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  • Episode 4. "THAT wasn't Motörhead..."
  • Episode 5. The power goes out, and you hear someone say, "My muscles exploded and blew out the power!" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.
  • Evan in "Cops Checked, No Body "
    Yeah man, it's Scooby-Doo, it'll be fine. The gay kid in the handkerchief will save us!
  • In "Alex", Evan goes to Jeff's house to investigate some videos that were mailed to him of Alex. When he investigates Alex's room, he finds Vince's phone in the closet. After they leave the room, this little exchange occurs:
    Jeff: What do you guys think about Vinny...?
    Alex: I'm givin' him a call.
    Jeff: ...we need to check in on him.
    Evan: What?
    Alex: Call him.
    Evan: (sarcastically) Oh, no. That's a good idea.
    (Jeff holds up Vince's phone. It rings.)
    Alex: Your phone's ringing.
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  • Another one from "Alex": Evan declares that there's nothing in the closet. The Rake roars in response almost immediately after. The scene then suddenly cuts to Alex's bedroom door covered in chains.
  • In one round of mysterious unsigned Tweets, HABIT calls the Rake "Snoopy."
  • During the self-defense video, Evan suggests that, if you can't find a way to escape from a knife-wielding attacker, you should try to find something bigger than the knife to protect yourself. Jeff's suggestion? A grizzly bear.
  • All the parts of "Damsel" that aren't CMOA or mind-screw are this.
    Evan: Jeff, d'you want some hose? *points to firehose in wall cabinet* I got plenty of hose.
    Evan: But I'm not a good cameramaaaaaaaan!
    Evan: That escalated quickly.
    Evan: Listen, this is a big misunderstanding... Oh holy shit! Good boy, Jeff! Good Man!
    Evan: Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, he's comin'
    Damsel: I'd be—I'd be fucking stoked if they weren't releasing me today!
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  • A user comment from "I'm Okay":
    A wild Slenderman appears! EverymanHYBRID used "Ignore all warning signs"...It's not very effective.
    Slenderman used "dslkjhfliuvhbELOIUGRBaelilVGA­LI GAGiugfeli923" ... It's Super Effective!
  • All of the dialogue between YUGIOHTAS and SEVENTRIALS.
    YUGIOHTAS: What if the brown paper bag IS my most beloved possession?
    YUGIOHTAS: I take it your most beloved possession is the caps-lock key?
  • In "One step forward, two steps back" Evan and Vinnie are playing scrabble. Evan tries to put down 'wifin' as a word. Then Mood Whiplash kicks in.
    • Also, Steph posted a picture on Can You See the Words of Evan jokingly pole-dancing for her, and her responding in kind by sticking dollar bills in the waist of his pants. The accompanying blog post beneath says "And I hate myself for this, but… guess the total quantity he earned in the end…"
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  • Evan's laughter upon seeing blood oozing out of a bag in Joke's Over is actually quite funny. It's all in his delivery.
  • Jeff dive tackling the security guard and Evan's commentary as he tackles the guard in "Damsel" in particular.
  • The yoga demonstration in "Night Time Jog." "Some people call this a downward dog, but those people are stupid."
  • The hiking video. "There's Pokemon in the tall grass!"
  • From when they help out the Dark Harvest guys with car troubles, this little gem occurs.
    Alex: Why are you guys filming?
    Vinnie: Habit.
    • And from shortly thereafter in the same video when picking up Noah, something about the cadence in Evan's delivery of the following is quite amusing:
      Evan: We are the Everyman HYBRID crew. It is nice to meet you.
  • "Hidden cameras and emails": Vinny tracks down the wi-fi hard drive that's been running HABIT's spy cameras. He holds it up to the camera and the "Item Get" sound from The Legend of Zelda series plays. Evan turns the camera toward the source of the noise, Jeff, who reveals it was just his phone notifying him of a text from Alex.
  • Serious mood whiplash but Evan's table in "Not Dead Yet" has a knife, paper towels and tape covered in Jeff's blood, chains, and a half eaten box of Reese's easter egg chocolates HABIT has a taste for sugar and irony.
    • Well of course HABIT likes Easter. After all, what is its holiday mascot?
  • In "Isolation", we are treated to a spy camera scene of uninHABITed Evan driving with the car radio playing a Frank Sinatra song. He keeps turning it off, but HABIT keeps turning it back on. Evan gets progressively more pissed off.
    • Even better, the song playing is Sinatra's performance of I've Got You Under My Skin.
  • "A Summoning" has a little bit of Black Comedy in it, courtesy of HABIT. In particular, HABIT telling Vince he doesn't "get a fun death" for being stupid enough to summon him and calling The Rake and Slendy a "Horrible deformed dog-thing" and "A stick in the mud" respectively.
    • The "summoning ritual" in question requires the participant (in this case, Evan) to dress in "traditional garb" and wear an "exotic headdress". They have to substitute a dashiki and a Pokemon ski cap.
      Evan: Traditional garb. It looks like African garb, or something.
