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Evan is gradually losing his mind as the series goes on
  • Evan is starting to lose his mind, and this will get worse as the series goes on. In the same way that Slendy makes people physically sick, he is starting to make Evan mentally sick.
    • As of "Joke's Over" Evan is beginning to become as mad as Logan.
    • Or perhaps as mad as totheark.
      • I'd say Even's nuttier than both put together as of the Slender Man video where he attacks the others with a knife.

Evan left the bags of gibs and blood
  • Evan was the one who sent Vince the pictures of dead animals - he's been slaughtering them to get out his Ax-Crazy. That's why he burst out laughing at Vince when he got covered in gibs and blood. The question remains as to why Evan wanted them to find the remains and, more importantly, why Slendy led them there.

Slendy just wants some fitness tips
  • Slendy is feeling out of shape after the events of Marble Hornets, and he can't join a gym. He just happened to have passed by on "Healthy Eating" and thought he can learn something from the channel, and he has a weird way of making requests.

Jeff is going to be the Everyman HYBRID totheark
  • Quite self-explanatory.
    • It's more likely to be Evan, considering that as it stands now, Jeff is wandering somewhere terrified of what's going on, while Evan is part of what's going on, considering all the little things that suggest he's slowly losing it.
    • And officially jossed due to his untimely death.

What you see in Jeff is an alternate reality.
  • After the door opens the first time, you see Justin with duct tape over his mouth and Slendy hunched over in the background, presumably planning his next move. However, this is what would have happened if Vince and Evan had not gone to his house to search for clues, as Slendy would have simply watched them from a nearby window, listening in (or whatever he does). However, since he did not have this leisure when he went by himself, he had to think of where to go next, not knowing where Jeff's room is, or where he would have hidden notes and such. This is hinted at by the fact that when the door opens the second time, there is a sudden repetition.

What we see in Jeff is what's really there.
The Slenderman uses his Weirdness Censor inducing powers to make Jeff seemingly invisible, but the camera's not fooled and picks him out right away. Luckily, Slendy has other tricks up his sleeve and uses a Marble Hornets-esque rewind to undo the damage.

Jeff "Heading South" means he's going to Alabama, childhood home of Can You See The Words.
And, more disturbingly, that's also the setting of Marble Hornets... HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY.

Evan isn't going to be the Everyman HYBRID version of Totheark, he is Totheark.
Evan is clearly losing it, but he's more sane than Totheark seems to be. Unless Totheark is putting on theatrics; Evan could already be so far gone into Slendy's influence that he goes to (or perhaps gets taken by Slendy's Offscreen Teleportation powers) down to where Marble Hornets takes place to occasionally play out a role in J and Alex's own little life of horrors. This is why Totheark's presence comes more from his video responses than anything; Evan's too busy being Evan to be on-site all the time. It's either his choice ('choice' being used loosely) after being broken down and he's got a secret-identity thing going on, or Slendy is outright manipulating him and makes sure he's home enough for no one to get suspicious.

Those garbage bags in Joke's Over was full of Santa Fe Chicken Salad and V8
Slenderman learned how to make the salad from watching Evan and decided to try it himself. In Joke's Over, they happened upon Slendy's "refrigerator". he doesn't have electricity, so he just leaves the food hanging and eats it rotten (probably explaining Vince's disgust at opening the bag).

Jessa disappeared because she knows something about the Slenderman.
According to Can You See The Words, the people that tried to help Damsel with her problem ended up getting hurt. Jessa and Damsel are friends, so it's not entirely unlikely for Jessa to have found out about him through her.

Vince is just as crazy as Evan, if not more.
He's just a different kind of crazy. Starting subtley from the first introduction onwards, he keeps making increasingly weird remarks in the show prologues and within the videos themselves. He's also trying to nudge people into various character roles, as if they were still playing parts in a skit. It seems to be an attempt to be a Fourth-Wall Observer or Meta Guy as a coping mechanism, but it could be worse than that. And what the heck is with him denying the existence of the extra weird footage, both the sepparte videos and the bits spliced into the normal ones?
  • Semi-confirmed. In the final episode of the series, it's revealed that Vince was actually playing everyone like a fiddle in order to convince everyone that he's the hero in the story, when in reality, he was the one responsible for several of the HYBRID's deaths, including Jeff and Alex. Why? Because he was the Voyeur in the Everyman play. He pushed everyone into those character roles because he was playing one himself.

Slender Man's creating a rift between Everyman HYBRID and Can You See the Words.
It is very good at manipulating people into insanity, and it obviously doesn't like to be followed. He's creating hatred between the two parties in the hope they'll kill each other off/break the investigation out of mutual hatred.

The thing at the end of "Cops Checked, No Body"
Was a slender beast. It was very fast, moved on all fours, and looked like what slender man would without his suit.
  • That was the Rake.

Slendy put his moves on Jessa.
Jessa left Jeff for the Slender Man, and she didn't want to go through the awkward break-up with Jeff, so she "disappeared" like Slendy kidnapped her. After all, who can resist the mysterious faceless man with tentacles?

One of the Crew is a Reality Warper
One of these guys is altering reality around them, accidentally or otherwise. It just happens that the things he's summoning are creepypasta because he reads a lot of that kind of thing.

They're in an artificial universe
Yep, these guys are actually inside a virtual world, like from Thirteenth Floor, Matrix, or Implied Spaces. Either some hacker or skript kiddie is adding in new characters, or the creator of the simulation is popping in supernatural beings on purpose to see what will happen — the ultimate in Video Game Cruelty Potential.

