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Nightmare Fuel / Everyman HYBRID

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  • Healthy Eating has the strange figure in the window and Slendy suddenly appearing, waving his head back and forth before telekinetically slaming a door shut... And when they reenter they find Slendy gone... *shudder*
  • Introduction looks like a legitimate fitness video the whole way through. Then you reach the last couple seconds, and anyone who's seen Marble Hornets prepares for all new horror.
  • Cardio & Outdoor Activities: The Jump Scare of the distorted audio is bad enough, but then Evan pulls out a familiar looking doll that a man told a little girl to give him.
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  • Evan's Dream Log: He describes a nightmare about a bunch of children disappearing, and then hearing their screams from inside trees. Given Slendy's MO, you have to wonder...
  • Joke's Over: It's pretty disturbing seeing comic relief guy Evan going Laughing Mad over bags of blood.
  • The first half of "I'm Okay" has Jeff eerily recounting how he was left behind in a burning school as a kid, and is suddenly interrupted by more audio distortion before the camera dies.
  • The letter in "Reunion." “Who are you, my dear friend, to reach someone like me? I look forward to our reunion in Hell. Otherwise, I fear my warnings have fallen on deaf ears. The sight of his black eyes, his markings, this face not human, now has claimed another one of us. I’m sorry I was too late. – Linnie.”
  • Just about every one of The Rake's appearances, but in particular the latest in Jim Thorpe. After being pushed out the window of the second story, it attacks Vince and we get an up-close look at it.
  • The concept of the hidden videos. Something is putting videos on the channel that the boys are unable to see, no matter how many times the links are sent to them. Massive increases in Paranoia Fuel right there.
    • How about the hidden pieces? There are videos uploaded by the boys but with bizarre segments that they can't see. Such as time distortion or bizarre text.
    • In "The Hidden Videos", a fan sends the boys a compilation of the hidden videos. When they try to watch it, the video turns to static and they fall unconscious. Whoever is responsible, they really don't want them to see the videos.
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  • "Twenty four months". After a glimpse of just how ground down the guys have become emotionally, we get treated to a lovely montage put together by our old friend HABIT, who took the liberty of giving it a peppy soundtrack promising that "the best is yet to come, come the day you're mine."
  • Evan's expression right at the end of this video.
    • To elaborate: Vinny and Jeff find a new lead in Dr. Corenthal's wife, and Jeff goes to pick Evan up so they can follow up on it. When Jeff arrives at Evan's house, he receives a text message telling him to go around to the back door for "a surprise". He enters the house and finds it dark and deserted, save for the faint sound of Scissor Sister's "I Can't Decide". He follows the music to the basement, where he gets knifed in the gut by an unseen attacker. He tries to run for the back door, only to find it blocked by Nick, HABIT's previous host; he makes it to the front door in time to put his hand on the doorknob... before being grabbed by a psychotically grinning Evan.
      • "He's got you, man." - Nick, the group's friend, when they still thought it was a prank.
  • Not Dead Yet has plenty. The fans told Vince to check up on Jeff and Evan because of the second half of the above video (which Vince claims he can't see). In the basement he finds a pool of blood, a chain, and Jeff's shoes. He prepares to leave when he hears something, turns around, and the Slender Man leans in, wrapping his fingers around the wall. Sweet dreams.
  • As if to make up for the gaps between updates, The Property puts Vince through Silent Hill-levels of mindfuckery. It starts with him finding different rooms from his friends' houses somehow welded together. Then he hears ominous footsteps and the sound of children giggling, prompting him to hide behind a shower curtain as the giggling turns to crying, the footsteps get closer, the video distorts and the bathroom door starts rattling. Then, just when that dies down, the Slender Man shows up and telekinetically drags him down a flight of stairs. And that's just HALFWAY THROUGH.
  • :D, which depicts what appears to be HABIT-in-Evan and an anonymous camera man telling a captive Jeff exactly how badly they're going to kill him. The video is interspersed with what appear to be shots of Jeff being stabbed to death and writhing in pain while covered in blood.
    • Only stabbed? Try stabbed, beaten with chains (we see HABIT wrapping his arms with them), slashed across the chest and face, getting his fingers smashed with a hammer (or even cut off) and getting his stomach sawed open. All while a heavily-distorted version of the EMH theme song plays.
  • Next. Evan forces his way through a group of random, Slendy-possessed guys into Daniel's house (snapping their necks as he passes), then leads Daniel downstairs and strangles him. We also have something really disturbing going on with Evan and Steph, and what appears to be Evan threatening her and their baby. To make matters even worse if you look closely at Evan whilst he is talking with Steph, you can see that not only is he holding their baby, but his hands are drenched in blood. It's never made clear whether this is Steph's blood or the baby's.
