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  • Weapons. Okay, so the crew seems to have a little bit of pocket change (not that much, but enough for what I'm thinking). Why don't they invest in some practical or heavy weaponry. Not necessarily guns, that would be a disaster waiting to happen, but c'mon. Consider the Rake, at least. How do you defend against that? Knives will do nothing to keep him from shredding you with his cursed infected claws, even if they eventually get him to back off or even kill him. Think of it this way—what would you do to defend yourself against a cougar or a bear? Because what they'd be going up against would be about as formidable in a straight fight. Something to keep it at arms reach like a spear (makeshift, probably) or a really heavy and long club sort of thing would be more effective than a knife. Though really, given the close quarters, ambushes, and paranormal surprises they face a shield of some kind might be more useful. Body armor too, it can't hurt to be paranoid. Ranged weapons would be good if they weren't so dangerous with all the mind-control reality-shifting going on. If they wanted to be really effective, a flamethrower would be good for probing freaky areas quickly (again, walking disaster). These are just some thoughts on, y'know, reasonable precautions. And I do mean reasonable—the shit they're going through is absolutely batshit ridiculously dangerous.
    • Now, granted, some or all of that would detract from the whole Cosmic Horror Story tone and everything, but given how resourceful these guys are it would probably be in character to explore the possibility. Even then, a plain old hockey stick or trash can lid wouldn't be that out-of-tone than all the knives.
  • Slender Man and the Rake, in the same story?
    • Some people think it's genius, considering that the SA thread Slenderman originated from also contained the Rake (on the same page, even, if I remember correctly).
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    • Now Candle Cove's shown up and Slendy and hell, even the Rake have been a bit Out of Focus. This is getting to be a bit much for one series to conceivably handle well.
      • While I think the series is doing a good job of being unique, I agree that the Creepypasta buffet is getting to be a bit much. I wouldn't be surprised if they found the Grifter tape at this point.
      • This troper expects one of them to come across an old copy of Majora's Mask any day now...
      • I'm expecting them to find a video where Jessa said Candle Jack on camera and-
    • I don't see the problem. They, like, all have the exact same freaking primal creepy tone. It makes sense for them to be connected. If nothing else, they support each other's mythos pretty well as presented.
      • ...not really. Especially when the purported "Slender Man series" barely features aforementioned antagonist. HABIT pretty much took over the series entirely with the other things now being essentially irrelevant.
      • That's kind of a good thing, though, as an original antagonist is a lot more threatening nowadays, now that the Big Man's been rather overused.
      • In the most recent video Slendy does appear again, rather prominently. And considering HABIT stated he is planning to go to war wit Slendy, its safe to asume that Slendy will get more screentime.
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  • What happened to the exterminator that disappeared in Alex's room? I mean, I know, obviously, the rake killed him, but you'd think police would be suspicious at least...
  • Why would Jeff and Alex even have that recording of their mother's voice saying mundane phrases in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," unless they knew beforehand that she would die and they needed those mundane phrases to be recorded? And why would they record that creepy background noise under her words?
    • IIRC, Alex was just recording to use for some music. And then when they died, Alex snapped and started using the recordings as the real deal.
  • What's with the underwater clips that keep showing up in the hidden videos? I sorta feel like it's foreshadowing, but still...
    • It sure smells like foreshadowing, but like a lot of the "hidden video" footage, I don't think anyone has any flippin' idea what's going on with it, save for whacked-out theories (which for the time being is the only thing anyone can come up with).
    • There is one theory that these underwater-shots show what might have happened if Slendy hadn't scared Vin out of Evans house after HABIT took over; namely Vin possibly being drowned by HABIT.
  • Just something that popped into my head while watching Dark Harvest: did the motif of Slendy hanging bags full of people's guts from trees originate in this one, or is it older?
    • It is much older. It was one of Tall, Dark, and Scary's modus operandi from the original Something Awful forum. Except he would remove the organs, place each one in a separate bag, then return them to the body in the anatomically correct places. Except for the entrails, sometimes.
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    • Wasn't there something like this in The Blair Witch Project? Which might have influenced or inspired the idea. I don't know if that would predate the above, though.
  • What happened to Damsel? It's clear she's still alive, at least, since HABIT mentioned her in ":D", and, since she's preggers with Evan's child, I don't see how they would be planning to kill her off (at least, not just yet). But her blog & twitter are dead, and she hasn't been seen in a vid for ages, soooo ... what's going on?
    • The video "Next" has her making a reappearance. And, well, let's just ain't a happy one.