Slenderman has no idea what's going on.
Look at the way he cocks his head when Vince reads the poem in "reunion". it's not the same mocking head-rocking from earlier. It seems like genuine intrigue or even confusion. At first Slendy was just doing his usual "fuck with them" routine, then suddenly a bunch of other weird shit happened that he had no part in. He may not have had anything to do at all with Jessa's disappearance. With the appearance of The Rake, and what seems to be a larger conspiracy, it seems that in tracking down the Everyman HYBRID crew, something even worse followed him. He'll still take the opportunity to fuck with them though.

  • Worse? I would heavily debate you on the notion that Rake is worse than Slendy, since Rake is a purely physical who will just show and beat the hell out of you (or someone you love). Whereas Slendy will break you in every definition of the word over a depressingly long period of time after which you will just disappear, never to be seen or heard from again (unless those begs out in the woods are Slendy's victims.
    • I only meant the conspiracy surrounding the plot was worse than Slendy by himself, not The Rake. But yeah it seems Slendy is indeed responsible for kidnapping Jessa. But I'm beginning to wonder if he had any involvement with the dark past of the EMH crew or he just got tangled up in it.
  • The verbal sparring between HABIT and Slendy on the Twitter feed might give this some credence.
  • I just realized I remembered the episode entirely wrong when I typed the guess, if was Jeff who read the letter and it was not a poem. Doesn't change much though.

I admit I have not read all of The Rake's creepypasta, but just from that, from some other descriptions of its behavior, and from getting a look at the thing, it's easy to tell it's a similar yet very different creature from Slenderman. Slendy screws with his victims just by standing there. The Rake seems to prefer a more direct approach, sitting on people's beds, even outright attacking people. Slendy does not speak(... most of the time.), The Rake does, though its voice is something you don't want to hear. Slendy has no face, The Rake has a disturbing but fairly expressive face. Slendy has tentacles, The Rake has claws. They may even fight, with distortion covering just enough up that we can see the fight but not see what would otherwise be Special Effects Failure.
  • These days, it seems like HABIT is the Red Oni instead.

The burned building from Ashen Waste was the same destroyed building from Marble Hornets.
The intherior looks similar, mostly the cylindrical machines in the back. We're also not explicitly shown where the building is, so it could be close to where Jay and Alex live.

"The Doctor" as mentioned in the letter read in "Ashen Waste" isn't referring to Dr. Corenthal
Rather, it's referring to a particular Doctor who actually poses a very serious threat to the Slender Man.
  • That would be the best episode ever.
    • Practically confirmed! Look at the trailer for series six, at the very end, Rory bumps into a well dressed faceless thin man!
      • That was one of the Silence. Very similar in appearance, but absolutely no relation to the Slender Man.

Evan and Damsel are Forgotten Childhood Friends.
This may take awhile. Spoilers follow.

With the reveal of the contents of Box #3, it's highly probable that Evan is in fact Corenthal's patient HABIT, or at least has some sort of relation to him. Evan seems to have a strong interest in Damsel- he was reading her blog in the first part of "Sleep Deprivation", can be seen running behind her and Jessa in one of her videos, and defends her after Jeff reports her to the police in "Injustice."

Here's what we know about Damsel: her parents died in a house fire- we don't know where she went after. She seems a wee bit insane, or at least unstable. And she, too, is being stalked by Slenderman. When asked about Evan in her video, she seemed to have some sort of interest. Now here's the theory:

Evan is in fact HABIT—and Damsel, too, went to Fairmount Children's Home after her parents died. They did know each other; whether or not they were close is up to you. And the home was haunted by Slendy.

The two of them—together or separately—encountered the Slenderman and did something to him, maybe weakened him or found out about his origins somehow. Slendy, in turn, wiped their memories and sent them off into the future. Evan forgot his nickname of HABIT but kept his inner homicidal tendencies; Damsel remembered her parent's fate but not much else.

Years later, both of them became aware of the Slenderman "myth" over the internet. Slendy, who had burnt down the home just several years earlier, decided he had to get rid of them once and for all, before they remembered. When he found out of their link through Jessa, he took her out of the picture, not realizing it would make the two of them even more aware of each other.

  • Damsel's last, untitled post and the bag found in response to Business Cards on a Plane, posted by Alex seems to support this.

    • And yes, it appears as of "The Hidden Videos", Damsel/Steph has the same connection with Dr. Corenthal's house as the other kids.

The burned out building in "Cops Checked, No Body" is far more important than we realized...
If you are watching carefully during the video, before they find the body and they are just wandering around the outside of the building at around 5:55, the camera pans over some graffiti on the outside of the building. What three letters can be found amongst the scribbles? SOA! Those are the letters of the three hidden videos that our intrepid heroes can't see on their account! (..., ---, and .-). There's a good chance the threesome will end up back at the building sometime in the future.

"Slender Man" and "Welcome to the ark" are canon.
They can be explained as follows, Even goes crazy/is being controlled be Slendy and does the attacks. He then posts the videos, but he either comes to his senses or Vince and Jeff take them down because of the gruesome content. It is unknown when the videos fit in the EMH timeline, though.

"Slender Man" isn't canon, but it is Foreshadowing.
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Evan was talking to Habit in "Slender Man"
Considering Evan was apparently talking to an empty chair, and what Evan did after the talk, he may have been speaking to Habit, who apparently entered Evan's mind.

The Rake is responsible for the trash bags full of blood and gibs in Joke's Over.
Slenderman isn't prone to sending videos of his doings, but The Rake seems to be the one responsible for uploading the "invisible" videos as well as the strange edits to the visible ones. Perhaps The Rake was the one who butchered animals then hung up their remains in garbage bags in the forest. Slenderman was inspecting when the EMH crew showed up, and probably a bit pissed off. (hence the tentacles) He lead them to it to see whether or not they were responsible.