      Vince: Well, it's traditional to someone.
      Evan: It's got pockets. It's not traditional if it has pockets. I mean, did they have pockets back then?
      • Later, after HABIT takes Evan, this is how he describes the ritual:
        HABIT: Did he really stand there, like this? For an hour? Like the Statue of Liberty playing football?
      • HABIT expressing disappointment over the fact that Vinny isn't running away and shitting his pants in terror at the sight of him.
        HABIT: You're not running. You're not screaming. You're not even trying to stick me with that little pig-sticker you got there. Why?
        (Sound of Vin snapping knife blade open.)
        HABIT: Oh, don't take it out now, there's no point.
  • "Amuse-Bouche" has a few amusing lines from HABIT. Outside of his usual Black Comedy, he has this little quip:
    HABIT: (To Mark) Fuck, you're wearing your shoes on my bed.
  • "Three's company" introduces the camera thing's status as a Butt-Monkey through a Vin's brief interaction with him/her/it at the beginnning.
    Vinnie: Can you even talk? Have you tried talking?
    [Inhuman gurgling from behind the camera]
    Vinnie: Never mind.
  • In "two thousand three hundred ninety-five", when Habit asks Vinny what the most important star in navigation is. As Vinny starts to give the obvious answer, Habit angrily cuts him off: "And don't fucking say the sun."
    • In the same vein:
    HABIT: Your people, for centuries, what did they look towards for guidance?
    Vinnie: Maps and shit?
    HABIT: M'kay, before maps.
    Vinnie: The internet.
    HABIT: Don't be a cunt!
  • "Tradition." The image of HABIT running around the house screaming "New year, new me" is enough to give anyone the giggle fits.
    • Fridge Funny: Somebody had to put up the tree.
  • In "Jeff" after Vinnie reads the circled quote from House of Leaves.
    Alex: Sounds like something out of the Bible.
    'Vinnie: Or House of Leaves.
    Evan: (Chuckles)
  • In "..." as Vince and Jeff are talking about the unexpected appearance of (the real) Slenderman, Evan is sharpening a knife in the background for the entire scene, until Vince tells him to stop.
  • Amidst all the Mind Screw of "Finding Fairmount" there's this little moment of Vinny running into versions of Jeff and Evan arguing with each other. Vinny just walks between them.
    Vinny: Excuse me, excuse me-
  • In "The day the world ended", we cut from an ultra-dramatic scene of HABIT and Vinny branding the God Killer knife over a bonfire and HABIT exclaiming that they're going to take care of HABIT and Vinny quietly and awkwardly eating a fast food dinner in the dining room of Corenthal's cabin. The Mood Whiplash might make you laugh out loud.
    • At one point, Vinny asks HABIT to pass him the ketchup. HABIT does so...using a novelty plastic monster "Grabby Hand". Cue several minutes of HABIT struggling to pass the ketchup bottle.
    • After they finish eating, they spend several minutes trashing the fast food and complaining that it made them feel like crap. Guess they haven't forgotten their roots as a fitness series after all.
    • Earlier on in the episode there's Dr. Corenthal's rather...blunt greeting to Vinny when he answers the phone.
      Corenthal: Vinny! Vinny, it's your dad!
      Vinny: Who???
      Corenthal: The doc! It's the doc!
    • Just before that, Corenthal talk to his camera-thing while waiting for Vinny to pick up.
      Corenthal: You got kids, 151? Fuckin' picnic, I tell ya.
    • After Vin asks how Corenthal knows his phone number, the Doc retorts, "Vinny, I'm your father. I pay for the bills for God's sakes, I know the phone number."
    • HABIT still enjoys his Reese's. Saying anything else would ruin it.
    • HABIT takes Vinny back to a representation of the original EMH basement to teach him how to fire a shotgun at the dartboard on the wall, with a training montage set to the intro theme music from the original EMH fitness series.
    • Afterwards, HABIT warns Vinny not to wander around too much, because it's not really the EMH basement and he could easily get lost in the Alien Geometries of whatever weird dimension they're actually in. Vinny decides to check out what would normally be the bathroom.
      Vinny: What's in here?
      [Vinny opens the door and looks inside, loud fax machine noises play and Vinny recoils in shock/fear before shutting the door and turning back to an annoyed-looking HABIT]
      Vinny: The fuck was that?!
      HABIT: [exasperated] I don't know, Vinny.
      Vinny: Was that like a fuckin'... like a fax machine?!
      HABIT: No, I don't— Go ahead, do it again.
      [Vinny hesitantly opens the door again, more fax machine noises, he looks inside for a slightly longer amount of time before recoiling and shutting the door again]
      HABIT: ...You ready?
  • "All Good Things" is undeniably tragic. That doesn't stop it from having a few funny moments, though.
    • Evan, after being suddenly stabbed in the side by Vinny: "...I forgot you were left-handed."
    • Speaking of Evan, what's his response to throwing a knife at his former best friend (and hitting him in the side of the neck)?
      Evan: [beat] ...Did I get him?

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