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  • At the end of the episode for Batman & Robin, Lee implies that he took his eventual wife to see the film for their first date, which may explain why he went to such lengths to hold it up for being spectacularly and intentionally bad.
  • At the end of Everything Great about Guardians of the Galaxy video Lee announces that his wife is pregnant.
  • In Everything Great About The LEGO Batman Movie, he mentions his wife had a healthy, beautiful boy, and they are all "stinkin' happy."
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  • Using the Thor: Ragnarok video to help promote Movies with Mikey, a series by lesser know YouTube channel FilmJoy that also focuses on spreading positivity.
  • He genuinely hopes that Josh Trank gets a Career Resurrection, citing Fantastic Four (2015) as more of a speed bump than a Creator Killer while also refusing to acknowledge Trank's behind-the-scenes troubles as anything to degrade his talents.
  • Lee notes that he's interacted with negative comments before, but while they often start off very mean-spirited, most of the conversations have ended amicably according to him, even to the point where he concludes that "most people not terrible."
  • Anytime he honors recently-deceased actors who starred in movies he reviews
  • A few minutes of "Everything Great About Split" are devoted to exploring the complexities of movie-making, noting that everyone of the crew, not just M. Night Shyamalan, who worked on The Last Airbender had at least one mega-smash hit under their belt at the time. He notes that making a movie as good as Split isn't just as simple as getting good people together and, no matter how much the Internet may think otherwise, no one person is to blame for a bad movie.
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  • Lee notes during his summation for Pokémon Detective Pikachu that the film was his first in-depth exposure to the Pokémon franchise, as the games first came out in the United States when he was in high school and he just never got into them later. He went on to express jealousy at the fan base, realizing he truly missed out. He also said the fandom was largely very good and excited about there being a Pokémon film, even when citing faults.
  • Just listening to how excited Lee is to show his son Jude Star Wars when he's old enough is quite endearing.
  • Lee's gushing about Thor's depression subplot in Avengers: Endgame and how it culminates in one hell of a You Are Better Than You Think You Are moment where in spite of believing himself to be a Formerly Fit failure of a king, Thor finds himself to still be very worthy of lifting Mjolnir. An image that Lee happily declares a perfect representation of depression.
    Lee: Hear this message: You are still worthy! Worthy of respect, love, relationships, hammers, whatever!
    • In the Same Film; His reaction to Captain America getting to reunite with Peggy Carter.
      Lee: Love. (Fifty Wins).
    • The end of Part 3: Lee decides to give into his fanboyism and just add wins like there's no tomorrow for various Awesome Moments...then the counter begins slowing down, finally stopping itself and the video at "I love you 3000" with, you guessed it, 3000 wins.


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