The titles of the videos the crew can't see are letters in Morse Code.
So far, they'd spell "SOAH". It's likely to bet the next will be a "C", spelling "CHAOS" backwards.
  • You nailed it. We'll see if they do another one and start another word. (My guess is - - . to start "rising" backwards.)
  • Chaos? Oh no...nononononononononono...
    • That's not what I was thinking, You see being a sort of creepypasta mishmash, said chaos must be some kind of being without eyes or shape. I think... H̗͉͠E ͏͖̰C̰̳̣͔̲O̘Ṃ̴ȨS͞. Which is infinitely worse than anything some tabletop game could toss at them.

Jessica was kidnapped by a regular human being.

Thus, the video-editing. Whoever is doing this to the HYBRID Crew is simply manipulating Slenderman and possibly The Rake into his vague diabolical plan.

  • And it's none other than Daniel.

Everyman HYBRID is going to involve the revived Seeking Truth.
Just look at the latest blog post for Seeking Truth:

Three little pigs, out in the world. (There are three protagonists in Everyman HYBRID, and they've been traveling to a great deal of places to try and find answers.)

One builds his house out of straw (Evan, the least mentally stable of the three by far.)

One builds his house out of sticks (Jeff, who's starting to act mentally unstable due to Jessa's disappearance)

One builds his house out of bricks (Vincent, who's remained the most stable of all three from day one.)

The Big Bad Wolf is coming for them... (They're being hunted by Slenderman.)

A pity they're not the trusting sort... (The group has began to act paranoid, and will likely harm their chances of survival by refusing help from someone in the future. Perhaps even Zeke Strahm himself, one of the only people to have been stalked by Slenderman and survived.)

  • In a Ustream, Jeff gave a shout-out to Strahm, calling him a "real life Norman Jayden". Later that night, Strahm wrote "Who the hell is Norman Jayden?" on his blog, strongly implying that he had been watching the stream.

    • And now he's outright congratulated them on "saving" Damsel, with the added implication that he's been in direct contact with the group for some time now.

  • Jossed via Strahm's OOC blog. He said he doesn't intend on being part of anyone else's game. He's just trying to play up the aspect of the interconnecting stories.
The ARG aspect will become much more important to the plot.
If "the words" from Damsel's tumblr are anything to go by, then Slendy has a lot more targets on his list. Perhaps those who had some interaction with Damsel.

Daniel is dead.
The EMH crew haven't really thought about it what with Jessa's disappearance, but assuming Daniel didn't just run for it when Slenderman showed up, he's most likely dead. Either Slendy killed him for impersonating him, or The Rake killed him mistaking him for Slendy. (likely realizing his mistake once he realizes there's no way that person he just reduced to a pile of gibs was the Slender Man)
  • Jossed, at least for now- he was the one filming in "Ryan and the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT".

The Slender Man and The Rake are at odds over who gets to screw with the crew.

Due to the whispering, it was obviously the Rake Even was talking about the Slender Man's attempts to get him to go on an Ax-Crazy killing spree. My guess is that the Rake while still openly screwing with them in is typical fashion will also mess with Even's more psychotic side in a more cerebral manner. Either way, shit is going to go down the Slendy and Rake finally meet for their No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.

  • It'll probably be more of a How Much More Can He Take?, assuming their power levels are about the same. I also don't expect Slendy to be on his guard at first, and will probably be surprised to find that something can actually harm him.
  • Comments that may be attributable to Slendy from some of the unsigned Twitter fights suggest that he thinks HABIT is trying to upstage him, but he seems more condescendingly amused than anything else.

The Rake is a Werewolf
An immeasurably ancient, incredibly powerful werewolf whose age has reduced it to an emaciated, hairless mostly-human form, with just enough canine left to be disturbing. It retains its form regardless of whether it's a full moon or not. Just imagine, the Slender Man being given a run for his money by a classic monster.

HABIT is Vince.
While the bag and Ryan & the seven trials of habit implies HABIT is Evan's Super-Powered Evil Side, in reality, HABIT was Vince's split personality all this time. He took the name of the other Vincent. Evan is a Red Herring, likely his spurts of talking to nothing are either manufactured by HABIT or caused by HABIT entering his mind while Vince is asleep or something. Additionally, I believe The Rake starts going "Habithabithabithabithabit" as he does in "welcome to the ark" whenever HABIT is in the room. Note that he didn't do this when he met Evan in "Alex". But Vince's phone was there for some reason. (Which may mean that the Rake's true target is HABIT, not Slender Man or Alex.)

The Rake is being controlled by HABIT.
The Rake itself seems to have an even more obscure MO than Slendy, according to the original creepypasta. However, if indeed HABIT is capable of Demonic Possession, he may be doing it to The Rake as well as Evan. The Rake isn't attacking people of his own free will, HABIT is forcing him to, now using him as the eliminator for the Seven Trials. However, unlike Evan, The Rake is fully conscious and aware when HABIT is controlling him; he mutters "habithabithabithabithabithabithabit" whenever he takes control. In the future it may be something along the lines of "habithabithabithabithabithelpmehabithabithabithabitrunhabithabithabit"

LittleKuriboh will appear on Everyman HYBRID the next time he's on the eastern seaboard for a convention.
He's not just been a follower, he's signed up for HABIT'S "trials" and has actually been screwing with him on Twitter. If he ever goes to a convention in the area, crossover is imminent.