  • Could someone explain where all this "HABIT is an enemy of Slender Man" theories are coming from? I've never seen HABIT being anything but helpful to Ol' Tall, Bald and Faceless.
    • It might have something to do with the 'talks' between the two on the Twitter.
      • Has it been confirmed that it was Slender Man he was talking to? I had always thought it was Corenthal.
      • It probably was intended to be Corenthal. However, HABIT has shown to be clearly helping people deal with Slendy since then.
      • Also, in recent videos HABIT has outright stated that he intends on going to war with Slendy.
  • This is a minor one, but while watching A Summoning, I noticed HABIT occasionally had a dual voice, I didn't notice that in his previous videos, did he always have that or was he using it here just to freak out Vince?
    • Probably both. Whatever HABIT is, he is something outside of Evan, and he appears to be growing stronger ever since they summoned him. Now whenever he's inHABITing Evan, he speaks in two distinct voices: One is clearly Evan's voice (albeit more gravelly) and the other is believed to be HABIT's "real" voice, which sounds more demonic and reverberating. In the crossover with Tribe Twelve, you'll notice that HABIT has the same sort of vocal effect, but his "true" voice is a lot more pronounced, especially in Bridge to Nowhere when Noah accidentally ends up in HABIT's home dimension, but even in Severance. In both cases, HABIT is somewhere that Slenderman can't enter (he says as much in Severance and the dimension in Bridge to Nowhere is also confirmed by Word of God to be inaccessible to Slendy) and both instances happen after A Summoning, indicating that the vocal change is due to either A) being willingly "called" back into Evan's body by Vince, B) being out of Slenderman's presence, or C) all of the above.
  • Why in the world did Evan go along with Vinny's plan to let HABIT re-possess him? Does he just not even care anymore because he's emotionally dead or something?
    • It's a combination of that and exactly what Vinny said: they are just sitting there waiting for something to happen. They want answers. And it doesn't even matter because HABIT can possess Evan AT WILL.
  • Anyone else feel like the production value's dropping? I mean the most recent videos are basically just one scene of people talking about what's going on. There's not as much trippy editing and we haven't seen The Rake in over a year. It's like they're getting sorta tired of making these, isn't it?
    • From my contact with the guys... that isn't the case at all. They love the fans and they love doing this. It's changed their lives. As for Production value... they have better cameras... and their fanbase is just as big as ever. The story they are telling requires these scenes... or they wouldn't be there. The same reason there is tons of side-content. It's not for budgets sake that those aren't shown in video form... it's for realism and it's the way they are telling the story.
    • They recently started putting videos out more frequently again, and those include stuff like Vin having a insanely close encounter with Slendy and Jeff and Alex, so if they ever were tired of doing EMH, that has passed.
  • If HABIT can possess multiple people at once, why does it need a "perfect host" exactly? Do the other ones suffer from Possession Burnout? Can it not utilize its supernatural powers unless it's in the "right" body? What traits about Nick and Evan made them superior host bodies to inHABIT? Has this been explained or even hinted at?
    • One post from Damsel's inHABITed blog is from the point of view of a Private Investigator tracking one of HABIT's murder sprees. Since the PI been collecting information about it he's learned a couple things; one, It can push its host's body to their limits (i.e. super strength, super speed etc.). Two, it can possess one or multiple persons, and three, It has to find a new host if the body is fatally injured. Presumably, because of Evan's upbringing and HABIT's hand in it, it no longer has to find a new host even if Evan is fatally wounded.
  • When did Evan die? We get very clear deaths for Vince and Jeff, and Steph's implied, which leads to the conclusion that the characters we see in the last few episodes are the Candleverse/Ark characters waiting for another iteration to start. Evan appears to be in the same boat (er, Ark) since he attempted suicide multiple times and survived. But when did it happen?
    • Entirely a guess, but it's possible Evan himself "died" when HABIT gained full control of his body, at least mentally.
  • Why didn't Stephanie show up in the last video? I get that she doesn't exactly fit a role in the Everyman Play, but she's still pretty damn important, given that she's a member of Corenthal's adopted family. Did everyone just forget about her or something?
  • A few rapid fire things never resolved by the series: What are the purpose of the felt dolls if the souls of the victims are shown to be stuck in the Candleverse and not being ransomed by the Slenderman as the dolls imply? Why did the Slenderman sirens disappear for eight years? Why did the Rake disappear for four years? How is Evan in the Candleverse with Jeff's soul before he even died? How did they escape the Candleverse and go to the transmission tower from the drive west. in the real world if they are nonphysical souls?

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