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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Damsel," why does Jeff suddenly hand the camera off to Evan, the one out of the three who actually knows at least self-defense, while they're somewhere they're not supposed to be and will be physically restrained if caught? Maybe Jeff and Vince are starting to realize that Evan's going a little crazy for real and not just being his usual, quirky self, and they're afraid a confrontation would make him go full blown Ax-Crazy and stab someone.
    • Don't forget how Jeff tackles the security guard. Obviously Evan isn't the only one who can deal with a violent situation.
  • How the hell are the guys not more alarmed when all kinds of weird cuts and Alien Geometries are showing up in their videos? "Cops Checked, No Body" reveals that they somehow can't see any of those clips.
    • This has been hinted at in two of their Twitter responses early on. Jeff asks why they keep getting questions about a video titled "- - -". Some time after, he apparently checks Youtube and is unable to see the video, even asking if people are trolling them.
  • The crew doesn't seem to be slipping into complete and utter insanity quite yet. Sure, there's Evan, but other than that, any signs of madness are sure coming slowly. They claim it's because they have each other to hang onto. Is this why Damsel seemed calmer and more at ease when she was hanging out with Jessa?
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  • Everyman Hybrid? They were probably planning on crossing over a bunch of creepypastas from the start.
  • Alex's many issues. You don't have to watch the videos to notice a strange correlation. Aside from his brother, which of the Hybrid crew does he tend to hang out with the most...?
  • The Rake is in the shed? Hoheoehoheheoha
  • When Evan regains control of himself he specifically mentions that he could feel his child's bones in his mouth. That might seem almost comical since the human mouth, throat and digestive system really can't handle actually consuming something the size of a baby whole and with its bones but a video or two later we find out that Evan somehow regenerated all the damage that was done to him by the Rake and suddenly it becomes clear just how he could actually consume a baby.
    • Actually, it was never exactly hinted that Evan was forced to eat the baby whole. More likely, a slow, cutting process was involved, which would probably be even more of a torture session for Evan. It's also pretty clear that he later finds the baby's remains, which wouldn't be there if he really had eaten her whole.
      • Its actually most likely and most heavily implied that Evan simply took bites off his baby until it died.
    • The actual line is "I remember feeling her bones against my teeth." So it's more likely that he just ate the baby the same way one would eat a rack of ribs, picking the bones clean with his teeth.
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  • Jack the Ripper was never caught. EMH establishes that HABIT was Jack the Ripper. Of course he was never caught, he kept switching bodies!
  • The Youtube comments are left alone, unlike in Marble Hornets, who disabled them after one too many horror-ruining comments. Why? Presumably the characters in Everyman HYBRID can never find the time to actually disable the comments thanks to the nature of what's going on.
    • Once updates started slowing and things got more drawn-out, this probably no longer applies. However, the guys have frequently discussed how much they're grateful for their fanbase and how it kept them sane at least back before people started dying. The comments section is something the characters treasure.
  • In "A Summoning", Vinnie wakes up in HABIT's lair to the sound of heavy metal and confronts a re-inHABITed Evan. The song? Monster Magnet's "Baby Götterdämmerung". It's not just in keeping with HABIT's taste in music: the name literally means "little Ragnarok". A war between gods and other creatures, resulting in the submersion of the world by water. Now, think back to what the Everyman play said will happen at the end of the "cycle"...
    • Some of the lyrics are rather appropriate too, such as "you've lived a thousand lives since then" referencing the iteration cycle. "I learned how to lie well, and somebody blew up." may be a bit of Foreshadowing for the penultimate episode's reveal that Vinny has been a massively Unreliable Narrator who deliberately got Alex killed by Slender Man and omitted the footage that implicated him.
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  • HABIT says "new year, new me." in Traditions yet the crew didn't upload anything the entirety of the following year. The series, and thus the iteration, ended on New Year's Day two years later. In addition, HABIT's grand plan seems to have been to separate himself from Evan because he's gotten sick of always having to take him as his host iteration after iteration and wants to possess someone else for a change, so he literally wants a "new me".
  • On the topic of the above, HABIT's apparent fondness for Haunter (owning several shirts depicting the Pokémon as well as a hat in its likeness, and using it as a Personal Seal of sorts on a letter to Noah Maxwell), while an amusing visual gag on its own (of course he would like a purple ghost), takes on new meaning after learning his true motivations in "Half-acre of ash". HABIT expresses a desire to evolve and change like he has watched humanity do over the course of history, and is frustrated that he cannot do so. Even the EMH boys have changed across iterations, but he hasn't. He's stuck going through the motions every time, possessing the same guy every time (who, by the way, has grown into such a powerful host over the countless iterations that he sucks all the fun out of HABIT's favourite pastime of murdering everything in sight by making it too easy), and he just wants to do something different for once, like possess a new host. Haunter evolves into Gengar by trading it to someone else, i.e. giving it a new host. It can't evolve naturally like most other Pokémon can. HABIT probably identifies and empathizes very strongly with it (as much as a sadistic bastard like him is capable of empathy).