The EMH and Marble Hornets crews have been secretly planning a crossover and/or have secretly been one production since day one.
Non-canon though it may be so far, EMH does seem keen on expanding on the idea of the Ark as a deeper metaphor for doom and a lack of safety. This is admittedly a stretch borne out of wishful thinking to see Vinnie, Evan and Jeff on-screen with Jay, Alex and Masky at the same time.
  • Marble Hornets is fictional in the HYBRIDverse. Though it does make you wonder why Troy and Joseph aren't higher up on Slendy's shit list. Maybe he just likes Marble Hornets enough to leave them alone?
    • The Hybrid guys *think* MH is fictional.
      • The Hybrid guys reference the radio interview with the creators of Marble Hornets. As in the one where it is unequivocally said to be fake. However EMH's encounters Slendy started out fake and later became real so if a cross-over was truly desired by both parties there is no reason MH couldn't go the same direction.

Slendy took the "security camera" footage that was sent to Evan in "Alex"
Related to the above theory about Slendy and the Rake being at odds: Slender Man was annoyed at the Rake getting a little too close to one of his victims, so he tipped off Evan to make things harder for Snoopy. Most of the footage appears to be taken from about 8 feet off the ground, and since Alex doesn't believe in Slendy, the Invisible to Normals thing would prevent him from seeing the visitor in his hallway.
  • Well, I did notice the camera shake somewhat, as if someone was holding it. Although it probably wasn't Slendy, considering what he does to video footage standing away from the camera. Maybe the EMH Slendy only causes distortion if he is actually on the screen.

A "Groundhog Day" Loop is in effect.
Corenthal's patients and the EMH crew are the same people. It's not because of time travel, per se, but because time is repeating itself. Different versions of the cast exist because their own attempts to fix things have gone awry. This is where much of the weird, random footage comes from, especially the footage that the cast doesn't see (Jeff finding Evan talking to himself with the cleaver, the underwater shot, etc.) They don't remember filming it not because Slendy or someone is giving them a Mind Screw, but because they didn't actually film it; a previous iteration of then filmed it.

As a corollary, "Slender man" and "Welcome to the ARK" aren't non-canon, they're, in their entirty, from different iterations of the loop. "ARK" is the next loop. The unending night is the end of the world, and the point of no return that means they've failed and the loop will start again. Notice in the beginning when Jeff is watching the very first Everyman HYBRID vid on a laptop to look for clues, the following dialog ensues:

Evan: Jeff, what'cha looking at?
Jeff: Uh...
Evan: What's he have us doing now?
Jeff: series.
Evan: Fitness? [Chuckles] Look at Vinnie's hair...

It could just be that their memories are being tampered with as usual, but if that's the case, how do they even know anything is going on if they've forgotten that much? Rather, it sounds like they've never filmed the series, but have found materials from the past versions of themselves, who did.

Slendy has some form of invisibility power. Cameras cause a Glamour Failure.
Just check out "Reunion". Slendy shows up a few times in that video, and he's RIGHT THERE. Yet, the guys take no notice of him until they get home and watch the video themselves.
  • It may not invisibility per se, just a perception filter. He is visible, so the camera sees him and you can technically see him, but the filter makes your brain ignore him unless you're specifically looking for him. (which Evan likely was, which is how he saw and attacked him in Ashen Waste)
    • This explains why Tribe Twelve's Milo could see him, but Noah couldn't; because Noah didn't know about him then, and hence couldn't look out for him. Incidentally, I don't think it's a power, really, but a psychological defense mechanism: SM is visible, but your brain doesn't know what the hell it's looking at, and blocks it to save you the trauma. Kind of like how people unknowingly repress horrible memories. Basically psychogenic amnesia, but in the present.

Slenderman is a time traveler and is using the hybrids as proxies to fight HABIT and the Rake.
If you think about, Slenderman has never actually done anything to harm them (Except self-defense on Evan, but it wasn't permanent damage) but HABIT and the rake have. Their both insane killers, and to stop them Slenderman recruited some would-be insane killers: Corenthal's patients. He moved them forward in time to where they would need to be to, and gave them false memories so they could live normal lives until he stimulated their psychosis.

Damsel is Slenderman's daughter
In "Damsel" there were black screens and audio distortions when Damsel was around, and there was no visible Slenderman or Rake (and HABIT doesn't seem to distort cameras).
  • Slendy is in the video (pause at 0:46 and look all the way down the hall,) although that doesn't necessarily disprove this; he doesn't make his own distortions as usual, so the Slendy-video distortions relationship might've just become inconsistent.
    • At 0:46...that would be a piece of paper taped to the window.
Damsel is HABIT.
Evan either really does have a split personality or is simply out of his gourd, but he's just crazy; he's not HABIT and Damsel is using her relationship to Jessa as a way of keeping the three of them close and completely clueless at the same time. The punchline here is that it turns out Jeff was absolutely right to call the cops on her, and Vinnie was right to think she's crazy; now that she's free again, things will suddenly get a whole lot worse.

Slendy just screws with the Everyman HYBRID crew when he has downtime from Marble Hornets.
Marble Hornet's first season ended sometime in April, which is when Everyman started to pick up. Now that Marble Hornets is back, Slendy hasn't appeared (his last appearance was in Ashen Waste, either the day of or right before Hornets picked back up) and he just sends The Rake out to do whatever he can't.

Slender Man likes to show up on camera and dick with people just because he likes being an internet celebrity.
He considers getting parodied by LittleKuriboh his personal Moment of Awesome.

HABIT drowned Dr. Corenthal.
HABIT is not a person, but a supernatural entity that possessed Evan, the patient of Dr. Corenthal's. Assuming the all caps tweets were HABIT, this would be reinforced by this unsigned tweet's message:


The Evan in the EMH crew may or may not be the Dr. Corenthal patient but HABIT has already begun to take over his mind nonetheless and intends to bring the EMH crew to a similar demise of the doctor. The snippet of people drowning in the beginning of the "Welcome to the ARK" video is completely canon.It shows what may happen in the end (or what may have already happened if the EMH crew really are stuck in a time loop): Evan under the influence of HABIT murdering the rest of the crew.

