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There are many, MANY Funny Moments within this fandub.

  • The SEELE (or rather Di$ney) members (whose names are now those of celebrities they happen to resemble) speaking to Gendo about EVA Unit-01.
    Billy Dee Williams (SEELE U.S.): Which brings us to our next item on the itinerary. Conan?
    Conan O'Brien (SEELE UK): Yes. Recently, there have been some complaints about Unit-01's design. Some people think that it's a little too, um...
    David Hasselhoff (SEELE Russia): Dull?
    Woody Allen (SEELE France): Ugly?
    Bob Dole (Keel): TINKY WINKY!
    Conan: That's right, Bob Dole! The EVA Unit-01 is colored... purple, which we all know is the pride color. And that thing on its head is obviously a phallic reference.
    David: Hey, what does "phallic" mean?
    Conan: (whispering) It means "penis".
    David: Oh...
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  • Asuka has Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Misato proclaiming, "This is a great make-out spot!" before turning to Shinji and staring at him with a vacant, shit-eating grin.
  • Misato drunkenly talking attempting to lay down "ground rules" for Shinji and Asuka.
    Misato: Okay, this is MY house, and we need to lay down some ground rules! Woo! That was a good beer! I have...TWO breasteses.
    (Shinji and Asuka stare blankly, then look at each other)
    Misato: Not ONE.
    (Shinji and Asuka stare)
    Misato: But TWO!
    (Sound of Misato hitting the table. Snoring.)
    (Shinji looks at Asuka)
    Shinji: How many breastseses do you have?
    (Asuka looks to the side and crosses her arms)
    Asuka: No.
  • Shinji falls over in the Evangelion.
    Shinji: (grumbling) My groin!
    Misato: Damage report!
    Hyuga: Sensors indicate serious trauma to the groin area!
    Misato: That's gotta hurt!
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  • Gendo. Just Gendo.
    Gendo: All female personnel please report to... my office for... breast inspection.

    Gendo: (picks up his phone and clears throat) Gendo. You may... speak. (beat) What?! No! 'Course they're clean! Who do you think you're talking to?!? My ladies are always... on time.
    Conan: That brings us to something else we need to talk about, Gendo. You see, me and the other members of DI$NEY are becoming quite concerned, and, frankly, I'm becoming concerned, too. That is to say...
    Bob Dole: ARE YOU A PIMP, GENDO!?!
    Gendo: I don't have to put up with these wild allegations— (phone rings) Hi. This is... Gendo. Yeah. Plenty of womens. Sure, they do whatever you want. (beat) Well, maybe not that.
  • As the Evas are getting ready for launching against the Eleventeenth Angel.
    Aoba: We are detecting urine contamination in Eva-01's entry plug!
    Misato: (sighs) Shinji, are you peeing in the plug?
    Shinji: (huddles in the plug) ...No.


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