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  • During his Donkey Kong 64 101% stream, he took donations for the Mermaids charity organization. He expected to raise $15,000 at most. As of hour 28, he raised $78,000. His final total was $347,000 after 57 hours. Highlights include:
    • At around the 27 hour mark, he realizes how much money he has raised, and nearly breaking into tears.
    • Harry's own personal favourite moment in the stream, as described during his talk at XOXO Conference 2019, was when a trans couple mentioned in the chat that one of them was raising money for a new wheelchair, and their fundraising goal was surpassed and multiplied in minutes, causing them to openly cry with joy over the chat.
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  • During his talk at XOXO Festival 2019 about the Donkey Kong 64 livestream, he claims that he learnt something about the goodness of humanity, and how there IS a difference between doing something bad to someone you don't like, and doing something good for the people you love. He thanks his friends for helping him to retroactively make the right choice.
  • In "Sherlock Is Garbage, And Here's Why", Harry discusses the show's unflattering portrayal of its own fanbase as a club of weird conspiracy theorists (and at least one Yaoi Fangirl, who is ridiculed even by the other members of the club) in the episode "The Empty Hearse." He points out that while a lot of fan theories, including the "secret good fourth episode," were indeed stupid and unrealistic, he can't really blame fans for coming up with them because the show frequently expects its audience to take equally ridiculous plot developments at face value. He also argues that the fans who come up with these elaborate theories to fill the gaps in the plot are the truest fans of Sherlock and harshly criticizes Steven Moffat for his apparent contempt for them.
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  • In the comments under Halcyon Dreams, Rick Dyer's son Cory revealed that his father watched Hbomb's video and loved it. Hbomb pinned the comment. It's nice to think that Rick has seen the video and knows that he hasn't been completely forgotten.
  • For all the problems he has with RWBY, Hbomb makes sure to clarify that his criticisms are not meant to make anyone think less of the show or downplay the effort that went into creating it, especially since there's still a lot to like about it and creative endeavors are always challenging. It also comes through a lot in his review that he has no small amount of respect for Monty Oum as both a creator and person who, even if it started rough, was just happy to be creating something that people latched on to.
    • In the video's intro, he depicts a flag with Monty's signature/logograph on it, with the text "DEDICATED TO MONTY OUM". At the video's end, he shows the flag again, with the caption "I never got the chance to meet you, but your work humbles me." While Hbomb does criticise Monty's patchy storytelling somewhat, he makes it very clear that he does it out of love and respect for a man who died far, far too young.
    • Additionally, rather than do what a lot of RWBY fans are guilty of and attributing all the good animation from the first two Volumes to Monty, Hbomb actually makes the effort to identify who made certain shots that he loved and gives credit where due to the respective animators.
      • It goes from heartwarming to a mix of heartwarming and sad when one considers the conflict he had in trying to upload the video: after a repeat string of copyright claims following his initial piecemeal uploads of "RWBY is Disappointing and Here's Why," Harris was forced to re-edit the video's various parts "a million times" with the aid of a lawyer in an attempt to deal with the issue. Not only that, but, as he later claimed on his twitter, "The most shocking thing about Rooster Teeth in particular is they're actively abusing the system. They aggressively block content in order to get people to email them privately and agree to their terms, and if you agree, the claim is downgraded so they MERELY monetize your work." Basically, according to Harris, Rooster Teeth uses the Youtube copyright system to block vidoes with Content ID matches longer than five seconds until the creators of the videos give Rooster Teeth the entirety of the videos' revenue. Harris goes on to explain in later tweets how utterly disappointing this behavior is from a company that rose to prominence by using portions of others' creative properties to create something new; i.e., fair use, and that doing something like this is far worse in his eyes than making a bad show. It's heartwarming in and of itself that Harris went through so much to get the video he dedicated to Monty Oum and an honest criticism of Monty's treasured project up, but it's clear that the process of doing so seriously damaged Harris' respect for the current Rooster Teeth as a whole.


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