Some theories on why Slendy is stalking the EMH gang.
  • Zeke Strahm's theory is correct and Slendy only goes after kids and those who have escaped him as kids. Slendy, as an ageless being that may have some form of time-manipulation powers, has little understanding of the passage of time as we know it. He thinks that the EMH boys are Corenthal's patients because they have the same names and are older than when he first saw them, even though Corenthal's patients are in their 50s or 60s by now.
  • The boys' fake Slenderblog seems like the obvious reason, but Marble Hornets is fictional in the EMH Verse, so why haven't they been attacked by the real thing? Simple. They don't refer to him as Slender Man. It's been said on this very wiki (although not repeatedly, unfortunately) that the creators are very insistent on calling him "The Operator". Slender Man comes after you if you think about him. But they're thinking about the Operator, not Slender Man. The EMH gang all call Slendy by name, hence he goes after them.
    • Interesting theory, but until the real Slender Man appears, they don't actually call him anything. They don't even acknowledge their fake one's presence.
      • They don't acknowledge him on screen. "..." shows that they talk about the Slender Man behind the scenes.

Evan WON his fight against Slender Man.
No, he didn't kill him, but he did make him retreat. After all, Evan is so far the only person confirmed to have survived a close encounter with Slender Man, let alone attacking him. And why would a being who can turn his enemies into mist let an attacker survive and be content with making him bleed from the mouth? Because he got his ass handed to him by way of baseball bat and only had the strength to do this then run away after being assaulted.That's right, Evan is just THAT badass.

Evan eventually becomes Ellis.
He has fairly similar looks and build, is often seen wearing a cap and his weapon of choice seems to be a baseball bat. On top of that, much like Ellis, he is a Launcher of a Thousand Ships and seems to be prone to doing stupid but awesome things much like Ellis did with Keith. Also, his... strangeness would explains why Ellis seems so enthusiastic about this whole "zombie apocalypse" thing (or at least the fact that he survived Slender Man makes him feel fairly comfortable with desperate situations).

He is the only survivor of the whole ordeal, he decides to start a brand new life (possibly also to hide his trail from Slender Man), moves south, works out a little, adopts a new name and also uses a generic made-up name that regroups all his former friends (did I tell you about that one time me and my buddy Keith beat up a giant with a baseball bat?), and then the infection begins because the poor guy can't catch a break.

Slenderman is a troper.
A recent edit by Ssnakebite 03 was changed because he said "me" instead of "him" in the sentence, "...until the real Slenderman appears, they don't call him anything." Obviously Slenderman is One of Us.

Jeff is somehow related to the Rake.
There's a small but striking detail I noticed in Alex. Starting at 4:04, look at Jeff's hand. You can see black, claw-like appendages at the end of each of his fingers. Then, at 4:07, he clenches his hand a little and when he opens it again, the claw-things are gone. Considering the way Evan is holding the camera at this point puts Jeff's hand in the middle of the shot, I doubt it's a video glitch, I think we were supposed to notice this. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but it might mean Jeff is turning into another Rake or something like that.
  • Which adds to the above WMG that The Rake is a werewolf. He's already infected Jeff and attempted to do the same with Alex.
    • I'm not seeing the claws.
      • Agreed, just looks like the gaps between his clenched fingers. The lighting and angles make wierd shadows.

HABIT is the Antichrist
And possibly Slender Man's successor to whatever outer god they're both connected to(like, say, Zalgo). Slendy, of course, doesn't think a human could ever hope to replace him no matter what strange powers he has. But he still watches. Just in case. Either that, or HABIT really is the spawn of the devil and Slendy has no idea what he's really up against. The Rake is trying to stop the madness, but HABIT is using his demonic powers to force him to kill his victims.
  • "Surely you remember the warren of rabbits found in the Community-yard that Evan had apparently used to recreate the scene of Christ's crucifixion."
    • On top of that, there's the implication in the hijacked Can You See the Words that HABIT is numerous past serial killers. ... the embodiment of evil?

The house in the woods is the ruins of the house
The house was abandoned and possibly defeated after Navidson escaped, but in time it gained back some of its power, although now it's nothing more than a ruin. When the EMH crew stumbles upon it, it still has alien geometries, but they work a bit differently now- the hallways lead into other houses and beaches, instead of deeper into itself. The house is spreading outward rather than in. And the Rake? He's the Minotaur.

It will all end In a Huge Monster Fight

Each one of Corenthal's children is related to a different paranormal being (or Inner Demon) or paranormal event.

Steph: The Slender Man (Demon of floods and water. Loves psychological warfare and time-space bending.)Linnie: The Rake (Feral and very dangerous demon. Yet, not that smart.)Evan: The Habit (Gollum-style psycho.)Vince: Candle Cove (?)Jeff: ??? Maybe...House of Leaves?

However, Evan's demon went out of control (makes sense with it being the "bigger evil", since it's an exclusive demon of the EMH series) and tried to kill the doctor, causing the children to disperse, and be transformed (somehow) into the actual crew (that "transformation" could be caused by time travel, loop, memory erase, etc.).

Nevertheless, Habit started to recover strength, and was just about to take control of Evan again before the shooting began. The Slenderman (who in the time, kept tormenting Steph as usual) notices this and decides to get rid of them all now that they aren't conscious of anything that happened.

Thus, the fight between the half-sleeping Habit (maybe the tournament is to make him fully awake?) and Slenderman. They both want to hurt the guys, but also want to get rid of each other (Slender Man knowing that he can destroy Evan in order to do this, but Habit ignoring if he can do anything similar). The Doctor is also a primary target for Habit for whatever reason he tried to kill him in the first place.