    • After (possibly) months of being tortured by HABIT-possessed Evan, Jeff is still alive. And in the video's final act, Evan douses him in gasoline and sets him on fire.
    • Even better: when Evan disposes of the dead body in a nearby forest he casually walks off-screen, saying "He's all yours, man". The camera pans to the left and reveals none other than the Slender Man!
    • That's not Evan. He's completely possessed by HABIT at this point. Also, he's not talking to Steph in that scene. He's talking to Evan. Remember that the inHABITed are fully aware of their actions while possessed. He says that he knows Evan wants to die, but he's not going to let that happen until he completely breaks Steph and forces Evan to watch.
  • WAKE UP. Just in case you thought that HABIT was in any way not a monster, we get this lovely line courtesy of uninHABITed Evan:
    Evan: "I can remember my baby... I can remember her bones against my teeth..."
  • L'esprit de l'escalier shows Evan barging into Vin's home. Turns out, he won the fight with the Rake by CHOPPING ITS FUCKING HEAD OFF... But The Rake just happened to survive that, and even manage to disembowel Evan while flailing around headless. As if Evan wasn't already broken enough...
    • That's not even getting into the more disturbing implications: moments after holding his own intestines in his hands, Evan was restored to perfect health, without a single scratch or mark on his body (including the scars he obtained during his battle with the Rake months ago). HABIT is refusing to let him die until he murders his best friend.
  • Vince went and summoned HABIT. HABIT promptly lampshades how monumentally stupid it was to do so. Vince survives the experience, but is now stuck in HABIT's home. With his guests.
    • Even worse, HABIT seems to be growing more powerful: his signature purple distortion (which was subtle before) is almost omnipresent, and his voice has acquired a reverberating, demonic undertone (implied to be HABIT's real voice). There are even moments where he appears to speak without using Evan's body.
  • Le Premier Cours reveals that HABIT has been erasing the memories of Vince and Evan's families.
    • It's worse than that: They've lost memories of their families (Jeff having lost some as well, as shown in the apparent flashback videos), and Evan thinks that Vince's house is his and vice versa, indicating that the merger of Evan's and Vinnie's houses wasn't just something that was done to mess with Vince. With this info, Vince figures out that He and Evan, and probably Jeff, are fictional characters. Evan's reaction is understandable.
      • It's possible that those memories they lost weren't even real to begin with. This means that characters like Jessalyn, Alex, etc. that we have actually seen on camera might not have actually been there.
  • Breaking the lease has one hell of a Hope Spot near the end. Vince is tired of many things, of failing his friends, of being a lackey to HABIT and possibly most importantly, to being an accomplice to his atrocities. So, Vince being Vince, he confides his feelings to HABIT and wishes to be released. HABIT surprisingly agrees to this and allows Vince to finally leave the house. Except that as soon as Vince opens the front door, he collapses onto the floor, presumably knocked unconscious or even dead by HABIT's hands. Then HABIT has Vince dragged off and as soon as the camera cuts to black, HABIT loses his shit. In his real voice.
  • Blue Room. Vince wakes up alone trapped in Jeff's room with nothing but his camera and a timer ticking down with no hints of what it is for. As the clock hit's zero, the door opens as the screen cuts to black.
  • christmas. After a breather episode of just Vince and Evan hanging out and a heartwarming moment, we get a frightening message at the end where Vince begs the viewers to stop watching the series for their own safety. The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.
  • Part II. Slender Man is right outside Vince's window. Then, he's inside the house with him. Vince seems completely unconcerned by this.
  • two thousand three hundred ninety-five. In anachronic order, no less then three horrifying things are revealed to the viewer; First, from his agitated dialouge with HABIT, it is implied that Vince's time in the apartment from Part 2 and 3 lasted for two years. Secondly, HABIT seemingly aims to 'go to war' with Slenderman, an act he compares to "a monster sitting on the throne of a god", and forces Vince to help him do so at gunpoint, after chasing him through a forest. Thirdly, and most shockingly, after his escape from Jeff's bedroom following Blue Room, Vince, under recommendation from a letter written by HABIT he finds by a gun on a table, proceeds to SHOOT HIMSELF in an attempt to end all of his troubles. However, due to the video's Anachronic Order (the moment in the forest being the 'present' segment), it is revealed that HABIT has already given him his own Healing Factor, much to Vince's chagrin.
  • The revelation in "All good things" of Vinnie being the Voyeur, coupled with the confirmation that he was the one who set up the hidden cameras in the basement and the very strong implication that he purposefully led Alex to an early grave in "Consensus" makes every other video in the series uneasy to watch in hindsight.

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