough), the powers that be torment him with yet another vision of a bloody, limping Jeff on a beach. It makes just as much sense in context — and it's as heartbreaking (and horrifying) to Vince as it is to the viewers.
      • Try re-watching the episode after viewing "All good things", in which we learn the real role Vince played in the deaths of Jeff and his brother. It becomes much, much worse.
  • "All good things" might just be the saddest episode in the entire series. HABIT reveals that he wants Vinny to kill Evan via the God Killer weapons they just created. Vinny understandably refuses to do this, but is rendered moot when HABIT releases Evan from his control, who reveals he knows just how badly Vinny's fucked up. The end result is a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown between the two of them, which has the two former best friends covered in blood screaming and cursing at each other. Ultimately, Vinny and Evan kill each other with the knife and gun respectively, the final shot of the video showing the two dying right next to each other.
    • While Evan is whaling on Vinny, he reveals the secrets HABIT told him; what Vinny has been keeping from his friends, and the audience, the entire time: Vinny isn't the Everyman or the Guardian; he's the Voyeur. He was aware of the bigger picture of what was happening (almost) the entire time, and helped set in motion nearly everything they've suffered — all the while lying, misleading, and even editing their footage to keep everyone ignorant of his role in things. He goaded the boys into continuing to film and investigate (despite Jeff's protestations), and subtly encouraged the viewers to get involved. He also set up the hidden cameras in the boys' houses, to ensure that everything was captured on film. Worst of all, he deliberately sent Alex to his death by the Slender Man, because the Rake had told Alex not to trust him. He also sent Jeff to pick up Evan alone, knowing that Evan was becoming possessed by HABIT. It was his role from the start to film from a comfortable distance, while the others suffered and lost their lives — and he did everything in his power to keep it that way. Vinny, you bastard.
    • As the icing on the cake, he continues to taunt Evan while Evan is dying from his knife wound, calling him a "monster" and reminding him of everything he's done — while painting himself as a hero. Never My Fault, thy name is Vincent.
    • As if that weren't bad enough, Vinny shoots Evan in the stomach after taunting him. Damn....
    • "You were supposed to protect us..."
    • From a meta standpoint, the fact that every single character that we've come to love and care about in the series is dead. And not all at once at the hands of a World-Wrecking Wave or any sort of method, but picked off one at a time through slow, agonizing torturous methods at the hands of sadistic monsters. There's no "Ray of Hope" Ending or any sign that anyone has survived a la Marble Hornets. Not even the bad guy's human host made it out alive. The series ends on a somber, but definite tone that tells us that nobody is coming back to tell us what happened. And that's that.
      • Subverted in the final video...if only slightly. It's hinted that this "ending" is just a new beginning. However, the viewers aren't going to see what happens next. We'll never know if the boys succeed at breaking the cycle, or if they're doomed to live it out for eternity.
  • The "TOWER ON THE LAKE" audio file from Box #7. Vincent gets a call from Patrick Andersen. It turns out he's trapped in a reincarnation cycle that runs parallel to the iteration cycle the boys are experiencing. However, he's been living it out for much longer — and, unlike the boys, he remembers everything. While his words are as snarky as ever, you can just feel the weariness and despair in his voice. If anything can make you feel pity for a sociopathic monster, Patrick's words will surely do the trick.
    • Moreover, it's hinted that he doesn't just remember individual iterations: he has full awareness of the cycle itself, how it works, and the people involved, all of the time. He has to live out each iteration knowing full well that his human "identity" is nothing more than a meat suit, that his family isn't his real family, and that everyone around him is fated to get drawn into the Slender Man's web and die a horrific death, and there's nothing he can do to prevent or change that. And he's exhausted. What's worse, the only people who could possibly understand what he's going through never remember him or understand what's going on until it's too late. Vin doesn't even remember the phone call (nor does he get to hear it at any point) in the next iteration.
      • There's also the implication that this is going to continue for a very long time. While he hints that there might be a way for Vincent and the boys to "win" and break the cycle, it isn't going to happen any time in the foreseeable future: he's already seen the next several iterations (including the most recent), and Vincent fails in all of them. What's worse, Dr. Corenthal, the one person on their side who might be able to help them break the cycle, apparently doesn't have much longer in the game...
    • The reveal that every single person who has watched the channel, and everyone who has participated in the game, is in some sense a victim of the "cycle". Including us.
      "You’re not like me. See, my whole fuckin' thing is I know they get stronger. The more that we spread the knowledge of their existence, it's- A fucking virus loop, man, it feeds them. It’s more toys in their fuckin' toy box. Every soul you touch, every friend, family member, lover, and stranger that you interact with, willing or not, you roped them fucking into this, they’re all a part of this and they’re all trying- Goddammit, man."

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