While looking for the Doctor Out of camera, Habit stumbled upon Linnie, the only child that somehow, stayed near the doctor. His attack upon her caused either the Rake going out of control, or passing to his control.

The Morse videos have been posted by the Inner demons as a way to communicate/intimidate each other, or gain power from the fear of the audience; that's the reason when the crew sees them, they just go back to being the Corenthal's children that know about the demons.

The Rake is what became of Dr. Corenthal.

A coded message in one of the boxes says "The good doctor is not so lucky as to be dead. Just dealing with some old habits." Assuming that the gang are Corenthal's patients (or at least heavily connected to them in some way), this could be why the Rake is after them. Perhaps it wants to help them, and only attacked Alex because there was no Alex among the original children so he was seen as an outsider and potential threat (or maybe he's HABIT, who knows?).

Evan is in a constant power struggle between himself and HABIT.

According to the Corenthal documents, Habit is the name given to Evan by his birth mother. This would lead some to believe that HABIT may be his alternate personality. Not only would this explain his violent tendencies, but it would also shed some light on the conflict with Slendy. When we see Evan attacking Slendy it's actually HABIT. For some reason Evan loses control of himself to HABIT when Slendy is in the vicinity, and when Evan is seen "talking to himself" it's actually HABIT.

The Rake is either Fairmount Vincent or Jeffrey.

Explains why HABIT and The Rake are working together, considering HABIT is Fairmount Evan.

The Rake is attacking Alex because of HABIT's Jealousy.

Considering Jeff is some sort of incarnation of Fairmount Jeffrey, HABIT is jealous that Alex could be Jeff's brother, when HABIT, being Fairmount Evan, is Jeff's brother (At least his adopted brother.)

The Everyman HYBRID gang are Half Human HYBRIDs
  • Maybe Slenderman and Rake are fighting because they are on the opposite side of the spectrum, and the Fairmount kids were mixes or something of one or the other species, and the reason Rake and Slenderman are terrorizing them is to join a side, or eliminate them before they can join a side that isn't their's. Or something else. Maybe everyone (us, even, the viewers) are HYBRIDs of old humans and some sort of monster, and the reason Vincent and everyone else calls the viewers "Hybrids," is because he subconsciously remembers us being so (going off the above "Groundhog Day" Loop WMG)

The HYBRID gang and the Fairmount kids are one and the same
In the last video, spoiler it was shown that time travel (or something similar) is possible with Slendy. And a staple of Slendy stories is memory loss. Maybe the kids are in a new time period with no memory of anything and they don't want to admit it because they're scared they might be called crazy. Plus, everything just feels right when everyone is all around each other. Steph has memories of Slenderman, but not of the kids or her past, which explains the way she acts in her early Tumblr posts. It could also explain what happened the Hidden Tapes video.
  • This would be kind of impossible in the timeline because Jeff knows he was in a fire in the schoolhouse when he was in "fifth or sixth grade", and the Fairmount kids had to be than ten or eleven when they "succumbed". Though that's not to say time or memory shenannigans aren't at hand.
    • Not necessarily. In 5th or 6th grade, Jeff would be 10 or 11, so when Dr. Corenthal said "succumbing," it might not mean that they died, but rather travelled into the future where he couldn't reach them. And of course, Slendy-style memory loss deals with the loose ends.

The Rake is an employee of Monsters, Inc..
He comes out of Alex's closet, and when the guys look inside the closet, they're transported someplace completely different.

The only thing that can kill The Rake is citrus fruit.
  • THIS.
  • That's just insane enough to work...

HABIT is currently possessing Evan and The Rake
We seem to know from HABIT's assumed posts on CANYOUSEETHEWORDS that HABIT has possessed both Ed Gein and Josef Mengele. It should be noted that both these people lived and committed murder at the same time. Thus, it seems that HABIT can possess multiple people at once. Although HABIT has stated that the unsigned all cap tweets were not posted by The Rake (Or Slender Man,) it is possible that he is currently possessing The Rake but posting things online as Evan. This would explain why Ryan was killed by The Rake after breaking HABIT's rules, but still coincide with all the evidence pointing to him being Evan.

The Slender Man isn't as malevolent as initially believed.
The Slender Man's behavior seems to hint that he isn't as hostile as initially thought. However, he might not be aware of (or be able to help) the fact that his presence has adverse effects on human beings. This can be seen in the way he dealt with the Mining Town Four. For example, Dr. Corenthal's report about Vinnie appears to indicate that Slendy saved Vinnie from a child molester. His later report about Slendy taking the kids hundreds of miles away shows that in spite of what should have probably been a traumatic experience, the children seem relatively okay and may have even enjoyed their time with the Slender Man. In the Taking it Back video, Evan, Jeff and Alex are transported away from the crawlspace in Jeff's house. While the Rake or HABIT might have been responsible, the Slender Man is the more viable culprit given that altering space is among one of his most prominent powers. Thus, it could be speculated that Slendy was actually saving the group from a potentially lethal confrontation with the Rake in an enclosed space. Even when Evan attacks the Slender Man in Ashen Wastes the Slender Man only really stops the attack and incapacitates Evan to keep him from attacking again (although he might have gone a little overboard due to underestimating the effect his power has on human beings). Then, after the attempt to run him down, he not only transports the group back to the house, but also heals Evan in the process (making up for his mistake earlier).

