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  • It's one thing to point out the great things about a movie that is already considered great or at least watchable, but the video series really shines when it tackles movies that had terrible reviews, terrible box office, and/or terrible fan reaction and still finds plenty to praise, sometimes to the point of making the case that they were actually decent, good, or even great films. These include:
  • Often there will be something so cool or funny that they get their own win counter:
    • The badassery of Rinzler in TRON: Legacy.
    • R's inner monologues in Warm Bodies.
    • K-2SO's Brutal Honesty in Rogue One.
    • The scene transitions in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
    • The murder jokes in Die Hard.
    • Dredd got two counters separate from the main one: one for brutal deaths and another for Judge Dredd's quips.
    • Daniel's Dirty Coward moments in San Andreas get their own counter to ultimately add up to the satisfaction when he gets killed.
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    • The brutal fight scenes in The Equalizer.
    • While certainly not cool or funny, the uncomfortable scenes with Casey's Creepy Uncle in Split get their own counter for the subtlety of the writing, something that Lee wouldn't have gave a win for otherwise.
    • Much like San Andreas, Morris's callous moments of greed in The Meg are given their own counter to make it more satisfying when he gets chomped by the Megalodon.
    • The brutal fight scenes and deaths in John Wick.
    • Naturally, the brutal fight scenes and deaths in John Wick: Chapter 2 are covered as well.
  • Lee taking a Win off Finding Nemo for giving the false message that if children flush their fish down the toilet, they'll reach the ocean and not be killed by the filtration blades on the way.
  • Particular mention should go to his defence of the infamous "Martha" moment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He launches into a rant detailing how, rather than it being as simple as "Our mothers share the same name, now we're totally besties", it was a catalyst by which Batman finally began to humanize Superman, who up to that point he saw only as a dangerous living weapon who could turn on humanity at a moment's notice; the name "Martha" knocked Batman off his guard long enough for him to register exactly what Superman was asking of him. "I don't care if you kill me, just save my human mother!" And the argument the host gives is one of the most articulate and uncompromising in the relatively short history of the channel, making no attempt to concede to the public opinion and say the moment is unclear or that he might be reading too much into it, and instead bluntly stating if critics and audiences did not catch on to this, along with other "spoon-fed thematic lines", he couldn't help them. It may not cover other issues people had with the scene, but Score one Win for Batman v Superman and one Crowning Moment of Awesome for Lee.
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  • Lee able to easily make a rebuttal in The Force Awakens for every accusation about Rey being a Mary Sue, by presenting examples of the Film clearly showing either how that is not the case, or show that her skills can easily be explained.
  • Lee taking a moment in his Avengers: Infinity War review to call out Disney over their handling of the James Gunn scandal.
    • It is also Awesome that Disney did indeed Rehire James Gunn, some months afterwards.
  • Lee getting through two reviews of Avengers: Infinity War without a single insult or backhanded reference to DC is very satisfying, particularly if you're a fan of those films or if you're just sick of the rivalry.
  • His video for Avengers: Endgame, showing how far the MCU has come. The film is given the largest win score to date, with the total win counter reaching "(I Love You) 3000"!
    • The portals scene is possibly the most gleeful which we have seen Lee!
    • Everyone arriving is given 101 wins total.
    • Nine wins total for Pepper as Rescue.
    • Alan Silvestri’s score getting 11 wins.
    • Captain America’s “Avengers...assemble...” line scoring another 201 wins.
    • Tony’s Heroic Sacrifice, showing his full character arc, earning 506 wins from the moment he snaps.
    • While not referring to them by name, Lee calls out Martin Scorsese for their comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by pointing out all the art and wonder of the MCU!
    "This is the impact of these movies, this is the impact of these words that came from RDJ's children, this is the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to other human beings!"
    • He then adds more wins on to scenes which he had won earlier, feeling he didn't give them as many wins as they deserved. The Win Counter begins continuously running and rising for almost 70 seconds!
    • The final score? 3,000. As in "I love you 3,000".
  • Praising Imelda Staunton's performance while utterly hating Dolores Umbridge as a character and praising her as an excellent villain is something to behold. He analyzes everything that went into crafting such a memorable and complete Hate Sink, right down to her vocal inflections (at which point it veers into Funny Moment).
  • "Everything GREAT About Youtube Rewind 2018": NOTHINGnote 
  • In EGA The Dark Knight, Lee does something that could have been done by the Bat himself: Ruthlessly deconstructing the Joker's "Madness" schtick (of course while also praising the character). The Joker, at least in Lee's opinion, is as far from mad as you can get. He claims that he's an agent of chaos, but his plans are elaborate, he has backup plan upon backup plan.


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