Fridge Horror

  • The blood that pours out of the bag in 'Joke's Over' looks too watery to be blood, and when Evan attacks Slender Man with the baseball bat he winds up with Blood from the Mouth. Now think back: some of the first few stories about Slender Man suggested that he could melt his victims into mist.
  • The characters are aware of The Slender Man Mythos. In fact, the first few appearances of the Slender Man are actually a joke, which is what probably drew Slendy's attention to them. Think about this. In their world, Slender Man was fictional, at least, for a time. It ties in with the concept that Slender Man exists because we know about him. Think about what this implies about The Slender Man Mythos in our world.
  • In "Public Service Announcement," when they fess up to putting in a fake Slendy, they mention that of the appearances in the first videos, "not all of them are ours." Bearing in mind the above "can't see the weird videos" issue, which ones aren't?
    • Similar to this, when this troper started this series he was a little disappointed in the lack of subtlety of some of the Slendy appearances, like when they're pushing the car. Come on, Slendy was barely obstructed by the trees, they would have easily seen him if they had looked around. But then came Public Service Announcement, and this troper realized: all the crappy, amateur appearances were the team's Slenderman, and the convincing, subtle ones were the real Slenderman. Series redeemed.
  • In "Alex," Evan is wearing a BioShock T-shirt. Evan and the rest of the cast are apparently avid gamers if the other videos are anything to go by, and he's worn game-related T-shirts before, so it doesn't seem like much. The Rake, however, bears a resemblance to the Spider Slicers of Rapture, and Alex's room is utterly trashed like Rapture after the riots. The shirt is a nice visual touch even if it wasn't intentional.
    • Given the reveal in "Le premier cours", this might have been another parallel.
  • In one of the papers by Dr. Corenthal it says that HABIT likes to kill rabbits. HABIT calls the people who entered the tournament rabbits. Considering what's already happened to Ryan this may not end well.
  • The guys lose contact with Jessa shortly before the events depicted in Joke's Over. Think about it.
  • HABIT recently released some directions for his Seventh Trial, explaining that the trial's time limit is indefinite and will continue as long as there are at least two rabbits left. That's right, There Can Only Be One! In other words, the final trial is to be the last rabbit breathing, meaning he's calling on them to kill each other.
    • Jossed. Not much happened to the remaining Rabbits; turns out HABIT just wanted them to stick around and pay attention.
  • HABIT has possessed many people throughout history, including many notoriously depraved Serial Killers and even Josef Mengele. The Fridge Horror comes from the realization that these were probably all good, innocent people forced to watch themselves make the history books for being evil.
  • As some viewers noted, Jeff was captured at the end of March, 2012; when HABIT met with Green Feathers (one of the last remaining Rabbits in HABIT's Trials) on May 11th, his black tee shirt and jacket — the same tee shirt and jacket he wears during the torture scenes in "Colon D" — were splattered with blood. "Next", the video that confirmed Jeff's death, didn't go up until Christmas. Depending on how generous HABIT was feeling, Jeff could have been imprisoned and tortured anywhere from two to almost nine months. Yeah.
  • In the final episode, Vincent instructs Corenthal's helper, one of the Rabbits, to leave the video camera under a tree in the Candleverse before they depart. It's a touching gesture: Vincent is trying to free the audience, whom he deliberately drew into the cycle, by preventing them from following the boys in their next incarnations. That's all well and good...until you realize that someone must have edited and uploaded the video. And it clearly wasn't Corenthal or the boys.

Fridge Logic

  • When you break into a mental institution to break out a patient, the first part of your plan should be grabbing a camera to film yourself breaking the law. Admittedly, even with an ARG where the aim is to simulate reality, it'd be pretty dumb for a major plot event to happen off-screen.
    • This happened with lonelygirl15 as well, where Bree and Daniel had a fight and recorded it. When Daniel pointed out that they were recording a private moment for the public, I believe Bree said something about how "they" deserved to know.

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