In my opinion, the most prominent example of Slender Man's motives comes in The Corenthal Connection where he shows up just before the group gets to see a surprise appearance from the good doctor in a blast from the past. This clenches it for me, as it was pretty clear that Slendy was trying to show the group something. In other words, he's attempting to communicate with the Hybrid crew. The problem is that as the symptoms Vinnie suffered in that episode demonstrate, the Slender Man's default method of communication is not something that works very well with human beings, causing health issues and also failing to get the point across. Slendy's primary conflict seems to be with HABIT, which also helps explain why Evan seems to suffer the most adverse effects in the group (given current theories about his relationship with HABIT) and why Evan is also the most hostile towards the Slender Man.

  • YES!!! FINALLY, someone else gets it!
    • And further: in Isolation, he's the one to give Vinnie a hard drive with footage of Evan's current situation.

HABIT is from the creepypasta Smiling Man
Looking at the hijacked Can You See the Words journal, the excerpt from HABIT's entries show a description fairly close to the Smiling Man of the creepypasta of the same name.
  • One thing, how do you explain the canyouseethewords posts that happened before the internet was invented?

HABIT is the ghost of Billy Mays
Think about it: Caps lock, Badass, big grin, No mention of a beard of power yet though.
  • That's because Vincent stole his beard of power. HABIT wants it back.

The Rake is female
Think about it! The Rake's screams sound like a grown woman's! And she might even be a mother! The reason she's hunting and killing all these people is because she's a carnivore and is trying to keep herself and kids well fed! And she's territoral, so that's why she keeps attacking the boys, because she's trying to protect her territory and kids! She'll sometimes attack animals for food, too and territorial reasons as well, which would explain what happened to Sparky... So if the boys just left a bunch of meat out for her and stopped trying to enter the shed where she lives, everyone would be fine!

The Rake is just A Ghoul.
Think about it. He's gray, looks misshapen and deformed, makes very odd and inhuman sounds, doesn't seem particularly bright, also seems to like human flesh and finally, possibly fears something greater than it. If this is the case, he's far less of a threat then any of the HYBRID gang seems to think, and could be taken down by pretty much anything, if just a lot of it. This also presents an awesome opportunity, if Butcher would OK it...
The Rake is a homicidal butoh dancer
...What? It could work.

Slenderman is Mr. Administrator
They both have Madness Mantras that are written in all caps and we don't know much about either.

Slendy isn't stalking the EMH crew. It's stalking Dr. Corenthal
  • He just doesn't know where the good doctor is. He does, however, know that one of the boys does. That's why he's protecting them. We can be pretty sure The Doctor knows more about Slendy than anyone else alive. Assuming he is alive.
    • For my money, it's probably Jeff. He's shown that he knows of the man, and it explains why The Rake was targeting Alex (assuming they have a similar agenda); to harass him into talking. It also fits handily with "The Guardian". He's 'guarding' Dr Corenthal.

Slendy is the Terrible Trivium from The Phantom Tollbooth
  • Seriously, think about it. Both have no face, both wear suits, both are portrayed in an evil manner. Final proof? The Terrible Trivium refers to itself as "a monster of HABIT".

Evan didn't impregnate Damsel—HABIT did
  • So, it's been implied that Evan (and Nick) were "bred" by HABIT to be suitable hosts, and now Steph's accidentally preggers with Evan's (who is heavily under HABIT's influence) baby. Coincidence? I think not. I think that the baby was conceived whilst HABIT was possessing Evan (unbeknownst to the couple), and is simply the next generation of optimal hosts, like Evan, and/or an Enfant Terrible. The latter theory may also (partially) explain Damsel's current absence.

In the end there will be a pretty epic Enemy Mine
Let's face it, between Slenderman and HABIT, Slendy is the lesser of two evils. It is fair to call HABT an enemy of Slenderman, and if the Rake is HABIT's Dragon, then it's fair to call Rake and enemy of Slendy as well. Besides, HABIT is possesing Evan so the shit will hit the fan if the Hybrids try to stop HABIT alone. Plus, Damsel is preggers with Evan's baby so I guess Slenderman will be stalking them much closer, he might even has an Even Evil Has Standards belief against hurting the unborn.

Dr. Corenthal will show up again in the next video.
According to the end of Wake Up Evan is planning to go and fight the Rake in the woods and allow it to kill him. If the doc really IS planning on fighting the forces of evil, he'll show back up and make himself useful by helping Evan kill the Rake and bring him out of his depression and the series will be the two of them against Slendy while also trying to figure out a way to stop HABIT from possessing Evan again.
EMH is ancient warhammer 40k history
  • Slendy and The Rake are Lesser Daemons of Malal/Malice (HABIT).
  • Evan was kidnapped as a very young child and given proto-Space Marine augmentation. It explains how he survived the fight with Slendy; his secondary heart kicked in.
  • Alternatively, Evan is Khorne, Slendy is Tzeentch, and Dr. Corenthal is Slaanesh. Can't figure out who Nurgle is though...
inHABITED!Evan is going to kill Vince to the tune of Sinatra's "My Way"
Why not? It's in HABIT's nature to flaunt his work to the tune of ol' blue eyes...
HABIT Is A Control Freak
  • Possibly even to the point of an actual diagnosis of a mental issue. While controlling Evan in May & June he rationalizes trying to punch Jeff by saying that Jeff shouldn't have tried to pull him away. In Next he speaks to the unseen cameraman in a demeaning manner. In A Summoning he insists that Vince respond to him in a certain way. For whatever reason (possibly a result of his possession ability) HABIT needs to control the people around him.
Lexi went to talk to Vincent about the Slenderman
  • And as she did they were attacked. In the video Lexi they find notes making it clear that Slenderman was chasing her and Vincent wonders why she never confided in him. HABIT questions whether she really didn't, suggesting that Vincent might simply be unable to remember it. And what seems to be the most common cause of memory loss on the show? Horrible things, usually involving Slenderman and HABIT.

The underwater footage...
  • Is actually just HABIT learning how to swim. For the first time. And to provoke shipping between HABIT and the water.

Everyone is going to die.
Well, technically Evan will be alive, but he'll be completely possessed by HABIT.
  • Since the Iteration Theory is becoming more and more likely... it's possible the series will end with everyone dead... and another cycle starts. This concludes the story... and gives us a Dark Tower sort of ending where we hope the next cycle will be better. And it leaves them free to crossover with other series/perhaps do a sequel whenever they feel like.

HABIT spends his off time possessing Bray Wyatt.
Let's see- Demonic possession? Check (or at least heavily implied in Wyatt's case). Manic personalities? Check. Likes cryptic, doomy speeches with lots of Animal Motifs and Suspiciously Apropos Music? Check. Hawaiian shirts and straw hats? Check and check.

The reason for all of the madness.
Whenever HABIT makes a video but needs both hands free and can't find anyone else, an unseen creature starts holding the camera and directly responds to his commands. It could be said to be just something he can do, but what if it's not that simple? What if he's literally guiding the camera itself?

And furthermore, after Vinnie pieces together that he and Evan may be just fictional characters, in the next video, he too began to enlist the same being, even prompting it to attempt to speak. Later on in the same video, Vinnie proceeds to have a discussion with another person recording their fight with the supernatural. He eventually states that he's noticed that some creatures hide themselves as people, or even objects.

What if the cameraman is just the camera itself when it wants to move? In fact, what if the camera was causing everything to begin with, possessing the ability to record or fabricate video of things that never actually happened?

  • Quite illogical due to the fact that in the ML Andersen video "HELLO" the camera man clearly has a black t-shirt. Not to mention how in god's name would a camera have vocal cords and a mouth?

The Rake is a juvenile Slenderman.
They are both able to teleport and emit Sigma radiation, not to mention the physical likeness. My theory is while they are young Slender beings don't have the psychic/reality warping powers that the adults are know for so they rely on sight, sound and smell to find prey and claws and teeth to kill. As he grows, the Rake's features will seal over and he will gain his own Combat Tentacles and the ability to don a swanky suit.

The Rake is probably away from his parents, reaching maturity and trying to find a forest to claim as his territory. He really likes the older Slenderman's woods and tries to muscle in on not only the territory but the Slendermans victims as well, Slendy takes it as well as you'd expect him to.

In Blue room, that wasn't HABIT who opened the door at the end...
It was a completely innocent person, possibly Michael Andersen coming for his brother. Finding that gun was way too easy, and now Vinny is going to kill somebody for no reason. HABIT did it because he thought it would be hilarious.

HABIT is the spirit of Bartram Burk.

HABIT is the manifestation of Humans Are Bastards
He has referred to himself as "mankind's bad habit". He may even be the very reason humans are prone to being bastards. Did you steal some lady's purse on the street? HABIT made you do it. Did the barcode reader break on publisher's clearing house day so you decided to start Going Postal? HABIT made you do it. Having bastard-like thoughts (greed, rage, envy, whatever) may make you more vulnerable to his possession.

HABIT is possessing Fake Frank/HABIT is Fake Frank.
In "PIMP MY WHEELCHAIR" (this scene) Fake Frank acts far too similar to HABIT to be just a coincidence. And, while Real Frank isn't any better, at least real Frank cares, while Fake Frank openly tortures and ridicules a handicapped man.

Damsel/ Steph] has been a host of HABIT
On her blog she uses expressions HABIT has also used which seem OOC for her and seems to show some of his quirks at times. Her backstory also has missing time, like for example if HABIT possessed her and killed her family in her body and she has blanked her memory of it.This may also tie to Evan and Steph having a baby which HABIT supposedly killed, though we only have Evan's memories to go on for this which may not be reliable.

Partially tied to the above theory, The Baby inherited both her parent's 'Iteration' ability.
For whatever reason HABIT wants it's own blank slate host which can continuously reincarnate and so manipulates her birth but kills her while still an infant to stop her from developing her own personality and he has/will find her reincarnation to use as a host.

Habit can travel through time.
The audio tape of Fairmont!Vince's death changes between the first and second time Everyman!Vince listens to it. In the first one he suffers a stroke when he asks the doctor about Corenthal. The second time the doctor is possessed by Habit, who chases him through the halls of the hospital. Fairmont!Vince manages to discover the north-star symbol before he dies, and leaves it in a place where Everyman!Vince can find it. (I listed this here, instead of under Fridge Brillance, since Habit doesn't realize that Vince got the symbol from his previous self. Though it's possible that Habit went back after he discovered what had happened, but why would the audio tape have already changed?)

Jay, Alex, and Tim were orignally a part of the cycle
Which is why Tim and Roger have the same actor. After finishing the iteration, the Marble Hornets crew was separated from the EMH-verse because the chance of them finding and helping each other was too great.

The person that's doing "similar shit" to what Vinny's doing that Michael/Patrick Andersen refers to in Box 7's TOWER ON THE LAKE is Noah Maxwell.
This isn't to say Noah plays a major role in EMH's side of the story going forward, but it's a nice reference to the fact that the boys are in a similar situation to what Noah's doing.

Jeff survived being burned alive...
...but HABIT's torture drove him completely insane. He will return as HABIT's perfect instrument of total slaughter, which was HABIT's goal for him to begin with. Jeff survived... but HABIT made him a killer.

The Ending Is a "Ray of Hope" Ending and NOT a Downer Ending
HABIT can still be defeated in the new cycle. The guys will learn from past mistakes and finally destroy HABIT. After all, they have the Power to do so.

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